For Andy - a beloved husband, son, brother and friend. May you have fair winds and following seas.
  • 29 years old
  • Born on April 24, 1989 in Wallingford, Pennsylvania, United States.
  • Passed away on May 22, 2018 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Andy Bruce. We invite and encourage you to post your own memories, stories, pictures and prayers.

Andy was a 2007 graduate of Strath Haven High School in Wallingford, PA and a 2011 graduate of Colgate University (A.B., History). He also spent time studying at Trinity College, Dublin and the University of Pennsylvania. At the time of his passing, Andy was pursuing his Master's Degree in Education. In September of 2013, Andy married his college classmate, Alexandra (Alex) Marshall. Andy relished his time with children, including his experiences as camp counselor, tutor, Big Brother and coach. Andy is survived by his wife, Alex, his parents, Scott and Gigi, his sisters Gillie and Sarah, his brother-in-law Will and his nieces Lucy and Claire.

A memorial service will be held at Saint David's Episcopal Church (763 Valley Forge Road, Wayne, PA) on Saturday, June 2nd, beginning at 2pm with a reception to follow.

In lieu of gifts or flowers, a scholarship fund has been created in Andy's name at the summer camp where he worked. Funds will be used to finance tuition for campers and their families that cannot otherwise afford the cost.

Checks can be made out to: "BB&N"
In Support of the Andy Bruce Camp Scholarship Fund
80 Gerry's Landing Road
Cambridge, MA 02138

Posted by Natassa Mason on 11th October 2018
Thank you Andy for all that you did with and for children. My son Christopher will miss you dearly. He was a former camper at BBN. I want to thank the Bruce family for your scholarship contributions.
Posted by Ben Skalina on 13th July 2018
I was devastated to hear about Andy's passing. My heart aches for Alex, Scott, Gigi, Sarah, and Gillie. Andy was the best of us, in so many ways. I will forever remember his good nature, his compassion, and his sense of humor. He will be missed terribly. We hadn't been in touch in a few years, but being able to count Andy as an old friend going back all the way to WES meant a lot to me. I'll always cherish the memories of watching the Flyers run to the Stanley Cup Finals together in the spring of 2010, complete with Andy's great TV appearance during the Bruins series.
Posted by Dan Biggs on 6th June 2018
Dear Alex & Bruce Family, There are no words for such a loss. While I have only known Andy just shy of a full year he was a very close treasured friend and true blessing in my life. He could always make you laugh through his obsessive sports knowledge, illogical loyalty to all things Philly and wit. So smart and generous for others. He will be missed every day. He was incredibly blessed with such a loving and supportive family all of whom meant the absolute world to him. My prayers, support and love to you all.
Posted by Susanne Donovan on 1st June 2018
I have fond memories of running into Gigi while walking around the Green Valley neighborhood with her two toddlers – Sarah and Andy. My mom, who often accompanied me on these walks, was infatuated by Andy’s adorable demeanor and infectious smile – qualities that he retained throughout his life. We tenderly remember Andy dancing away at Boppin’ for Betsy, bartending at Caroline and Courtney’s graduation party (who always thought they would marry him) and stopping in to see our new golden retriever. As the years went by, I became known as Mrs. D and Andy grew to make us all proud to know him. Alex, Gigi, Scott, Gillie and Sarah and Will... you loved him so well. What a classy, beautiful, charming man. It has truly been an honor to know him.
Posted by Susan Fumagalli Mahoney on 1st June 2018
Roughly 20 years ago on a hot, humid fall day, Widener was hosting Lycoming College in football. The rival with Lycoming had a long history. Lycoming had won the last five or six games meetings, usually on a last minute score. This particular Saturday had a different feel to it. The then Widener head coach, Bill Zwaan, asked if I would bring President Bruce to the football locker room after the game if we had won. President Bruce showed up that day with not only Judy but a handsome (cute, charming, television-star looks) young boy named Andrew. Andrew had full run of the President's Box (Grandad's Room), had made several runs to the dessert table, charmed all of the ladies present but watched the game intently. On that hot and humid day Widener FINALLY won on the last play of a double overtime game. Andrew accompanied the President to the locker room, and along with Grandad, he received hugs, cheers and the game ball. When I asked what he thought about being surrounded by all the big football players, he replied: "They smelled bad!" Pure eight-year-old honesty! -Mike Mahoney
Posted by Ellen Milgrim on 31st May 2018
How rare is that person who makes a profound impact on everyone he touches, yet whose touch is gentle, unassuming, self-effacing. That was Andy. From his days as a first grader, tasked by his teacher to bring the attendance slip to the office each day--(And I, the principal, used to say to anyone in earshot, "That's my future husband!")--to his time as a high school student, coming back to his elementary school and volunteering, Andy's kindness, smile, and generosity of spirit impacted all of us. His time was unthinkably short, but his contributions to our world remarkably significant. My thoughts, condolences, and love go out to the entire Bruce family. Andy's goodness was a reflection of all of you.
Posted by Bill Bredt on 31st May 2018
Scott, Gigi and Family, We are so deeply sorry to learn of the loss of Andy. We have no words to express how saddened we are for you and all of your family and friends. Please accept our sincere condolences and know that we are thinking of you and your family at this sorrowful time. Fondly, The Bredt's
Posted by Donna Tente on 30th May 2018
I searched for words that could express my deep and profound sadness with the news of Andy’s passing but no words could convey my feelings as eloquently as this poem . When Great Trees Fall
 by Maya Angelou When great trees fall,
 rocks on distant hills shudder,
 lions hunker down
 in tall grasses,
 and even elephants
 lumber after safety.

 When great trees fall
 in forests,
 small things recoil into silence,
 their senses
 eroded beyond fear.

 When great souls die,
 the air around us becomes
 light, rare, sterile.
 We breathe, briefly. Our eyes, briefly,
 see with
 a hurtful clarity.
 Our memory, suddenly sharpened,
 gnaws on kind words
 promised walks
 never taken.
 Great souls die and
 our reality, bound to
 them, takes leave of us.
 Our souls,
 dependent upon their
 now shrink, wizened.
 Our minds, formed
 and informed by their
fall away.
 We are not so much maddened
 as reduced to the unutterable ignorance
of dark, cold

 And when great souls die,
 after a period peace blooms,
 slowly and always
 irregularly. Spaces fill
 with a kind of
 soothing electric vibration.
 Our senses, restored, never
 to be the same, whisper to us.
 They existed. They existed.
 We can be. Be and be
 better. For they existed. ― Maya Angelou We will miss your beautiful heart Andy and the way you spread goodness in the world. We are better in so many ways because you existed in our lives.
Posted by Kevin Haney on 30th May 2018
Profound loss is the ultimate price that we must pay for profound love. One of the all-time great people that I ever had the opportunity to teach. He was kind, compassionate, and a true gentleman. I will always remember all that he gave to our school community. You will never be forgotten, buddy...
Posted by Jennifer Salvage on 30th May 2018
It is with a heavy heart that I send my deepest sympathies to Andy's family and friends. I was fortunate to have known Andy during his high school years. His infectious, upbeat energy, kind smile and compassion for others was uplifting and inspiring. I will always remember him with great fondness and admiration.
Posted by TJ Adams on 30th May 2018
My heart is broken for Andy, his family, and his friends. It seems like only yesterday that Andy was on my TV screen sitting over right-handed batters' shoulders at Phillies games during their memorable playoff runs, flipping burgers as the original Strath Haven Tennis Team Grill Master, and filling the hallways at school with good cheer. Andy will be missed at Haven by all who knew him--he was a special person and we were fortunate to have him in our classrooms, on our teams, and in our lives.
Posted by MaryJo Yannacone on 30th May 2018
Andy, as his sisters, was a wonderful contributor to life at Strath Haven High School. We are all reeling from the news of his passing, and sending our prayers and wishes for healing and peace for the Bruce family. Thank you for sending us such beautiful students, and may you all be comforted by your memories of such an amazing son and brother.
Posted by Gretchen Seefried on 29th May 2018
Heartbroken for everyone. Andy was somebody special from day one. Not a mean bone in his body. Just a giving spirit, sense of humor, and deep compassion-even as a child. Tho' we didn't see him often in recent years, we will always be grateful for the evening we had together in Boston over a graduation weekend...where we had the chance to get to know his wonderful Alex and to see Sarah, Will, and Gillie too. Having our last memory of him be of them all together gives us a small sliver of comfort. But not nearly enough. Our deepest sympathy and so much love to one and all.
Posted by Jake G on 29th May 2018
It's impossible to express the depth of sadness at Andy's passing—in so many ways he was the best of us, so much so that he helped all of us become better over the years. His unwillingness to make people face life alone, even when it meant staying out too late and acting stupidly together, is still the model of friend I try to be. He was the purest example to all of us of someone who didn't need to succumb to the pressures of the world around him—Andy was just Andy, and we were all so much better for having him there.
Posted by Rocco Imperatrice on 29th May 2018
When we lose someone to the next life, there is always sadness at the passing. However, with someone like Andy, the world is a lesser place for our loss. A nicer, kinder, gentler, beautiful person I have not met, nor ever will. We all love you, Andy, and will always remember you.
Posted by Colleen O'Connor on 29th May 2018
It has been almost an exact year since the day that I met Andy. Bright, smart, happy, confident. A smile in his voice. Is that possible? Does that make sense? For all that had the pleasure to know him, I think you know what I mean. He came to me with a business background looking to work a part time gig at BB&N camp. I pushed him on the subject, questioning why anyone with his financial experience and business skill set would want to work for our camp.. or any camp for that matter. He smiled. A lot. His face literally lit up when he began talking about children; his passion to work with them and his new pursuit to become a teacher. I had no question Andy had what it would take to be a great addition to our camp staff, though I just did not realize how great of an addition he would be. He set the bar and then he raised the bar all summer long. His energy never wavered. His smile never dimmed. When I say it was a pleasure to work with him, it is with admiration for his joy, his compassion, his dedication, and his ability to bring a smile to children's faces throughout a long hot summer. We, Janine and I, did a little happy dance once we got Andy to sign on to work in the BB&N After School Program after the summer was over. He was, of course, amazing with our BB&N kids and staff, kind, caring, energetic and fun. I am so glad that Andy came to BB&N and shared with us a little bit of himself. We are certainly the richer for it. He would have made an exceptional teacher. Andy was a recipient of our Staff Spirit Award last summer and given that he embodied BB&N camp spirit and then took it to the next level (think dressing up as a shark, the Green Monster, Ella, and any other creation that he could get away with at camp) it is only fitting to rename the award "the Andy Bruce Spirit Award". His joy as an educator and a creative mentor to children will continue at BB&N to inspire our staff each year. Much Love and prayers to the entire Bruce Family. Colleen O'Connor, BB&N Director of Extended Year Services
Posted by Chris Piccin on 28th May 2018
Scott, Gigi, Sarah, Gillie and Alex, We are all so sorry for your loss. Please know that Andy’s humor and decency and empathy touched countless lives and quietly enriched each one of them. All our love to you and your families, The Piccins
Posted by Suzanne Gallagher on 28th May 2018
My heart is so heavy. The first thought I had of Andy was what a wonderful leader was. When Alex started on the golf team at Strath Haven, I believe Andy was Captain. It was an especially stressful time, and Alex was stepping into an already established team, but I remember Andy making a special effort to welcome him and make him feel that he belonged. As was his way, it was done quietly and with kindness. I don't think I ever expressed to you or him how very much those kindnesses meant to me. I do know that it was no big deal, that was just Andy. But it meant the world to me. Sending you my love.
Posted by Lyn Goff on 28th May 2018
Dear Bruce Family, My heart is breaking. I drove by WES the other day and memories of Andy came flooding back. I hope I told you this at the time - When I was the building sub, Andy came over from the high school to work with the kids. He was absolutely beloved by the teachers and especially by the kids. I was frequently assigned to work with a 4th grader (I think mainly to give his class and teacher a break). Despite my best efforts, I really struggled reaching this student. Then Andy started talking and playing basketball with him and for the first time he begin to respond to an adult. He really cared about pleasing Andy and it was magical to see. I know that there are so very many stories about Andy’s impact on our others. I hope that they provide some peace. With Love, Lyn

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