Posted by Narender Gupta on June 13, 2021
I am Narender Gupta, ex-staff of ANZ Grindlays Bank. Andrew was a very nice and gentle person. A very knowledgeable, soft spoken yet strict trainer of the Bank.
Andrew, you will always live in our memories. Rest in peace.
Posted by Ashfaq Mattoo on June 13, 2021
I had the privilege of being taught by Andrew in early 80s when he used to be a trainer on credit courses at Grindlays in Bombay. He was an excellent tutor and we all learnt a lot from him. We kept talking about him off and on over the years even when he had left Grindlays. May this thorough gentleman’s soul rest in peace. Heartfelt condolences to the family.
Posted by RKrish Murthy on June 13, 2021
I am from ANZ Grindlays Bank. Really very sad to hear the news. Andrew was an integral part of the bank as he was in training and touched the hearts of almost all of us in the Bank. He was such a nice gentleman and a wonderful trainer. May his soul rest in eternal peace. Krishnan
Posted by Dee Osemeno on May 31, 2021
Please accept my deepest condolences. My heart goes out to Andrew's family. Losing a dear loved one comes with indescribable pain. I pray that Jehovah- 'The God of all comfort' (2corinthians 1:3-4) comforts her family during this hard times
Posted by William Stevens on May 23, 2021
I had the privilege of working with Andrew on a project for the education of undergraduates at George Fox. He was so thoughtful and welcoming of ideas to solve a problem, rather than to push an agenda. I will miss him.
Bill Stevens
Posted by Vivian Nadar on May 22, 2021
Uncle Andrew and aunty Beulah were few of the first families who welcomed us into their home when we came to Hong Kong 17 years ago. We were just a newly married couple navigating our way through life and expecting a baby soon.
When we were in Hong Kong, Andrew and Beulah were part of the United Marriage Encounter ministry. They shared their story of what it means to build strong marriages. This process was quite helpful during those initial years of our marriage, especially in communicating and building trust. Me (Vivian) was pregnant at that time, and at the end of these three days events, on the last day on our way home, our son Royce was born. Appreciate all your encouragement and support during those early days, with home, hospital visits, food, and coming alongside our family in every small and little way.

It was also a great joy and pleasure to be part of the Shubh Samachar fellowship during those early years. It was great to serve alongside Andrew and Beulah by sharing God’s Word, leading worship, leading Sunday school, etc. Those years were a real blessing of working with Indian people living in Hong Kong. The most memorable one was the evangelistic event hosted by Shubh Samachar by bringing Johnny Lever from India. It was indeed one of the highlights of Andrew’s leadership. His zeal, passion, and charm were a driving force to serve the Lord enthusiastically.

Apart from the formal ministry at Church and Shubh Samachar, Andrew invested lots of time equipping people to serve the Lord. They did this through mentoring, discipling, pastoral service, etc. 

Words are not enough to express the pain we go through at a time when a loved one leaves us. Indeed Pastor Andrew was a wonderful person who always invested in the lives of people. We will always cherish the times we spent here in HK with Uncle Andrew, who has been a mentor to our family. We have much to learn from uncle and how His life made an impact to serve the Lord with fervor.

Dear aunty Beulah, Sarah, Rebecca, and your families, we stand with you in this difficult time. Sending prayers and hugs. May the Holy Spirit comfort us in this most difficult hour.
Posted by Aaron Reji on May 20, 2021
A great hearty condolences to Andrew Samuel Moses. Me and my family’s prayers will always be with you. May his soul rest in peace.
Posted by Avk Avk on May 19, 2021
What does it really mean to love your neighbours as yourself? All Christians are supposed to live by this motto, but if we are serious, whom among us dare say we do. I dare not. Scott Peck says life is difficult. It is. Precisely, who has the spare time, and energy, and strength to love their neighbours as themselves? Not to mention so many of our neighbours are, honestly, not worth it. Had I not met Andrew, there is no answer to my above skepticism. Andrew gave an answer to that doubt, with his life example. He had compassion and helped my situation, not because we were close friends. We were not close friends. But he cared. And he was so positive, had so much faith in God even people let him down again and again. Andrew just would not give up a person, carrying with him a loving hope that may be, just may, he could help salvage my situation. It didn't work out. My ex-husband left an alcoholic. But that is not important any more. What is truly important, to me, is that throughout the 10-year struggle, when many people, church leaders included, shunned my situation, Andrew would not give up. I will never forget. One time, my ex agreed to meet with Andrew for counseling in the evening after Andrew's workday. It was a long day. It was raining. Andrew waited for my ex on the street. There was no show. Andrew was not mad. He didn't give up, and helped some more after that incident. THAT experience with Andrew breaks the myth, for me, that the church is just a place where people come to feel good. No. May be not many, probably not, but some, exemplified by Andrew, do genuinely care and are prepared to love their neighbours as themselves. Thank you, Andrew. Thank you, God, for Andrew. Go home, Andrew, and rest in peace.  Hallelujah you are home!  I will miss you in a loving and grateful way, till we meet again. 
Posted by Nate Peach on May 18, 2021
I so appreciated all that Andrew brought to George Fox University. His love of God, family, and community was evident in everything he said and did, a great man of integrity. Andrew's wisdom and humility was evident. He had so much to share, and always did so with grace. I will really miss our conversations on business, faith, and what it means to live well.
Posted by Nancy Chua on May 18, 2021
Dearest Sis Beulah and the family,

Our deepest heartfelt condolence, although no words can ease the loss of our late Pastor Andrew, but we know he is in a better place with Jesus. Pastor Andrew is the person whom we honor and respect, who brings light so great to the world. We loved his sermons
that we had learned much from him. It's such a blessings that the Lord has a way to keep those we love with us. Eventhough, he is with the Lord, all love, memories and the light of him remains a part of who he was forever, believing that God's promises are true and faithful. You can be confident that some day, you will be together once again.

May God's perfect peace and comfort be with you n family at this time with joy of the Lord be your strength.

With deepest sympathy,
Nancy n Johny
Posted by Arya-Xiaoxiao Mehta on May 17, 2021
Andrew Moses was someone very dear to me, and a true man of the Lord. He had been there for me during one of the most difficult times of my life, and encouraged me to stand firm in the Lord even when going against my unbelieving family. It meant so much the way he listened and counseled me throughout, and personally it meant so much to me that he actually could understand what I was actually dealing with. I thank him greatly for how much he meant to me and my family, and I will miss him terribly. I take comfort in that he is at peace with the Lord now, and one day will see him again.
Posted by Debby Thomas on May 17, 2021
Andrew came to us at Geroge Fox as a professor. His gentle spirit, great wisdom, and wealth of experience were appreciated by our undergraduate and graduate students. Andrew was a joy to work with, always having a smile and an encouraging word. We are grateful to have known him and to partner with him in Christian business education. He is deeply missed by students and faculty alike.
Posted by Simran Sadhwani on May 17, 2021
Deeply saddened and shattered by the passing away of Pastor Andrew Moses....I've personally been so blessed by Andrew and Beulahs ministry in Hong Kong....blessed by all the precious teaching given by Andrew in the Hong Kong Indian Shubh Samachar Fellowship.....blessed by Beulahs amazing Bible studies....may God heal and bless Beulah and her family.
Posted by Mallika Khemlani on May 16, 2021
Andrew and Beulah came into my life when my husband was very ill, they were caring and were a source of great support during that time especially after my husband passed away in December 2000. I am forever grateful for the impact they had on my life and were such an encouragement as a couple. I was also involved in the Shindi fellowship where Andrew pastored and taught for many years and especially led many to Christ young people as well. Andrew and Beulah sacrificial love for many was amazing to witness. It was such a privilege to know Andrew and he will be missed much. Truly appreciate everything he was and he will be missed by many. One day we all will meet in heaven in our eternal home.
Posted by Rani Khiatani on May 15, 2021
So saddened by Ps Andrew’s passing away within a short time of sickness. He will be greatly missed by many of us who knew him since HK days.

Personally, it was such a joy to have partnered with Ps Andrew & Beulah in ministry to the Sindhis/Indians of Hong Kong for more than a decade.
Also, I had been very blessed by Ps Andrew’s teachings. He was indeed a very gifted & anointed teacher of the Word, with a heart ready to help people.

I had also emigrated to the US soon after them, yet never got the chance to meet in person. But thank God our faith & hope in Christ guarantees an eternity together.

May the Lord heal Beulah & the girls as they mourn on this temporary separation.
Posted by Venkat S on May 16, 2021
It's really cruel that fate has snatched Andrew from all of us so early...for someone like Andrew anytime is too early...While we can not challenge His mysterious ways, I only can thank Him for giving me a great mentor and good friend in Andrew. Memories cascade as do wistful smiles and moistened eyes. Dear Andrew wherever you are must be a good place for no other reason than you are there...
Posted by hazel d on May 16, 2021
Our HomeGroup leader and spiritual mentor, Andrew. Francis and I always looked forward to our weekly HomeGroup where the Lord's presence was felt and we'd be fed. Thank you for molding us those years, showing your care for our son, Steven, and supporting us in difficult times. You were a role model of the good Samaritan and a good family man! No words can express enough our gratitude to you! That gratitude stays in our hearts forever!

Our warm thoughts to Beulah and family! May the Lord comfort you, guide and protect you with His love!


Francis, Hazel & Steven
Posted by Nkem Azike on May 15, 2021
From the first time I met you and Beulah, I saw hearts that pant after God, kind hearted and willing to help.
I attended the Freedom Small Group of Mannahouse church you and Beulah hosted in your home, Feb 2020, which quickly went virtual. The sessions were enriching and impactful.
Thank you for giving my resume to your former Provost. Shortly afterwards, there was a  professor need in another university and I was hired after series of interviews. God used Andrew, by this act of kindness to preserve my life.
We don’t understand it all... God is Sovereign. Rest on, in the bossom of our Lord.
My heart goes out to Beulah and family.
He will be sorely missed.
Posted by Winnifred Kwoh on May 16, 2021
Andrew was a dear friend to our family. When my dad was sick, he was always there for us. I remember Andrew’s kindness and humility, and also his God-given sense of humor. There was always laughter whenever he was present.
I remember our trip to Israel together, where he re-dedicated me in Jordan River, and the pastoral messages he shared during the trip. I knew he must have given so much thought in each message because each sheep mattered so much to him. I also remember how he insisted to complete the hike in Egypt despite having some discomfort in his knee, and the look of blessedness on his face when he got to the top of the mount. Each time when I saw Andrew, I always heard him say: “Praise the Lord”.
Thank you, Andrew, for being such a kind friend to our family. You are deeply missed.
Posted by H Sim on May 15, 2021
Dear Beulah,

I always think that you two would live to very, very, very old age like 100+ and grow deeper and deeper in God's love and blessings every day. And so, I was shocked tremendously when I received the message from Joanna. 

Whenever I was in the bible study at your Central and Jordan home, every session is a fruitful, happy and blessed time to me. I miss them a lot.

I do give big thanks to our Father Lord for giving me such good pastor and wonderful sister in God.

At this difficult time, Jesus is holding you tight and giving you comfort. You and your family is in my prayer.

With hugs,

Posted by Juliana Widarto on May 15, 2021
Pastor Beulah, Sarah, and Rebekah,
we grieve with you right now, but we believe that this is only temporary separation.

Pastor Andrew is now with our Lord Jesus in Heaven, and he will be always in our heart and memories. We will see him again when we reach heaven.

Arick and I had a privilege to meet such a humble, friendly, caring, and sincere like Pastor Andrew. He had a big heart for people around him and he spoke with wisdom. We were deeply blessed by his leadership and caring during Lohas Park Home group.

Thank you for bringing us closer to Jesus, Pastor Andrew.

We love you,
Juliana, Arick, Tim

Posted by Ralph Couto on May 15, 2021
Dear Beulah,

Please accept my deepest condolences on Andrew:s passing.
Andrew gave me my job in Hong Kong many years ago and I have the greatest respect and regard for him. I remember how he taught me to play squash and would travel weekends for many months to my far flung suburb in HK just to play a game of squash with me. I will forever appreciate his generosity of time and spirit.
He was always willing to listen and pass on his wisdom to others and was a kind and intelligent man.
I pray that the good Lord grant him eternal rest and comfort you and your family in this time of grief.

Kind regards

Posted by Kashmera Marfatia on May 15, 2021
Dear Beulah, Sarah and Rebekah

The HSBC group chats are full of glowing tributes to Andrew the trainer and professional and even more to Andrew the person, intelligent, kind, understanding, sensitive and deeply religious. For me personally, it meant a lot that he really wanted me to join Training Department and later, after 2 years, when a cross posting opportunity came up for Dubai Training Centre, he was the one who persuaded me to take it up (early and mid 90s). For various reasons I was not really keen on it but his intelligent mind was quick to highlight the benefits for me and that made me consider and finally take up the opportunity which was one of the best decisions of my life and one of the best personal and professional experiences! Again after my promotion he offered me a new role in RGT and I was ever so grateful to be back in familiar territory and in Bombay. I now realise what a big role he played in my life in HSBC. Those were some of the best years of my HSBC life!

Just last June I happened to get his number from another colleague and exchanged a few messages with Andrew. We were both delighted to suddenly be in touch again, alas shortlived! 

I pray his soul finds eternal peace and God grants you and the rest of your family the strength to overcome these difficult times with the beautiful memories you will have.

Sincere prayers and best wishes

Posted by Wilkie Kwoh on May 15, 2021
Dear Beulah and family

We mourn with you for the passing of Andrew. There are no words we can say that will comfort you right now. Andrew has made such an impact to our lives.  He was one of the greatest teachers I have ever known and I will never forget how Pam and I enjoyed all his sermons in Church.  As a friend you and Andrew were always with us when we went through difficult times when my late father was battling cancer.  We will also never forget how Andrew teased our little dog, Oscar!  Those were all very precious memories that we will carry till we meet him again in heaven. 
Love, Pam and Wilkie
Posted by Berenice Lee on May 15, 2021
Dear Beulah and family
It is with deep sadness to hear of Andrew's passing. We miss you dearly and will keep you in our prayers and thoughts. Many fond memories flashed through our minds. We pray for God's comfort and strength to be with you through the years ahead. Big hugs to you.
Posted by Janet Yang on May 15, 2021
Dearest Pastor Andrew,

Thank you for living a life of what a true follower of Jesus Christ looks like. Your genuine care for people, your meekness and humility in spite of your depth of knowledge and understanding, your diligence in pursuing the word of God, a man of integrity and a gifted teacher. You have made a profound impact on my life. You are my most beloved pastor, and you will be greatly missed.

Love Janet Yang
Posted by Debbie Smith on May 14, 2021
Dear Beulah and family,

We remember Andrew's energy mixed with godly wisdom and your joint warmth, vision, and initiative. It is a sorrow and joy to know he has gone to be with the Lord and not with you, so we are praying for you all in the process of missing him; asking that you are daily comforted by the Lord's near presence and assurance of eternal life through faith in Christ Jesus. 

In His love,
Debbie and Scott Smith
Posted by Stephen Birkett on May 15, 2021
Dear Beulah, Sarah, Rebekah - we mourn with you the loss of your and our beloved Andrew - our heartfelt condolences to you. He had the twinkling love of God in his eyes and his heart, and he shared it actively, with intellect, passion, commitment, zest, integrity, humo(u)r. He was a warm friend and pillar in our community at ICA, UME and so many other spheres he was engaged in. As these pages show, he left a trail of warmth, respect and love behind him, generally pointing to Jesus rather than himself. He also showed grace when he felt wronged, not wishing to harm the body of Christ by dissension. Well done, good and faithful servant!

He leaves behind him big shoes and a big hole, for you more than anyone. But as we know, the name of the website is misconceived: the good news is that we will just miss him for a short time, and then be reunited forever. (But ‘’ would not sound right either!). Praise the Lord!
With love,
Steve and Pam Birkett

Posted by janet lina on May 15, 2021
Dear Uncle Andrew,

Isaiah 57:1-2
The righteous man perishes, and no one lays it to heart; devout men are taken away, while no one understands.For the righteous man is taken away from the calamity;2 he enters into peace; they rest in their beds who walk in their uprightness.

I really miss you but have hope will meet you on the day of resurrection.I first met you in 2005 through Alpha ,how you guided me and Anthony to accept Lord Jesus . I will cherish all your time and counsel for Anthony and me in every way and every time we needed you there was someone like father to talk to that today we can grow strong and build our relationship in the Lord. And also Noel can grow as a young man to love and serve the Lord through all your guidance and help for him. My prayer for Beulah,Sarah and Rebecca may the holy spirit fill the void in your heart and give you the peace that word cannot give . Love
Posted by Luke Saldanha on May 14, 2021
Reeta Patel Saldanha was diagnosed with cancer in June 1993 . She had two sons Aditya & Rohan born 30 March 1981 & 9 Dec 1985. We were living at 43 Hill Park AG Bell Marg Bombay 400006
For a year & half Andrew & Beulah regularly visited Reeta . Prayed & Sang for till her death on 4Jan1995
Aditya died on 1Dec 2020

They must be meeting in Heaven!!

Rohan is in Bangalore & I am married again to Henriette & we have a 12 year old son Sebastian born 25 Jan 2009

Beulah please be in touch & come to Switzerland & spend some time with us
Posted by Latika Paul on May 14, 2021
Beulah, it was a terrible shock to get this message that Andrew, a smart and sharp banker, a loving husband, father, grand father Pastor a lay leader went to be with the Lord so suddenly. James and I have such great regards for him and what he stood for. His leadership in ICA and then starting and pastoring the Indian church all goes to show that he was passionate to make our Lord known to more and more people. We will miss Andrew greatly. Praying for you and your daughters and their families for peace. May the Lord comfort you all.
Love and regards, James and Latika Paul
Posted by Paul Guevs on May 15, 2021
Ptr. Andrew is the epitome of a life well lived before man and his creator. He lived a life with strong convictions. He stood and fought for what he knows is right, even at his own expense. We from One faith Worship Centre HK will truly miss him. A man with deep care and generosity. He is and has been such a big blessing and encouragement to us. May God’s peace and comfort always be upon his family and loved ones.

Oral Paul Guevarra
Posted by Jon Pettigrew on May 15, 2021
Thank you for your years of faithfulness and kindness to God's people and dedication to His church. We love you and may you RIP with your heavenly Father.
Posted by Denise Lim on May 14, 2021
Dear Beulah and family,

I send you my deepest condolences and prayers for you and the family and may the comfort and the shalom peace of the Lord be with you all during this time of loss. We take comfort that Pastor Andrew is in a much better place now with no pain and suffering in the glorious presence of our Lord and received his reward as a good and faithful servant of the Lord while here on earth.

Pastor Andrew was a very friendly and kind man with a big heart, and has a great Shepherd's heart. I remember I invited Pastor Andrew over the years as a guest speaker for the YAH ministry when i was leading it at ICA or in homegroup meetings and he never once declined my invitations. I always remember that he would always be willing to sacrificially give of his time for the sake of serving and ministering to others- A great leader who was always approachable, a very knowledgeable yet humble servant of God and an annointed preacher and speaker in church on Sundays- I was blessed and inspired by his teachings over the years when he was serving at ICAHK. , and I really respected and appreciated him a lot. He will be greatly missed!
Posted by Patsy Cheung on May 14, 2021
Dearest Pastor Andrew,

I could never address you another way. You are my most respected and loved pastor, leader mentor, and truly a caring friend to me. You’ve been a great blessing to many and I am blessed to be one of them. You have always demonstrated the love of Christ, always caring, always encouraging, and kind to me. Always took time to check on me and my children, prayed for us.
Under your leadership at Marketplace Ministry, I had a lot of fond memories but also learned a great deal from you on servanthood.

I remembered in 2016, I needed to give a talk on the subject of “Body of Christ” at The Walk to Emmaus. At one point, I was struggling with my scripts, you offered your time to help, walking through lines bylines, pages by pages with me. Your insight and knowledge of God’s words made my speech more impactful and relevant. Through the process, you have shown me a perfect example of what “Body of Christ” truly means, for that, I am forever grateful.

I find comfort knowing that you are rested in the loving arm of our Lord. You will be dearly and greatly missed.

Dear Beulah, may the love and comfort of the Lord be with you. Be assured you are in my prayer always.

Love, Patsy Cheung
Posted by Balu Dadlani on May 14, 2021
Andrew and Beulah have been truly inspiring to us. First and foremost God used them to play a big part in drawing us to the Lord and growing us in Him. Their dedication to the work of the gospel was first and foremost in their lives. We were part of the Shubh Samachar Indian Church in HK which they led with so much of their time, love and dedication. They opened their homes to teach, pray, counsel. Even though they were highly educated and had the best of jobs they reached out to everyone. Sometimes in life we mere mortals get so wrapped up in our careers or businesses we feel we hardly have time for the Lord's work. Oh, how much we could learn from this couple. We are saddened to hear about Andrew but we rejoice in his life lived for our saviour knowing that we will meet again. Beulah we love you, Take care - Valerie & Balu
Posted by Arick Yiu on May 14, 2021
Dear Beulah,

Thank you for the amazing journeys that you and Pastor Andrew have shared through church and Home Group. We grief with you for such a great loss! May God’s infinite love be with you and your family. My deepest condolences.
Posted by Mavis Smith on May 14, 2021
Andrew did my first training at HSBC and it was the start of a lasting friendship. He was a wonderful human being with so much empathy. Lost touch after he moved to Hong Kong. Reconnected when I visited in 2010. He invited me to stay with him n Beulah rather than a hotel. So grateful as I really was quite lost in Hong Kong. I remember they were warm n so hospitable. He even dropped me to the airport. Rest in peace dear Andrew. Fly on wings on angels.
Posted by Harish HV on May 14, 2021
I joined HSBC on 18 feb 1991. I was sent off to a week long credit training program at Khandala starting 25 feb run by Andrew. It was a great expereince and Andrew ran the entire course of 5 days morning to evening tirelessly, passionately bringing in the technical and practical knowledge that was needed. I became a fan. I met him several times during my 3 years at the bank and we also ended up being in Hongkong together for a couple of days where we saw a movie together.  I remember him as a eversmiling, helpful and warm human being. Unfortunately i did not have the opportunity (my fault) to meet him once i left the bank in 1994. I will miss him. May his soul rest in peace.
Posted by Promila Kapoor on May 14, 2021
Andrew was one of my first trainers, teacher and mentor when I joined the Bank straight out of college. The association continued when I joined RGT as it was called. I became a part of that family. Andrew taught me how to navigate and manage senior stakeholders. He supported my career path in my formative years. I have so many memories of those early years and I can still hear his voice as he led one of the training sessions in Train the Trainer, giving feedback while encouraging us to grow. I met him some years later in Hongkong and he was still the same. He opened his home to me and I can never forget his generosity. He will always be remembered. RIP
Posted by Ky n dong Wong on May 14, 2021
Dear Pastor Beulah and family ,
Our heartfelt condolences to you and family. May the love and comfort of the Lord surround you all.
Pastor Andrew Moses has been a true encourager and many have benefited from his and your ongoing support to grow and to be fanned into flame for Jesus. He is greatly missed and we treasure his gentle and kind spirit to edify always , his empowering and perseverance in walking with the many to encounter the living God in his time in ICA hk. We are impacted by his heart of love for his family as well his dedication to his spiritual family and passion for the lost .
Our deepest comfort is knowing that he is now rested in the loving arms of our Saviour. He has fought a good fight, he has finished the race and has received the crown of righteousness in Christ Jesus .

May the loving arms of the Father surround you All , His Shalom n comfort to reign in your hearts in Jesus’ Name.

Our thoughts and prayers with you all. Love.

KY & Dong , HK
Posted by Noel Kanaparthi on May 14, 2021
I have always looked up to Uncle Andrew. His demeanour, excellence in speech and character and most importantly His love for the Lord. I shall never forget staying over at his and Aunt Beulah’s place at LOHAS Park, where I was able to hear and glean from his experience, wisdom and years of walking with the Lord, especially in the marketplace. Thank you uncle for being a role model and a pastor for me and countless others. You are home now and we shall all see you again soon.

With much love,

Posted by Ho Julian on May 14, 2021

Andrew , you are forever missed
A loving husband, an awesome father,a caring pastor, a wise banker
We miss our teaming in the ume ministry
You are always the intelligent man who solved our problems in a split of a second
We miss the reunions always held in the clubhouse of Kings Park
You are the core of the ume community
Quick thinker,good leader
Most of all the beloved child of our Lord

Posted by Rajenish Das on May 14, 2021
1995, that is my first clear memory of meeting Andrew. I was in awe of him. Still am. We met in the New Life Fellowship office. He sat me down and began to talk, teach & train me for the task that lay ahead. He showed tremendous patience as I had so many questions and he answers them all one by one. If I remember right he was VP Training with HSBC Mumbai then and yet so humble and simple.
Andrew was a man of integrity & humility. He was very generous in nature. He was a world class bible teacher and always had his listeners spellbound. His bible studies always ran full house. He was a par excellence communicator and a gentleman.
The only weakness I saw in Andrew was his love for sweets & desserts.
He and Beulah took me n my wife (Sherry) through premarital counselling and we had 8-12 sessions followed by sumptuous lunch and of course dessert for over a year. That was 24 years ago! Those sessions are still paying off!
He preached at our wedding which was attended by even unbelievers and they understood n appreciated the covenant of marriage.
Even after Andrew, Beulah, Sarah and Rebecca moved to HK, he would always keep in touch and check on us.
Whenever he/Beulah visited Mumbai he would meet up with us and personally check with both of us on how we are doing in our marriage, ministry, finances, etc.
When it came to hospitality and generosity, they set very high standards. Andrew n Beulah invited us for a fully paid holiday to HK and hosted us for two full weeks! That included our flight tickets as well and now we were three including Aradhana our elder daughter. When we reached their home Andrew gave us a red Chinese envelope with HK $ in it and said here spend it and when it’s over we will give you more! We created many happy memories in Hong Kong. It was in this very month of May. On my birthday Andrew n fly planned a special day and we sailed off on a Chinese boat to an island in the South China Sea called Lantau if I remember correctly. We had a barbecue going as we celebrated my birthday together.
Many stories to tell ….
Andrew was a role model to us. He was a mentor, counsellor, friend, guide and a father figure.
In the lockdown I requested Andrew to record a message for our church which he did. That was the last message he spoke to our church not very long ago. It’s difficult to accept the fact that I will not be able to speak to him again.
Andrew we miss you!
Posted by Katia Li on May 14, 2021
I was a new Christian and had accepted Jesus not long ago when God sent Ps Andrew and Ps Beulah into my life. I was deeply moved by their kindness.
They used to give the key of their house for the homegroup people to come in when they were away.
I remember spending the sunny Saturday afternoons sitting in a comfortable sofa in their house and learning more about love and the word of God. I was blessed!
Now ps Andrew has the key of heaven. He is in good hands.
To Moses' family I send my pure and sincere love and condolence.
Posted by Peter Lam on May 14, 2021
Our family are sorry to know that sad news. And may our Lord comfort your family and your wife especially.
Thank you for your commitment in ICA. We come closely because of different mission trips esp the trip of Israel. We had a very impressive memory over there in Israel.
R.I.P. May our Lord wipe our sorrow and sadness.
Posted by Luis Miranda on May 14, 2021
I knew Andrew when I was briefly at HSBC in the 90s. He once told me something that irritated me at that time - “Luis, you use ‘I’ too much. Use ‘we’ more.” That 15 minutes we spoke was the longest we had ever done. Later I realised how important that advice was. I wanted to thank him for it, but we lost touch and I couldn’t find a way to reconnect. Last June I reconnected with him and thanked him for that advice of 26 years ago. We signed off saying we should talk soon, but we never got down to doing so. Thanks, Andrew for that advice some time in 1994.
Posted by Leena Gidwani on May 14, 2021
Andrew was a rare Individual with a unique combination of high intelligence and immense humanity. As a trainee in HSBC one was privileged to see both these sides during our training programmes.

Will always remember fondly how he personally took us sightseeing in HK during one of or training programmes. May he rest in Peace . Sincere condolences
Posted by Shelton Davidson on May 13, 2021
Our tribute to Andrew!
Andrew loved the Lord and stood faithfully till the end while clinging fully to the Rock of all ages. Andrew, husband to Beulah, father to Sarah/ Luke and Rebekah/Chris, grandfather to Abigail. He was a dear friend to us and many others, a pioneer, a leader, an elder, a teacher, a pastor, a board member of NLFA, a successful professional, a trainer and the list goes on.

In spite of all these successes, none of these ever went to his head and caused him to be prideful. Though he was mindful and a diligent steward, Andrew never thought these positions were to be held on to and was a firm cheer leader of those who would take up the baton and run.

Though we knew Andrew and Beulah first as acquaintances in the same city of Mumbai, Melissa and my close friendship began as he became part of NLF Metro, the church we led in Mumbai. Having met him briefly one year before his commitment I knew he would be closely associated with us but did not know how this would unfold. However, there he was, a year later, with Beulah seated in church one Sunday morning.

His straight forward, pragmatic approach encouraged me to see the value of his giftedness, sincerity and love for God as a person. From then on, it was a relationship with the Moses family, that developed into a friendship that unfolded into a commitment through ups and downs, with a kingdom working relationship. This added value to us as a family, the church family at Metro, our leadership team, the larger NLF team. Andrew and Beulah brought input and direction to many other ministries and was an effective marriage trainer and counsellor.

The Moses family and home became a haven for the young (our own children included) and the older, the distraught and the celebrated ones, many were blessed with their love and hospitality.
Andrew was also a beaming example of how a man could balance a senior professional position, his family life and church ministry.

After prayer and godly counsel, he moved with his family to Hongkong to take up a senior position with HSBC. There was no doubt that their going was felt by us in Mumbai but our close relationship continued. Later, he moved to the US and we had the privilege of visiting him and Beulah and witnessed His passion and love for the Lord that was strong as ever as he taught and fathered in the local church and served in the George Fox university as a professor. His mentoring, fathering, love, humility, wisdom and servanthood showed us the consistency of a man, who reflected Christ in his weakness and strength, as he desired to please and serve God.

In all these times he remained connected with us as a family, our leadership teams and churches, being ever concerned and supportive while he carried India, Hongkong, US and the church in his heart.

Melissa and myself, along with our children, our leaders, church families and so many others have really been enriched and blessed with Andrew's life. Let us join our hearts and thank our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ our Saviour. Andrew will be missed but we all know that he is in the presence of the Almighty One and His glorious kingdom where we will all meet again. This is that which Andrew spoke about, sang about, preached about!
Love, peace and comfort to Beulah, Sarah/Luke, Rebecca/Chris and Abigail.
Psalm 23:6
Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD
Melissa & Shelton Davidson.

Posted by Franklin Ho on May 14, 2021
I have a better and closer acquaintance with P. Andrew Moses when he was my teacher at the Global University (GU) Biblical Study BA degree for almost 4 years. P. Moses was a godly man not only had he had a passion to teach but also his life had been constantly inspiring and impacting to the people around him. He invited me to join his teaching ministry and alluded that God has put the Spirit in me to pursue the Word of God. Thanks to the encouragement of P. Moses, I keep the systematic study of God’s word in the GU as an essential part of my Christian daily living.
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