She went out fighting with such courage and grace and showed us all the power of family and love.
A true woman of valor.
  • 54 years old
  • Born on June 17, 1960 in South Africa.
  • Passed away on November 16, 2014 in Los Angeles, California, United States.

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To all Andy’s wonderful friends, family and many other members of the “Magical Andy Love Network”. 

Firstly I want to thank you all for the amazing outpouring of love and support from near and far for my beautiful brown-eyed girl. She “is blown away” by this heavenly avalanche of affection. We had no idea how wide and deep her beautiful love-network reached. Josh, Gabi, Sami and I got so much TLC and we are eternally and emotionally indebted to you all. Please keep Andy in your thoughts and close to you heart.

We would like to honor Andy’s name and memory by setting up the “The Andy Hurwitz Guiding Light Program” through a cancer advocacy and support network. I am asking each of you to consider making a small $25-$50 donation towards ICAN in Andy’s name to perpetuate a service that provided us amazing support during her 5 year heroic battle. ICAN is run by Marcia Horn who is a phenomenal personal cancer guru that spent countless hours guiding us through the complex medical maze, while being personally invested and amazingly kind and compassionate.

Ever grateful – Jeremy. 

Click here to be taken directly to the ICAN Andy Hurwitz Guiding Light Program

ICAN, International Cancer Advocacy Network, is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization serving cancer patients across the United States and in 53 countries. ICAN,, provides cutting-edge information and advocacy services, patient empowerment tools, clinical trials and compassionate use research, as well as tumor sequencing analyses, working with members of its Physicians Council and Biomarkers Council.    

ICAN worked with Andy and Jeremy during the course of Andy's journey with cancer.  Andy's battle represents the paragon ICAN patient:  creative, proactive, and engaged in every treatment issue, with an unrelenting focus on life and quality of life--emphasizing empowered, shared decision-making with her spouse and every member of her oncology team.  The patient advocates at ICAN salute Jeremy for his utter devotion to Andy and for never for one minute losing his laser-lens focus in dealing with and resolving the many challenging issues that confronted their team of oncologists and other specialists. Andy and Jeremy did everything right, utilizing the best of surgical oncology, medical oncology, interventional radiology, and state-of-the-art tumor profiling.  They evaluated clinical trials and compassionate use options as well. 
Andy's bravery, optimism, and tenacity were much admired by everyone on her team, and she will always represent to us at ICAN a scintillating guiding light for those who are in the battle for their lives.
Marcia Horn, CEO, ICAN

Friends of ICAN, California c/o Marcia Horn 3944 Pine Avenue Long Beach, CA 90807-3236
Posted by Lynne Meyer on 16th November 2017
I miss her and love her always.
Posted by Annelise Hansson on 16th November 2017
Missing you and remembering you today. Always, always in our hearts. Sending you a huge hug from here. Love, Annelise xxxx Elegy for Andy  We did stand at your grave and weep We did stand, throngs of us 400 deep Our tears slipped down like soft rain on the mud Our loss leaked out like a deep pain flood Disbelief swelled over us like a wave that day Disbelief fused us, we knew not what to say. You were a daughter, a wife and mother of three You would not into any gentle night go quietly You fought that beastly cancer, tooth and nail You were determined that he would surely fail  You endured so much pain, chemo and scans You were hell-bent on foiling his godforsaken plans. You made each friend feel special, it was just your way Your memory amazed and blew us away You fizzled with warmth, humour and genuine affection You ignited us all with your embrace and connection  Your sparking presence filled a party room Your absence slits us, a knife through a loom. We who did stand at your grave and weep We who did stand, throngs of us 400 deep We who have memory banks stocked full to the brim We who carry you with us, tucked deep within. We’ll not forget how you inspired; your fierce might  We’ll not forget you dear Andy, our brilliant shining light. 
Posted by Bella Fielding on 15th May 2017
My heart goes out to my grandchildren on Mother's Day, when they don't have their beautiful mother. The picture of me on the link is on Mother's Day with my beloved daughter and family at the Club. It's a sad day for us. We miss you my darling Andy.
Posted by Bella Fielding on 28th December 2016
There isn't a day when I don't cry for my beloved beautiful daughter. I pray that her soul rest in peace.
Posted by Lynne Meyer on 16th November 2016
Miss you always. Think of you all the time. Will always love and cherish you.
Posted by Lynne Meyer on 17th June 2016
Miss you every day. Love you
Posted by Stephen Bishop on 17th June 2016
My wife, Lynne was one of Andy's best friends..I don't think she is over her passing...Andy was such a wonderful person and was such a special human being that I'm sure will always be remembered for the loving person she was. She left us too soon...Stephen
Posted by Stephen Bishop on 17th June 2015
I met Andy many years ago with one of her dearest friends, my then girlfriend, Lynne my wife...We all had dinner and I found Andy to be so pretty and engaging..she came off to me as a special person right of those great people you meet rarely..I know my wife misses her so do the closest people who loved her... She is greatly missed...with affection, Stephen
Posted by Annelise Hansson on 24th November 2014
Dear Andy, Your memorial webpage is aptly named, you will indeed be forever missed, but the warm glow of your friendship will never fade. Your strength, courage and tenacity of spirit are an inspiration and a guide to all who have been lucky enough to have crossed your path. You leave us all with memory banks stocked full to the brim with times of celebration, sharing, love and connection. You were a most generous friend. You listened, you remembered, you cared deeply and have been there for all of us individually in so many different ways. I appreciated your friendship so much and I will always carry you tucked away in my heart. RIP dear Andy. xxx
Posted by Dana Kiesel on 20th November 2014
Andy was a shining light in the world to all of those who were fortunate enough to know her. I am so sorry for your family's loss. Please remember how many lives she touched and the beauty she brought to each encounter. Love, Dana Kiesel
Posted by Tamara Gritzman on 20th November 2014
Dear Jeremy, Josh, Gabi and Sami We are so sorry for your loss. Andy was such a vibrant, radiant girl, full of spunk, wisdom and charm. We will cherish those memories and keep her close in our hearts forever. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you. May Andy's legacy live on forever and may her precious soul rest in peace. With all our love Jonny, Tamara, Ilan, Talia and Yair Gritzman
Posted by Lisa Silver on 19th November 2014
Dearest Jeremy and Family. Our hearts go out to you and your family on the sad loss of your beloved Andy. We did not know Andy very well but always looked forward to seeing you all In Cabo at the end of the year. May your hearts be filled with all the love and admiration that we all had for Andy. She touched so many people in so many ways. Our fondest love. Victor, Lisa Silver and family.
Posted by Lynne Meyer on 19th November 2014
I met Andy shortly after I came to LA. Josh and Fabi were at Bay Cities pre school together. My luck was that I met the one person who I could ask where to find something or someone and I teased her that she should start a company called Ask Andy. There are so many amazing memories of this fantastic friend. More recently I would take pleasure in watching her at our lunches while we caught each other up to speed, eat her favorite shakshuka at Momed. One time Rodriguez was playing and she said "you know this was our music, we knew about him first" with a glint of possessiveness. I loved her deeply her vivaciousnes and joie de vivre and that she got me and I think I got her. I lost a dear and great friend who is irreplaceable. I will continue to love her and miss her and keep the ongoing conversation with her in my mind.
Posted by Lynne Meyer on 19th November 2014
I met Andy shortly after I came to LA. Josh and Fabi were at Bay Cities pre school together. My luck was that I met the one person who I could ask where to find something or someone and I teased her that she should start a company called Ask Andy. There are so many amazing memories of this fantastic friend. More recently I would take pleasure in watching her at our lunches while we caught each other up to speed, eat her favorite shakshuka at Momed. One time Rodriguez was playing and she said "you know this was our music, we knew about him first" with a glint of possessiveness. I loved her deeply her vivaciousnes and joie de vivre and that she got me and I think I got her. I lost a dear and great friend who is irreplaceable. I will continue to love her and miss her and keep the ongoing conversation with her in my mind.
Posted by Lee Collins on 19th November 2014
Dear Jeremy, I cannot adequately articulate the feeling of sadness for your loss. Andy's service was most memorable. The outpouring of love is something unforgettable. Although I did not see Andy often, my fondness and love for her was deep. I was fortunate to have had the privilege of knowing her. I know the days and months ahead will be difficult, but please know you, Josh, Gaby, Sammy, Andy's mom and siblings will be in our prayers. Andy was so generous of heart - listening and interested and remembering every detail of things we had discussed previously. She lit up the room with her contagious enthusiastic, friendly personality. I respected her privacy, but also cherish our heartfelt conversations when she felt the time was right. Together, you raised a beautiful family, and it is apparent that she blessed all of you with the gift of her love. It is indeed exceptional that one beautiful young woman had the ability to touch so many lives and hearts. It's hard to fathom she is no longer here, but I will hold her in my heart, love her always, and miss her dazzling smile. I miss her already. xoxo
Posted by Sibelle Nazarian on 19th November 2014
Dear Jeremy, Sami and Family, My prayers to you and your family. Andy was an amazing woman with a big heart and beautiful smile always on her face. May she rest in peace. Sibelle, John and Dina Nazarian
Posted by Dennis And Marla Kleinman on 19th November 2014
Vivacious spirit, shining soul, infectious smile, the definition of kindness; the best friend one could ever hope to have. Describing our dearest Andy, these are some of the words that come to mind. Speaking on behalf of Marla, Jason, Danielle and all gathered here today, we are shattered at the death of our beloved Andy. It seems impossible to accept that her light has faded. Such a vibrant amazing human being! All through these last four and a half years, we never wanted to contemplate that Andy would loose this battle. Maybe there was a sense of unreality that this could happen, but none of us wanted ever to put any negative thoughts out there – never to actually concede that this battle would end this way – we all wanted and prayed and begged for a miracle for our darling Andy. But that was not to be. We have never known anyone to fight so hard – the respect for her struggle and her poise and her grace is immense and beyond words. Marla and I met Andy and Jeremy on the day they arrived in Los Angeles. We were living in our little two bedroom apartment on Third Street in Santa Monica and Marla had arrived home from work after having stopped at the grocery store, and as she was struggling to get all of the bags of groceries into the elevator, a voice came from behind in a strong South African accent, “can I help you with your parcels” And from that day on we were all inseparable. Andy and Jeremy were staying temporarily in an apartment above us and we basically saw each other everyday from that first meeting in the elevator. A one-bedroom apartment became vacant two doors away from us and Andy and Jeremy moved in, with a lot of pressure to the management by all of us. Jason was just about a year old and as he started to walk, he would shuffle over to their apartment everyday holding his blanket calling Andy Andy – it was as if we were living on a kibbutz - those were wonderful fun times. We would picnic at Will Rogers Park, Josh and Danielle playing together – going to the beach together – then came Gabi and later Sammi. When we decided to buy a house and move to Sherman Oaks, Andy was particularly upset, thinking they’d never see us again. Thinking back over the years, we have such wonderful fond and meaningful memories of our friendship and our connection – we are all family, there is no other way to describe it – going down as a big group all those times to Sheldon and Ursula in San Diego. Andy had a magnetic personality; people were completely drawn to her in a very short time. Andy belongs to everyone. Thank you for the wonderful times together – for the love, the warmth of a lifelong friendship in this country. Jeremy, Josh, Gabi and Sammi – Bella and the Dick and Hurwitz families, we have to say goodbye to her physical presence, we will cry and we will laugh as we all recall wonderful memories of Andy, but we are all so incredibly blessed by having had Andy in our lives, and her essence, her beautiful spirit and her radiant smile will remain with us all for the rest of our lives. She will live on in our memories; the love we have for her will never die, and we will never ever forget her beautiful soul. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross wrote: The agony is great and yet we will stand it. Had we not loved so much, we would not hurt so much. But goodness knows we would not want to diminish the precious love by one fraction of an ounce. We will hurt. And we will be grateful for that hurt, for it bears witness to the depth of our meaning. And for that, we will be eternally grateful.
Posted by Mae Faridian on 19th November 2014
The world has lost a beautiful soul but the Heaven gained a beautiful & shining star. RIP Andy.
Posted by Elana Samson on 18th November 2014
Jeremy & Family Our heartfelt symphaties on your sad loss. Hashem took Andy way too soon. We have memories of a beautiful Mom, wife and friend. Our love, thoughts & prayers and with you all during this very hard time. Best Wishes always Jeff & Elana Samson & Fam.
Posted by Debbie Ullman on 18th November 2014
Andy lit up any room she entered. She made everyone around her feel special. She will be truly missed. She will live forever in your hearts. Sending love to the entire family and all who were touched by her. xoxo Debbie
Posted by Debra Sarokin on 18th November 2014
Andy lit up the room the first time I met her. I'll never forget how she so appreciated our first meal together. She was a sharer- open and sparkly. She held true to that. Fought so hard,and didn't complain. I'm so sorry for the pain she went thru. To Jeremy and the kids- you were the best. She loved you so dearly. Xxoo. Debra
Posted by Ella Roman on 18th November 2014
I first met Andy when Josh was in my fifth grade class. She introduced herself to me before the school year had begun and I knew from the moment I met her what a dedicated and loving mother she was to Josh. Every time I told her about Josh's progress in school her eyes lit up with love for her son and gratitude for the people who worked with him. Josh has always been one of my favorite students: kind, compassionate and industrious--qualities his mother instilled in him. Andy, I'll help keep an eye out for Josh. Much love, Sonia Roman.
Posted by Sergio Diaz on 18th November 2014
I met Andy Pandy at the Beverly Hill Country Club. a group of her friends penned the Pandy part. so i continue to affectionately call her by that name. Andy lit up the sky with her beauty. she is one of the most amazing human beings who never once spoke badly about anyone. she touched my life while we played at the club and when she left i always felt connected even though i hadn't seen her. i knew of her battle and she was a warrior. love you Andy Pandy you will always been in my museum of recollections. light up the universe now my sweet soul.
Posted by Sonya Neutel on 18th November 2014
Dear Jeremy and family We are so saddened by the loss of Andy, a soul taken far too soon. She fought do bravely for so long. Wishing you all a long life. Our thoughts are with you at this sad time. Sending love Ari and Sonya Neutel and family
Posted by Lainie Donnell on 17th November 2014
As a woman starting out with her own family, I looked at Andy with such admiration and respect. Beautiful and SMART children and such a loving household. You will be tremendously missed and always remembered as a true champion for your children and your life that you built with Jeremy. Always in my heart, Lainie (Maslan) Donnell
Posted by Carrie Abelson on 17th November 2014
It is with a heavy heart that Andy our close friend is no longer with us. Andy was a true warrior, she was filled with laughter and love; we will miss her. Carrie and Teri Abelson

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