Her Life

Angie was born at 2 lbs weight/ she fought very hard to survive/ as she grew older she was shy / but grew up a very sensible girl/ she worked as a nursery assistance / and then later on as a sticher  in star plan/ also in a Desmond factory/ she was very much loved/ she had 4 uncles 5 aunties / one sister/ 1 nephew 2 nieces/ she had the love for dogs/ especially little daisy/ she also loved cats/ she was independent loved her car/ she became ill in 2011/ as she was addicted to pain killers/ the last five years of her life I looked after her and supported her as best I could/ she passed away2015 /15 September / will never be forgotten by every one who new and loved her/ her cousin Tanya / Sabrina / Jason/ Damian / Gary. Especially her sister Lisa ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I will never for get you my sister  . Love you mama