Posted by Jay A on November 20, 2020
Dear Drey,

I’m so glad we crossed paths in this life. From the moment we met on the court, you’ve shown to be a very stand up guy, always complimenting and supporting me. We had a lot of things in common from being family men, girl dad’s, sports and Nursing. I’ll never forget the conversations we had about life and teaching our girls the right way to play ball. It was an honor and privilege to have met you bro!

Till we meet again...

Your Brotha,
Jay Aberin

Posted by Daevrissa Vivica Magnus on November 17, 2020
I was so shocked and heartbroken when I learned of your passing.  You will definitely be missed by many.

I am so sorry for your loss. Heaven gained an Angel.
Posted by Noreen Aggasid on November 5, 2020
   It is with a heavy heart to learn about your sudden passing. We still wish that it is just a bad dream that we all can wake up to. It is still fresh to our minds (20 yrs. back) the day we first met you through my cousin Leizel. You were so friendly and easy to get along with. Your passion for sports (specially the L.A. Lakers - GO LAKERS!!!), collectible sneakers (mainly Jordans) and of course the love you have for your family are the ones that we will remember the most. It is specially your friendly smiles.

You have touched so many lives including us. That is so amazing!!! That shows how good of a person you were. We are missing you so dearly. You can never be replaced.

-Rudy and Noreen
Posted by Jorgiete Silva on October 31, 2020
conheci aqui o memorial por um filme que assisti e falou sobre memorial achei intressante a vida de Andrey caloza meus sentimentos a familia. Paz
Posted by Suni Khadka on October 30, 2020
When I joined ICU back in 2013, you were so supportive. Your kindness, smile, and easy going nature will stay with me forever. You were so excited to about your girls as they are around my son's age.
You will be missed by many.
Posted by Tiffany Brown on October 30, 2020
You are undeniable one of the most caring, kind, compassionate people I know. Your friendship meant a lot to me. Whenever I saw your face at work, I knew it was going to be a good day. I love that we shared the love of sports and you explaining things to me about sports. But most of all I'm going to miss how everytime at work you didn't say hello or Hi, but you'd say my name with your recognizable deep tone, Tiffff!. My thoughts and prayer are with your family.
R.I.P Andrey 
Posted by Michele Hutchinson on October 29, 2020

You will never be forgotten. My time with you began two years ago. ICU can be tough and I knew you were always there to help me. No matter how busy you were you would take the time to help us nurses.One day, I remember you found I am a piano teacher. You would show me videos of your beautiful daughter playing piano. You were so proud. I hope LeAnn and Leilynn will continue to play and know that their dad is listening to them from up above. He loved the music they brought into the home.

I remember as of late we related on mountain biking. We would show each other pictures of our bikes and recommend trails for the other person to try. You were so passionate and nothing could stop you. You are fearless! Andrey, you always did your best at what you pursued and gave your whole heart to it. You won't be here with us physically, but you will spiritually. Your legend lives on. You have left a legacy of love, passion, and genuine kindness. You've saved hundreds, perhaps thousands of lives as a RN. You are a hero. I'm grateful I was blessed to know such an amazing soul.

Love, Michele
Posted by Josephine De Flores on October 29, 2020
Though Ive been gone for a while I will always remember your kind eyes and beautiful smile. You were taken way too soon!! My deepest sympathies to your beautiful family.. Rest in Peace my friend, you will live in all our memories....
Posted by Zina De los Santos on October 28, 2020
Thanks for the friendship Andrey. I’m very blessed to have known you and worked with you. You made work fun and thank you for getting me coffee every Starbucks run you’ve done and for not forgetting me every time you went out to get lunch too, as you like to say it; just in case I would want to try sushi or whatever noodles you’re getting. And I always ended up getting chicken and rice. You made sure everyone at work is okay. You’re the big brother in the unit. I’ll never forget you.
My sincere condolences to the family. Rest In Peace Drey.
Posted by Leslie Virus on October 29, 2020
I have known Andrey for many years. Every time I was working would remember me when he went to Starbucks. Loved him dearly. Will be missed. Every time I work I will be thinking of him. Dread going to work on Friday for the first time since I heard. Love to his entire family.
Posted by Czarina Hernandez on October 28, 2020
I met Drey over 25 years ago... felt like forever. We were both working at Payless in Cerritos mall. He came up to me and asked if I was pinay. We started talking about Pinas and our families. When I told him I have a brother who’s 11 months older than me. He right away asked... does he play basketball? I told him yeah, he loves to play.. right there and then, he got so excited and wanted to meet him. I got home that day and I told my brother Rad... they met and from there everything was history. 

Although I don’t see Andrey often especially when we moved out of state, when I see him, nothing’’s changed. He is full of life, I love his passion for life. I loved all his brotherly advices. I can still hear his voice... when ever we see each other... he would greet me “what’s up rinns”...

So happy when Andrey and Leizel got together. A real power couple with two great girls. I’ve seen how great of a husband and father he was.

We’ll miss Andrey... just the thought that we’ll never see him anymore, it’s heartbreaking. Rest In Peace brother Andrey... until we meet again...
Posted by Rishi Raman on October 28, 2020
Andrey- You will be missed for sure my friend. R.I.P my friend. I will never forget that you always had a great smile & never complained in spite of all the challenges you faced.
Posted by Thess Rosqueta on October 29, 2020

We are all very sad by your departure, may you rest in peace.

Donald and Thess
Posted by Myra Villaroman on October 28, 2020
Dear Andrey,
I am one of the many fortunate who
Have known you. Thank you for all the years of Friendship. Thank you for
Always Being there with us when we need you the most.

Through the years you have proven how good of a person you are. Your family specially your 2 daughters are so lucky to experienced the love and devotion you have given them. I know they know and feel how
Much you loved them.

You know i am always in awe when i see you all dressed up with your many fashionable
Scrubs , head gears, and lately Sports
Mask. I can tell how much you enjoy life. I specially Enjoy seeing you wear your expensive shoes at work, your blings that only you can full- off.

You will be missed but not forgotten!!!❤️
May you Rest in Peace my friend..

Forever in Christ,


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