Email from Mum (24 March 2017)

Shared by Vivek SenGupta on April 9, 2019


When you get time listen to this Inspirational hymn from my school days:-

The Youtube link for When we walk with the Lord (Trust and Obey)

Also can hear Don Moen (well known singer sing the same number in his well-loved voice)

With love and prayers

Shared by VL Dinpuii on April 2, 2019

Burgundy gleaming whorls of hair

Impeccably painted lips and nails
Fingers deftly flying over ebony and ivory keys
Ears cocked to the side alert for each missed note or disharmony
Warmth beaming from her core
A well of patience
Always asking after our well-being
Reminiscing about beloved Mt. Hermon
Ever present at school assemblies, events and functions,
Teaching us tunes, harmonies and relevant songs
That's how I will always remember her
RIP Miss Sengupta

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