Andrew’s Journey of Life - High Lights, 初迅先生的生平简介

1954 – Born in Qing Dao City, China and grew up by the sea. 出生于青岛这座美丽的海滨之城

1961 – 1970, Completed elementary school and middle school in Qing Dao 青岛第九中初中毕业。 童年和少年都在海边度过,喝海水长大。

1970 – 1978, Employed by Shandong Food Importing & Exporting Company.Held multiple positions including the food storage manager. 山东外贸局食品进出口公司红旗冷藏厂,做过搬运工,仓库管理员等职务

1978 – 1982, BS in Physics, East China Petroleum University. 华东石油学院77级物理师资班。 1982毕业,获得物理学士学位

1982 – 1985,MS in Modern History of Physics. Beijing Graduate School of East China Petroleum University. 华东石油学院北京研究生部, 取得现代物理学史硕士

1984- Married to Hillary Yin in Beijing。在北京与殷晖结缘成婚

1985-1987, MS in Solid State Physics, Dept of Physics, Lehigh University, Bethlehem in Pennsylvania.

1987 – 1991, Ph.D. in Solid State Physics, Dept of Physics, Lehigh University, Bethlehem in Pennsylvania.

1990, First time father, welcoming our daughter Jenn home

1991 – 1992, Post-doctoral researcher, Dept of chemistry, Lehigh University, Bethlehem in Pennsylvania. Researched on computational chemistry

1992, Second time father, welcoming our son Eddie home

1992- Founded Association of Chinese Professionals (ACP 中华专业人士协会) in New Jersey, one of the 12 founding members

1992 – 1994, Post-doctoral researcher, Dept of chemical engineering, University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware. Researched on computational chemistry

1994 – 1995, IT Support of Unix Systems, Mobil Research and Development Corporation, Princeton, New Jersey

1995, Relocated to Dallas

1995 – 2016, Network support engineer and Network design engineer for various companies such as EDS, HP, Fujitsu, MCI-WorldCom, Verizon Communications etc. (These companies were bought out, merged or changed names).

2016 - retired as a network design engineer from Verizon Communications

2016 - President of Great Land Choral Society. 任达拉斯神州合唱团团长。

2019 - Passed away.