Our last day together

Shared by Christina Lay on November 18, 2011

They day before you died you forgot that Bryce was coming home from school with you. He was late to the walker line so you never seen him and left with the other kids. As soon as you got in line to get the kids their afternoon milkshakes you realized what day it was and left the drive thru line no milkshakes. You rushed to the school but Bryce was not there. You called me at work and told me what happened and I rushed out of there. Driving all over the place looking for him. I drove one way you drove the other but nothing. The school was ready to call the police we were both in tears crying. I prayed to God to please bring him home let me find him he could take me instead, and in my heart I knew you were doing the same. Something told me to go check your house and when I pulled up Bryce ran out of the house. He was crying said that no one was at the walker area he didn't know what to do but walk home. I held him. You pulled up a minute later tears still following from your eyes. You told me you were sorry. I knew you were. I didn't blaim you for what happened. I knew it was an accident. The next morning I kid with you and told you not forget my son at school, that you better get him. A couple hours later you were gone from our lifes. Me nor Bryce ever seen you again. I wont you to know that I was not mad at you that I know yo would never forget him. And that we both Love you! 

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