Happy posthumous birthday Dad!!!

Shared by Aijay Evoh Okorie on September 1, 2016

Loma just went down memory lane that made  me reminisce with smiles and laughter. I remembered vividly that day when u had to wake her up being the baby of the house to enquire what happened to your cake and she told u that she knew nothing about it. We all kept on wondering who the culprit was until there was a true life confession after the toast that made us all have a boisterous laughter(lol). We laughed our hearts out that night when Chichi confessed and it turned out to be fun...u were so full of life and energy! I also remembered your dance steps and the jokes u cracked then just to put smiles on our faces. I remember while growing up I had this bad habit of putting my finger in my nostril to bring out dry mucus and whenever u catch me in the act, your words are 'why are u scrubbing your nose like Jimmy Scrubby?'  That actually put a stop to the habit cos I just didn't want to be another Jimmy with wide nostrils(lol).You were indeed fun to be with Dad and u will forever be missed. HAPPY POSTHUMOUS BIRTHDAY DADDY!

Happy Birthday DADDY

Shared by Loma Evoh Itodo on September 1, 2016

Dad today we celebrate your birthday. You will forever be remembered on this day.I always remember how we always celebrate your birthday, you always smile, with lots of jokes and laughter. I remember when we celebrated your birthday in the 80s, Mummy baked you a big cake it was so yummy that chichi wanted to have a taste she mistakenly broke the cake, we had fun that day. For me having the privilege to share the same month with you, you will be forever remembered on this day.I really,really miss u.You were one in a million. With tears in my eyes you will forever remain in my heart. Continue to remain in the bosom of the Lord. I MISS YOU DAD!!!

Daddy the Disciplinarian and Tutor

Shared by Aijay Evoh Okorie on April 16, 2016

Chika's missive triggered a lot of memories...you spoke impeccable English that kept tongues wagging and people spellbound. Most times I kept wondering whether you had all the words in the dictionary stored in your head. I call them 'big' words because they helped build our vocabulary. I remember the assignment you gave us on 'Sherlock Holmes' series but some of us just flipped through incase you asked us for a summary which you eventually did. I don't even know how you find out when one is lying cos you just pick up the story and tell us exactly what happened even if any of us is trying to cover up the truth. When we go to our rooms and have our meetings, we begin to question ourselves after you have scolded us. Once upon a time, when defaulters just hear the sound of your car from afar, before you enter the house, the living room is deserted...Everybody to your tents O Israel just because of fear of what daddy will say if he hears what you did....kai! this life eh..few years later, we grew up to understand you and did the right things just as you taught us. God bless you Dad

Daddy the grammarian

Shared by Chika Evoh Onwuliri on April 15, 2016
A disciplinarian to the core. I remembered our neighbors then in T/wada who used to call you Abacha, because you were always looking serious and no one dared to come close to your gate except if they had guts, cos the gate was always locked , omo no be small aso rock o(lol) .You made us read books because you valued education so much that a lot of people were intimidated each time you spoke. We learnt and understood and tried to follow but grammar too much na. You will be missed greatly

Evergreen Daddy

Shared by Aijay Evoh Okorie on April 14, 2016

I just thought of you today and remembered that your favourite colour is SPARKILING WHITE! You will not settle for anything cream or off-white but white... You were indeed a very neat man who imposed it in us.

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