Shared by Amanda Rose Crane on April 6, 2019

When anyone thought of Andy that was the word that came to mind, fun. I have so many great memories with Andy. I will always remember when I was little I would get on his back and he would swim around the pool with me at the old Sussex house, so many awesome memories there. He would scare me and go under and it was like a right of passage in the family. You had to feel like you were going to drown and be scared and that’s what made it a good time. Andy also took me to see my favorite band My Chemical Romance for the first time when I was 15 twelve years ago with two of my friends. He always made everything such a blast. I would always bust him because we wasn’t too into that type of music but he did admit they put on a great show and he had fun. It was almost 100 degrees that day and I kept looking for him while we were in the crowd and he’d still be under the margarita tent keeping cool. He always said he was the smart one he wore white and kept cool meanwhile I was in all black in the beating sun. I also will never forget the jump on Andy game, that was a family classic. All the cousins would pile on him and we made it a goal at all the family parties❤️ Andy=fun,forever and always, love you Cuz

Andy's height

Shared by Bonnie Erm on April 3, 2019

just a little story about how much taller Andy has always been than his classmates when he was in fifth grade he had a musical themed Auditorium Gathering that the parents could go to and the children were all lined up in front of the stage and they were all about the same height and then there was Andy who was at least a foot taller and the woman next to me asked why is Andy standing on a box and I just laughed and said he's not he's standing on the floor anyway and it's a good memory .

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