Let the spirit of Andrew live in all of us

This memorial website was created in memory Berm. He was loved by many.

Posted by Sylvenight on October 10, 2019
andrew's my number neighbor lmao
Posted by Kat Strickland on July 6, 2019
About a year before my brother Andrew passed, I had a conversation with him about business advertising, as he was quite the entrepreneur, and always creating something new to make the world a better place. I told him that I liked his promo photo on his website, but wasn’t sure if being barefoot was appropriate. Little did I know the message until recently when I was standing barefoot in the sand recently thinking about Andrew. I was saying quietly to him, “ Well, Andrew, maybe barefoot isn’t so bad after all! “… and at that exact moment, a white feather came down from the sky. “
Thank you Andrew for the message to enjoy life and not work so hard all the time. I will miss your ability to springboard the family into lively laughter and electric conversations at the dinner table.
Thank you for showing me how to live life to the fullest! We all will miss our little brother who always surprised us with fun jokes and comedy. You will remain in our hearts as the energetic, talented artist and the life of the party who always knows how to get everyone laughing and having a good time!
Posted by Erik Fougner on May 29, 2019
Andrew introduced himself as "Andrew Bermingham, presque comme la ville" when we met in Paris in the late 80's....there was always that touch of humour that stuck to his skin, accompanied by his famous grin , twinkling eyes and that great laugh...Andrew, we miss you so much!
You nurtured our 30-year old friendship by the intensity and quality of our time together, by the regularity of your calls, by your thoughtfulness. You leave us with such fond memories and with the tremendous regret that we can no longer benefit from your kindness, eloquence, your talent, your elegance and enthusiasm. You have a very special place in our hearts and we are so terribly saddened by this departure. We hope you are at peace up there, looking over us with that mischievious grin and at the same time, we know you are distilling your love from afar to your family that meant everything to you, your utmost pride. We love and miss you so much.
Nina, Alexine, Xandra, Nicoline and Erik
Posted by Vivi Duke on April 22, 2019
Hi old neighbor on Gilpin Street and friend!
We miss you Andrew.
Posted by Buck Brown on April 3, 2019
It's hard to put into words what Berm's friendship meant to me. So many memories. So many laughs. So many stories - legendary stories that would bring a smile every time I thought about them or shared them with others, which was often. My parents, my siblings, my spouse, and my kids all experienced directly or heard me tell stories about Berm. He was truly one of a kind. Even though, we never lived together in the same city, we spent over 40 years as friends, and there weren't many, if any, of those years where we weren't in touch multiple times by phone or in person. As the other tributes so eloquently describe, he always had a true twinkle in his eye and mischief in his smile. My life was fuller for knowing him. What a loss. Thoughts and prayers are with his family. Berm - love you and miss you, buddy.
Posted by Morrison Shafroth on March 31, 2019
Stories make the man--and Berm was at the center, the instigator and generally the one with the last word of so many great stories. Here's mine:

A Quick Little Ride With Andrew Bermingham
When Fred Taylor’s son Moses got married in Steamboat in 2015, the Berms and the MoBarrs stayed together in a slope-side condo located near the gondola for easy access to the festivities. Andrew and I brought our road bikes and our Lycra (imagine me in Lycra—well, maybe don’t) and ventured out Saturday morning for a pre-wedding pedal. I requested a reasonable ride—nothing too short as I had something to prove, nothing too long because whatever I had to prove would be tempered by the spare tire around my middle.

The Tour de Colorado was in town and as we headed through Steamboat and out into Routt County, a peleton of pros surrounded and then quickly passed us. Naturally, Andrew chased them down and I tagged along and soon we were in their midst. He somehow snapped a photo of me side-by-side with the 2% body fat crowd--the first and last time that'll ever happen. They eventually dusted us and then Berm led me on what he promised would be a quick ride with a few climbs but “nothing that I couldn’t handle.”

I enthusiastically acquiesced and followed him up through farm country and narrow valleys. After the first serious uphill, Andrew waited for me to get within shouting distance, barked a few words of encouragement and took off. After the second, third and fourth mountain passes, his enthusiasm only seem to build.

“Just one more little hill, Momo! C’mon!”

He’d chuckle and then sprint up the blacktop. I, on the other hand, looked up at yet another 7% grade and returned Berm’s goading with a hoarse string of profanity and the occasional middle finger.

As we arrived in Oak Creek—many miles deep into the ride and a few miles outside of Steamboat—Berm led me up to a small café and bought a couple of homemade baked goods and Gatorades. I was completely wiped out but thoroughly invigorated. We toasted, high-fived and ate and he explained that his ‘quick ride’ was actually The 3 Witches Ride (AKA, 3 Bitches), a 50-mile slog with a 3,500-foot elevation gain.

Berm flashed that big toothy grin of his—he was proud of me for sticking with him and genuinely pleased with himself for pulling one over on me and dragging my fat ass up, over, around and through some beautiful Colorado country.

That was Berm. When all cylinders were firing and scheming in unison, his eyes absolutely exploded with this mischievous twinkle. When I saw those eyes light up—skiing, over dinner or on the 3 Witches ride—I had the good sense to buckle up and hold on, because with Andrew Bermingham you didn’t know exactly where you were headed, but man, you knew the ride was going to be a good one.
Love you Brother
Posted by Richard Weil on March 31, 2019
Andrew was an angel with just the right amount of devil in him. His creative enthusiasm was an extraordinary gift. He was intense, smart, charming, athletic and full of big ideas. His smile was a wonderful and highly infectious condition.
From grade school to high school and through his adulthood, Andrew was that rare person, that wonderful and unique person who made all those around him feel renewed enthusiasm and happiness.  He was all about possibilities. He was so so wonderfully proud of his wife and his boys.
Miss you Berm.
Posted by Samuel Marquis on March 30, 2019
Dear Berm:

You will always be an American Legend and the essence of the true multifarious "Renaissance Man": entrepreneur, stand-up comic, hydrogen expert, social and media coordinator, sculptor and painter, inventor, photographer and filmmaker extraordinaire, civic leader, devoted husband and father, scene-stealing techie character in the goofy "The Devil's Brigade", and driven athlete--cyclist, skier, and tennis player. Oh, and did I forget outrageously gifted raconteur, unparalleled rapscallion-in-naughtiness-and-fun-loving-debauchery, and close friend who always lit up a room with that devilish gleam in your eyes and Dennis-the-Menace smile?

Rest in Peace and We love You. There will always be one and only one Berm, Bermolito, and Andy B on earth and in the heavens.

You are making us cry now but you always made us laugh so hard it split our sides, just like your predecessors Peter Sellers, Austin Powers, and Robin Williams.

Take care and Go Left on Walsh's at Ajax Forever! Yeah, Baby! Grrr!
Posted by Freddy Taylor on March 27, 2019
If there was ever a case of someone whose life ended way too soon it was Andrew's. He made our lives more fun. He made us laugh and kept us on our toes. You never knew what prank or joke was next. He blew us away with his cleverness in life and has now blown a hole in our hearts with his death. Godspeed Andrew. We miss you now and always. Love you pal-

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