My sweet angie happy birthday.

Shared by Gloria Gutierrez on September 5, 2018

another year gone by that I just can't believe you are not here. I miss you so very much n I have so much I want to tell you everyday. I am so alone without you . I will always be grateful that you were a part of my life. It has to be the hardest thing living without you. I'm doing all I can to remember all the things you use to tell me. I'm so tired today and very sad I can't pick up my phone n call you.I love you so much sis.

It September 3 2016

Shared by Gloria Gutierrez on September 3, 2016

 It's  another year gone by you don't have to be sick anymore. But I Am sad cause I will never forget you. My heart won't let go but my mind knows your at peace now. I will love n miss you always.

my sister

Shared by Gloria Gutierrez on May 3, 2016
I love you my dear sister. Remember when you were born and the day mom brought you home from hospital. Dad bought a bassinette for you n me n your brothers used to pinch you to make you cry cause you were so adorable and made cute lil faces. I loved you so much. We had our ups n downs but always loved you. I miss being little girls playing paper dolls n house with our babies. Miss having you to talk to ever day. Miss you visiting m cooking chicken livers for me. I will never be able to eat another one without crying now. So hard for me not having you in my life. I know you were so mis understood many times by all but one thing for sure you lived your way n made life how you chose to live . That was what made you different.I loved you and wished you had not been so hard on yourself cause now you're gone n I can't talk to you. I miss your crazy stories n your sweet voice that use to sing even if it was outta life is not the same. Hope that one day we will be all together in that castle in the new world rocking babies n catching up on everything. Will remember you always.

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