"I'm good g"
– Angelice Tweet
  • 21 years old
  • Born on November 3, 1990 .
  • Passed away on June 17, 2012 .
This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Angelice Williams, 21, born on November 3, 1990 and passed away on June 17, 2012. We will remember her forever. Please, if anyone has anything they can give please donate it to chase bank account number 662427319. So far we've had over 300 ppl view this page. If everybody just donated $2, we would be in a better position. Thank you
Posted by Chrys Cooper on 20th June 2017
It's been five years pimp I know u watching me and seeing the great things I've accomplished and still working on, tweet I promise you that your name will live on even my kids will know who they auntie tweet was. I love you my sister you are definitely my guardian angel
Posted by Baletica Vinson on 17th June 2016
I miss you love. Gone way too soon..
Posted by Jazz Sanders on 4th November 2015
I was trying to post this before midnight but I had tech difficulties but anyway, happy bday boo, you are missed!
Posted by Pauline Ruff on 3rd November 2015
Happy Birthday TiTi's baby
Posted by Pauline Ruff on 17th June 2015
*kisses forehead* I love you
Posted by Kiara Genous on 17th June 2014
Just thinking of you. Wondering how I made it through two years without you. You were truly a wonderful person. You will never be forgotten. Love you! Visit me in my dreams. And im sending love to all those who miss Angelice. Love all of you!
Posted by Jazz Sanders on 6th May 2014
Dang my G . I cant believe ur qone .... I never qotta chance to say qoodbye. We lost contact for a min but we was always coo tho . When I heard u were qone , I went into a state of shock for a min . I couldn't believe it . I hope u qot everythinq riqht with the man upstairs tho. I love u homie.
Posted by Stephanie Stone on 17th June 2013
Posted by Baletica Vinson on 17th June 2013
I. Cannot. Believe. You're. Gone.
Posted by Lauren Smith on 17th June 2013
Many thoughts and so many emotions have passed through me today. So its funny how when I sit to write them. I can not find one. I think the hardest part for me was remembering where I was this day last year and how so much has changed in that time. What grounds me is remembering you and your beautiful heart and mind. I will not be the same without you love. But I carry you with me always.
Posted by Maria Creamer on 26th May 2013
I miss you bayboo I have so many emotions right now its crazy...around this time I would be getting a fb message telling me to get your bday gift even though there are like 40months until it bday lol but you know I always had your back lol. I couldn't forget you even if I wanted to. .i love you and I miss you...<3 u always tattoo
Posted by Kamari Taylor on 28th April 2013
Posted by Emmriene Pollard on 6th October 2012
Tweet I miss u, I miss u soo much. I remember how you would wait up for me when I worked overtime and wouldn't get home til 12 or 1am, you would be waiting just to make sure i got home ok and then you would hug me and wish me a goodnite sweet sleep and go to bed. I never asked you to be my guardian, but you always were my angel. I want you back soo bad. I love u always and forever.
Posted by Latonya NayNay Ruff on 15th August 2012
I thought of you today I feel your presence working in the situation i'm going through wanted to tell you thank you for watching over me your my angel auntie loves you
Posted by Chrys Cooper on 22nd July 2012
Thinking bout you everyday kid I still remember the time we went to Leonas for my pops birthday and we was fighting over the Mac and sneeze lol I miss u Angelice weekends don't feel the same crying is overrated all I can do is look up and smile I love u so much u was my right hand the only girl I can say that u were my friend/sister.
Posted by Emmriene Pollard on 12th July 2012
Tweet, momma misses u more than words can describe. I doubt that you really got just how much you influenced people in your life. I wish more than anything you realized you were truly loved and admired. God will have to let u kno face - face now. I hope u visit me in my dreams and greet me with that beautiful koolaid grin and loads of smooches on the cheek, just like the last day I saw u.
Posted by Tarena Dixon on 3rd July 2012
i remember the first time i met it was my freshman year in high school, i walked up to the table and you said "Damn boo u thick as hell" lol ill never forget how you took me under your wing and taught me evrything i know.. im going to miss that phone call everyday asking me what im doin even though u was already on ur way to come get me.. u dont know how much u mean to me! i love you!
Posted by Dj Mafe on 2nd July 2012
i will NEVER forget the first day meeting you back home.. making fun and always cracking some kind of joke about people.... its tough knowing that you will never come back again. we had plans for you to come back to minnesota and hang out finally since you've turned 21. We've been best friends since 2006 and i know you're in a better place, but i'm hurting down here. miss you, love you.
Posted by Kiara Genous on 30th June 2012
I miss you. I call your phone and leave voicemails. I talk to the sky wondering if you can hear me. I love you Angelice. Miss you more than words can explain.
Posted by Chrys Cooper on 25th June 2012
Saying goodbye to will be one of the hardest things imma have to do in my life. I wish u was here so we can talk about Kevin walking around the crib with no shirt on or take our late night drives to the city and just spazz out on mfs damn tweet I'm sad that your gone but I ain't mad at you.. You are up there with the worlds greatest minds in history.
Posted by Lauren Smith on 24th June 2012
It took me a second to get here... I, like everyone else on here, am finding it hard to let you go. Love the only thing left unsaid between you and I is this: Thank you so much for changing my life. You taught me how to loosen up and just be me regardless of how other people feel about it. Feel free to live through us everyday because we will always carry you with us. You are loved.
Posted by Kiara Genous on 23rd June 2012
I can't stop listening to Thinking About You by Frank Ocean and every time I listen to it I sing out to you. I know that was yo shit bro. I miss you and I'm thinking about you constantly. I love you Angelice
Posted by Chrys Cooper on 22nd June 2012
imma miss u pimp i remember when we first met ever since then its been blast off we did so much in the short years of knowing each other but damn kid its been amazing we shared secrets that we promise to take the grave at til this day its been the same three letter words "IDK" imma miss you camrin is missing you Moms and Pops is missing u. I will never forget about you, I love U Tweet
Posted by Chrys Cooper on 22nd June 2012
I dont think im ready for this saying goodbye to you for the last time im going through a thang tweet and i need u here to make me laugh. im crying and typing at the same time crazy huh?
Posted by Pierre Dickerson on 22nd June 2012
Hey Tweet, this is sooooo not an easy situation to even deal with. I mean since we were kids we`ve kicked it hardcore out there in mn. Also the fun the laughing the pranks on stanley. and unfortunately we lost touch over the yrs. and now your on your way to the best resting retirement facility in the world. I miss you more than anyone will ever know and i promise to keep going on for you !
Posted by Angel Wiggins on 21st June 2012
ummmm its making me sick to my stomic everytime i think about it.....shareing my life with you and your family and now you gone in a blank of an eye....i never thought i would see this day so soon......we tought each other so much about life it self...not about what life is but about living it to the fullest........LOVE U ANGEL ICE
Posted by Jessica Putman on 21st June 2012
People come into peoples lives with out any explanation at all but there is always a reason,always a purpose to be served before God calls you home. We never finished writing our piece but you wrote your peace on my heart without trying.I nor anyone else may ever know what your purpose was on earth but I know my purpose for meeting you and it was not an accident. I love you, Tweet. R.I.P
Posted by Angel Wiggins on 21st June 2012
i will never forget when you told me your happiest moments of your life.... it was seeing cam born....making sure that your bro and sis was taken care of...me,you and baletica on prom..and the family there...and her mom for being so strong to love and care for them..so much she loved and enjoyed.. you will always be missed i feel u in my heart....AND I WILL KEEP YOUR PROMISE....LOVE YOU
Posted by Skater Jenkins on 21st June 2012
I will never forget the first day we meet, Bro we became cool as a da wind dat blows.Bro I will never forget the last day i seen u, dat was the last day i was in bolingbrook.U told me to keep in touch. Now i cant help but to cry cuz i didnt, Bro i miss u,i wish you where still here, wit all of us who knew u. But i know u r watchin down on us so i just wanna say Ilove u R.I.P Big Bro Tweet.
Posted by Angel Miller on 21st June 2012
Angelice i remember all the things we did and talked about together and i will remember those good times and bad that we shared and everyone of them times brought us closer together i will love u always and miss u lots sweetheart. u will live forever in my thoughts. R.I.P.
Posted by Baletica Vinson on 20th June 2012
On Monday, June 25, 2012..The funeral for Angelice Williams (Tweet) will be at Apostolic Church of God 6320 South Dorchester Avenue, Chicago, IL 60637. Her wake will be at 10am. The service starts at 11am.
Posted by Amber Taylor on 20th June 2012
Wow...can't believe this...Tweet you will be missed ...smh....still never got to take her out to a real party with me in the city since she turned 21 in november... :( ... rest in peace ...you're at a party in the sky now!
Posted by Baletica Vinson on 20th June 2012
Friends & Family We are accepting contributions and donations in order to give Angelice a proper burial. Anything you can give will be greatly appreciated. We have an account open at Chase and the account number is 662427319. Thank you
Posted by Kamari Taylor on 20th June 2012
Man big sis. i wish diz day wudnt neva came so fast. we was gna go 2 pride sunday bt da lord called his angel home.. yea we all hurtn bt we all kno dat ur ok sitn up dat lookn dwn n wit ur big kool-aid smilen. all i kno is u betta save me a spot rite next 2 u if u dnt we gna fight. bt jus kno we all luv u like crazi n we most def missn u..I love you icey baby. R.I.P ANGELICE TWEET WILLIAMS
Posted by Emmriene Pollard on 20th June 2012
Angelice was born on a very cold day, Nov 3, 1990; I was going through a real tough time and she was my inspiration to get through the whole thing. It seems like it was just who she is, always lifting up your spirits, smiling and laughing. Tweet's smile could melt a glacier in the coldest places. She's still warming my heart. I love you Tweet, Always and Forever, Momma.
Posted by Rell Johnson on 20th June 2012
wow really tweet ur really gone its crazy how nuch i will always love you and not that funny love that deep love we used to sit talk about and look at the stars i love you so much till we meet again
Posted by Kiara Genous on 20th June 2012
My bro made everybody feel like her best friend lol. But she really was my best friend. From talks about girls to family. We've cried together and laughed together. we've bust out windows together and we had each others backs. Angelice was my right hand (wo)man. She will always have a place in my heart. I love you bro and I miss you so much
Posted by Jessica Branch on 20th June 2012
The love of my life, I can't wait to get to spend forever with you in god's kingdom I know you're here with me and i promise to live the way you would want and to continueto let you live through me everyday i'm still down since day one and ill never forget that you were always down for my cause because now i have to be down for yours. I love you don't ever leave my side because i need you.
Posted by Richard Cooper on 20th June 2012
Man Tweet I cant believe you are really gone, it seems like yesterday we were at the park with camrin and chrys laughin at everything. It hurts to know you are gone but I know you are safe and in a better place, I love you and will see you when its my turn to come home
Posted by Shelley Murray on 20th June 2012
Man g itz hard to believe you gone....we use to have gud times at shanic house.....i still remember wen you and kenya waz arguin ova tha milk wen we got high.....damn u left us way to soon....you real trully be missed...Rest In Paradise my friend...cant wait until i see u again..Love u....R.I.P Angelice
Posted by Tahnae Edwards on 20th June 2012
Dam tweet i remember how u would always ask me for a dollar lol im glad i had a chance to knw who u were n glad we were kool friends ur at home now so rest in paradise angelice
Posted by Baletica Vinson on 20th June 2012
Yo I remember when I was pregnant Angelice kept me fed lol. IDC what I wanted, how much it cost, or where she had to go to get it she made sure she got it. That's why everybody loves Angelice, she would give you the shirt off her back if she knew you needed it. I love you Angel Ice (I'm still not calling you Tweet)
Posted by Aurienday Godfrey on 20th June 2012
Man ill miss you honey! You were a Great friend! There is and will never be another you, Ill keep your family lifed up in prayer. Rest baby girl.
Posted by Latonya NayNay Ruff on 20th June 2012
I have a lot of memories but the most recent was when you came to see me on the way back from flordia and you braided my hair.when you took me to get my nautical star tattoo 7-22-2010 the day before we tryed to go and we stood in the rain at the bus stop and i got us a ride lol.you hooked me up with hella penny candy and pizza puffs sat on the neighbors stoop and reminised good times luv u
Posted by Adrianne Baker on 20th June 2012
Angelice I Miss U So Much Forreal Forreal , Still In Shock. Wen Yu Camee Up Here Frm Out Of Twn U Stop By My Hsee. I Remember U Taught Meh Hw Tu Do A Sew In Cuz I Swear If U Whudnt Showd Up I Think I Whuda Mess Up My Friend Hair. U In A Betta Place In I Whud C U Soon.
Posted by Stephanie Stone on 20th June 2012
Baby, my shorty, my first female love...wat da Fuck g 100% crazy u gon u not here g u missn...n for wateva reason I can't find u..I can't hear u...n I'm listening so hard it hurt, but I can grasp to voice g...so glad ur fingers touched me I will foreva carry those prints wit n on my soul..this shit deeper then R.I.P this shit moe lik plz cum bak..n how can u rest wen we all so lost....

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