Shared by wolfgang stinnesbeck on April 2, 2021
I have not seen Andy in the time when his illness started and got worse, so I will always remember him as the brilliant, strong, open-minded man that he was, a tolerant true academic. Gerta and Andy once took me along to an informal gathering with his fellow mathematicians, all laureates and even including Nobel price winners. We went there in shorts and T-shirts and had a beer with these people that were all similarly easy-going. This was a wonderful experience to see these relaxed people had not lost their sense for real life. I can only imagine the academic spheres that Andy used to work in, but I know his work has influenced our understanding of Earth and Atmosphere. Rest in peace, we miss you!

Andy's special birthday occasion on 2016

Shared by Nan Chen on March 29, 2021
This photo is a supplement to the video Reza uploaded yesterday (03/28/2021). i wish to share the story behind it.

We had a MURI annual meeting at the end of January 2016 at Courant Institute. During the meeting, many of us realized Andy's birthday was Jan 30, which was the second or the third day of the meeting. But Andy never mentioned this to us. Therefore, we wanted to give Andy a surprise.

We prepared a birthday cake and secretly brought it to the conference room. After the last scientific talk in the late afternoon, Andy said "Well. This is all for today". Then Dimitris, the leading actor we selected for this special "show", stood up, went to the front of the room and said "Oh, Andy, we actual have one more presentation today,"  "What???" said Andy. He looked several times at the program booklet and then looked at us. Everyone (who organized this "show") was nodding as a response to Dimitris. This made Andy even more confused. He looked at the booklet, looked at Dimitris and looked at everyone again. He wanted to say something but he did not know what to say. So he puzzledly stared at Dimitris eventually. Dimitris pretended to be very innocent. He paused a little bit and then said, in a very slow and peaceful way, "The last talk is to say happy birthday to Andy!". Then we presented the birthday cake to Andy. I can see from Andy's eye he's surprised but he's very happy and pleased when he eventually knew what was "the last presentation of the day".

I guess for many of us, this was the only time we ate Andy's birthday cake in a casual occasion (not in a formal birthday conference). The cake was only 6 inches. Each of us ate a very small piece. But this is an unforgettable memory. 

On the photo: Andy was blowing the candle. On the video: Andy had such a big smile.

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