Let the memory of Andrew be with us forever
  • 27 years old
  • Born on August 18, 1988 .
  • Passed away on April 1, 2016 .

Vancouver firefighter Andrew Miller, 29, was struck by an automobile while walking near his home while off-duty. He was treated on the scene by two crews from the Vancouver Fire Department and AMR and transported to Peace Health Southwest Washington Medical Center with life threatening injuries. He succumbed to those injuries at approximately 12 a.m. on April 1. 
"We are proud of Andrew and all that he accomplished. The news is a tremendous loss to both Andrew's family and the Vancouver Fire Department family," said Vancouver Fire Chief Joe Molina.

Andrew had been a member of the Vancouver Fire Department since September 2011. He worked as a Firefighter/EMT and was a member of the Vancouver Firefighter's Union, Local 452. 
Andrew grew up in Spokane, Wash., where he graduated from Rogers High School and completed an Associate of Arts degree in Fire Science and General Studies from Spokane Community College. He previously served as a resident firefighter in Spokane County Fire District 10 in Airway Heights, outside of Spokane.

"This is a very sad day for the city. The entire Vancouver City Council extends our condolences to the Miller family," said Vancouver Mayor Timothy D. Leavitt.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be made to the Vancouver Firefighters Community Assistance Fund at 2807 N.W. Fruit Valley Road, Vancouver, WA 98660.

Posted by Jason Stearns on 18th August 2018
Hello Friends and Family of Andrew. I wanted to share a memory of Miller during our academy at Vancouver Fire. So there we were, getting punished again for not doing something right and we were not loving it. This is when Miller would start jumping around, probably on 10 Red Bull’s and say “common people, let’s go”. His humor, enthusiasm and all around Millerness got us through on multiple occasions. I hope he knew how much we loved and appreciated all that he was and miss him very much. Happy Birthday big guy. Love Safer 13, Phoenix Rising!
Posted by Luke Derushe on 18th August 2018
Today would be Andrew's 30th. Andy Millernaucus (he hated being called that) we all miss you every day.
Posted by Jason Stearns on 1st April 2018
Miller, I miss you man! You made me laugh often, showed up whenever someone needed a hand and were like a brother to me and so many others. Those who knew you will never forget you and that is how you will always be here with us. Love You Big Guy, Jason Stearns
Posted by Mary Miller on 1st April 2018
Sure do wish we all could have a nice long visit with you.
Posted by Jason Stearns on 22nd August 2017
Happy Birthday Big Guy, I have been thinking about you and feeling the presence of your spirit and now I know why. You weren't huge on making a big deal about your birthday but I am. Just know you are greatly missed and never forgotten. I love you man! Jason
Posted by Stan Nelson on 3rd September 2016
He was a wonderful guy, taken from this earth much to soon.
Posted by John & Ann Stocum on 16th April 2016
What an amazing and beautiful tribute to Andrew today. Our thoughts continue to be with the family.
Posted by Suzanna Jacquez on 8th April 2016
Andrew you were so special to me and we had the best times together.I will always hold those memories and think of you. I look at my phone and keep your text messages to remind me of you. You made me happy and brightened my day. May god be with you! -Suzanna
Posted by Brittany Bell on 7th April 2016
Andrew: I wish I had more time with you. I wish life didn't get crazy at times and that I could've seen you more these past few months. It's hard not to dwell on these things when tragedy strikes, but instead of drowning in regret, I'm finding comfort in the memories that we do have. You are one of the most caring people I have ever met in my life. Just a big goofy sweetheart that would do anything for the people in your life. You touched a lot of people's lives that way and nobody will ever forget the way that you made them feel. Thank you for blessing me with your friendship. I wish I wasn't forced to think of memories, and we could continue to create new ones. I wish that I could still call you and tell you I'll be there in 10, I'm coming over to watch a movie, but in the end I'm glad to have spent time with you. Thank you for being you, I will forever miss you.
Posted by Heidi Parr on 4th April 2016
I loved Andrew's goofy, fun-loving self. He had such a special place in my heart and always will.
Posted by Alicia Gustafson on 4th April 2016
I'll never forget your smile. I remember when you told me you had become a firefighter and thinking, "how perfect for you, you alway did take a lot of heat!" You were a good friend and will be greatly missed.
Posted by Jeremy Stowe on 4th April 2016
Andrew was friends with our kids since grade school who spent many days at our house. If there were free popsicles or some birthday cake to be had, Andrew was there. He was such a good mannered kid that had wit and would just make you laugh til you cried. One of my best memories with Andrew was helping him install carpet in a church for his final project to become an Eagle Scout. At one time, he had mentioned to me that he was tired of scouts and wanted to quit. As I was encouraging him to continue and telling him what an accomplishment it was, I noticed that this young kid was actually taking it in and was listening to every word I said. He knew early on that he wanted to be a fire fighter and I told him being an Eagle Scout may help him fulfill that dream. Through out the years when most young adults move on with their lives, they usually don't have time to stay in contact with their friends parents. Not Andrew. I would get messages out of the blue just to see how things were going and how the family was doing. He always made me feel like he cared for us. I'm glad I that I had the opportunity to tell him how proud I was of him for fulfilling his dream of firefighting. Really going to miss his sarcasm and trash talk during football season. RIP Andrew, we'll all see ya someday.
Posted by Jason Lawson on 4th April 2016
Haven't seen you in years man but will always remember you
Posted by Jennifer Myers on 3rd April 2016
Crying and talking to my husband about his friend Andrew Miller....the one who always fell asleep first...the one whom Leighten spent 100's of hours of his life with....eating cereal out of weird tupperware bowls...wasteing a whole summer on a plum concoction the baby sitter threw away....never playing on his sweet swingset...making fun of his mountain bike which Andrew insisted had 21 speeds!....hours of gameboy...asking Andrew to pick the pistol on OO7 so he wouldn't smoke leighten in the face again with the golden gun...playing in the canopy topped fort by the garage they always wanted to sleep in but never did...watching tadpoles grow to frogs in Andrew's mom's minature pond....eating raspberries off his rasp bush....sleeping over with Chris Madonna and Will Hanson...spending days at Hayes park.....waterballon fights with the cul-de-sac twins and Christian and that other kid...riding their bikes until someone crashed too hard to go on.. Andrew Miller teaching him the art of tilting the 20 oz bottles to find out if they could win a free soda and getting a $20 Yoda....Andrew refusing to join Leighten Myers and Trevor Miller after they had bought steaks and wanted to marinate them in coca cola....getting busted by dropping lit matches down the heater vent by Mary Kate Miller....enjoying nesquick and sherbert ice cream.....Life takes people on different and seperate journeys. Thank you Andrew for being such a good childhood friend to my husband. I am so glad that your paths included each others company. I am so thankful I got to know you. You were the best Mascot Rogers High School has and ever will have. You went chasing yours dreams and had achieved many of them..you imprinted your HEART on the world and many people loved you...You will be MISSED....You will not be FORGOTTEN...
Posted by John Weidert on 3rd April 2016
From the time of your birth, you were a source of great pride and joy to your family and everyone privileged enough to know you. As a young man, it was obvious you had a strong character and unwavering moral compass. We found you to be respectful towards others, yet quietly observant with a grin on your face. You LIVED the Boy Scout Oath, Law, and Slogan on a daily basis by helping whoever and whenever you could. It was no surprise that you chose to become a firefighter/paramedic to serve and help those in need. It is hard to remember when you weren’t smiling and in good humor, even when tired from a long shift. You are a shining example of how we can best help each other. You will be sorely missed. We love you and you will forever be in our thoughts. John, Karen, Craig & Carol, and Sean Weidert
Posted by Renee Taylor on 3rd April 2016
Heaven has gained an angel. May God hold your family close.
Posted by Sarah Weidert on 3rd April 2016
Andrew it is just amazing to see what an amazing person you turned into. I can tell by how many lives you have clearly left a mark on that you have done your whole family proud. Its nice to see all these incredible things about you surface that i never knew before. I wish we had more time together. I wish we had one more family bbq and time to catch up. I wish none of this had happened. You know we were pretty lucky being able to grow up as close as we were not everyone gets that, but right now if i'm honest it doesn't seem near enough. It doesn't feel like we spent much time together at all. You were a great cousin I know if i would have ever needed anything you would have been there. That's the kind of person that you were. The family was always important to you. I love you so much and this isn’t how it was suppose to be. I will miss you but will never forget. Now you know the secret and good luck on whatever journey awaits you. Thanks for all the good you did for this world and the lives that you touched.
Posted by Paula Cavanagh on 3rd April 2016
You have always been such a kind, caring, fun kid. From a very young age you had a brilliant wit and made people happy just to be with you. We love you and will miss you always. Paula and Jeff
Posted by Teri Stanke on 2nd April 2016
Rest In Peace Andrew... been thinking about you as a little boy playing across the street and watching as you matured into the good man that you became. You have you're angel wings now and can fly high forever !
Posted by Bryce Austin on 2nd April 2016
I love you so much dreezy. So much.
Posted by Crystal Kirk on 2nd April 2016
It's hard to imagine you gone. Waking up this morning hoping it was all a dream and hoping to see a good morning text made it more of a reality. I know your in a better place now. You've touched the lives of so many people and I'm proud to have known you and call you a good friend. Your forever in my thoughts and I'm praying for your family in this hard time. Rest easy Andrew. You were a hero here on earth and will forever be a hero in heaven. Love you buddy and will meet again!!! ❤
Posted by Christina Ross on 2nd April 2016
Crazy how fast things can change... Just talked to you three days ago about the Sanders Rally, and you winning fights with the Secret Service... Stuck to your guns as usual... God had bigger plans for you, brother... I'll never forget the talks we shared and how much you cared about my brother when everyone else seemed to disappear... We will miss you so much..
Posted by Melanie Kelly on 2nd April 2016
See you on the other side my friend. Wherever I go in this life, there you'll be. Thanks for being my friend.
Posted by Cecelia Vaughn on 2nd April 2016
You were such an awesome guy to work with. You were still up beat and a bright smile even working 2 jobs on no sleep and being on call for firefighting. I will truly miss you. RIP

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