Ann Alice Coughlin
  • 30 years old
  • Date of birth: Jul 12, 1978
  • Date of passing: Dec 8, 2008
Let the memory of Ann be with us forever
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Ann Coughlin, 30, born on July 12, 1978 and passed away on December 8, 2008. We will remember her forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Peggy Wycoff on 12th July 2017

"Make Your Wish Birthday Angel"

This tribute was added by Rebecca Force on 12th July 2017

"Ann, thank you so much for giving me this special day. I know the free concert tickets was your doing. Can't wait to celebrate you tonight! And I love you too!! Thank you for talking with me. Emma says hi and she loves you too. Happy Birthday!!"

This tribute was added by Peggy Wycoff on 12th July 2017

"Hello Beautiful, Happy Birthday. Yes I know Your Soul Is Smiling , Thank You For All The Signs Today, For Reminding Me Of OUR TRUE FAMILY COMPASSIONATE BOND . I'm listening Ann , I Always Will
Oh How I Love You ! ❤️

This tribute was added by Peggy Wycoff on 8th December 2016

"Hi Sweetie , Seems a little unneeded and yet I want to do this `` For as You know we've spent all morning together `` As we do many mornings `` Whole days even . What an amazing LOVE LIGHT SHINING YOU ARE `` So Bright *``Your Leaving This Earth Plain Of Form Is Not So Much A Loss Anymore ``As It IS MORE OF A SPIRITUAL GAIN FOR SO MANY `` WE ADORE AND LOVE YOU  ANN  ALICE`` WE ALWAYS HAVE AND ALWAYS WILL.  YOU'RE  FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS `` ON OUR MINDS `` AND UNITED WITHIN OUR SOULS ETERNAL ONENESS .  Thank You For Being My Sweet Loving Guardian Angel .
xxxx Love Mom"

This tribute was added by Rebecca Force on 12th July 2016

"Hi Ann! It's your sister here. Thanks for the tip on the milk the other day. You're right. I should eat my cereal with milk, if I'm going to eat it. We'll keep this little secret between us for right now, as no one else probably knows what I'm talking about, hahahaha! I love you Ann. I miss all of the laughs we had together. And thank you for being proud of me. I can feel your admiration, often. You were always such a good sister to me, and such a magnificent human being. I know some say RIP to those who have passed on, but I say keep torturing us with your pranks. Big hugs & Happy Birthday!!!! I love you so much!! Becky <3"

This tribute was added by Peggy Wycoff on 12th July 2016

"Good Night On Your Birthday ♡"

This tribute was added by Peggy Wycoff on 12th July 2016

"Dear Annie , You would have  been 38 today ..I do at times ponder what you would have been like ` ` If you would have married Your Chris , had children by now ,where you would be living ,what job you would have had ,possibly as a medical assistent, How you'd  probably be babysitting for Becky and Pauly ..Loving Your Nieces and Nephews So Much, making Mason , Hunter , Albert , Ann and Peytons lives full of Joy,  as You  so often did Emmas when she was a little girl . Going out to eat  ,to the movies with Becky and Emma ,especially now that Ems grown into a responsible young adult . Visiting Becky and Having Those Loving Sisterly Late  Nght Talks , Helping her with any issues in her relationship with Chris ,probably having some laughs with the two of them together . Going over the road with Pauly truck driving , Giving Him Those Little Brother Pep Talks , ending up at his house chattering away with Katie ,enjoying cooking together ,which You were and she is so very in to.  Hanging With Pete Watching A Movie On His Big Screen TV , pausing the funny parts ,rewinding them and laughing so hard over and over again ,that use to crack me up when you two did that . Patting dad on the back ,giving him a special treat  with that special way that always made him feel so valued . Fixing my hair for me ,and rubbing my aching feet while helping me reconnect to my truth as you were always so good at doing .Giving All Of Us Your Loving Advice As You So Often Did Dear Daughter . The thing is ANN  ,I feel You Here With Us Doing As Much As You Can From Your ANGELIC State ,  PLEASE NEVER STOP COMMUNICATING WITH ME ,I SO ADORE YOUR LIGHT ,I THANK YOU  SO MUCH FOR SHARING WITH ME ALWAYS  THOSE LOVING PIECES OF HEAVENS GIFTS ..I  LOVE YOU MORE THAN WORDS COULD EVER EXPRESS !

This tribute was added by Peggy Wycoff on 3rd March 2016


This tribute was added by Paul Coughlin on 8th December 2015

"I miss you so much Ann... I know lately you must be proud of me... I'm where you always wanted me, and I'm sure with a bit of help from my angel ... I LOVE YOU so so much and feel your spirit around all the time. Thanks for all the looking out you do for me."

This tribute was added by Peggy Wycoff on 8th December 2015

"Oh sweet delicate `` here with me in this writing ``yet soaring heavens smiles ..What A Blessing Being Your Mother Was and still Is .. I Can Not Actually Put Into Words The Beauty Of YOU `` For It Is ASTRONOMICAL!  ``  I MISS YOU AS MY EARTHLY DAUGHTER `` I Also THANK YOU FOR BEING MY  HEAVENLY ANGEL ``  I LOVE YOU SO MUCH SOUL OF ANN `` ((*)) ~ Mom"

This tribute was added by Peggy Wycoff on 12th July 2015

I am lost for words right now sweet heart .. I'll Be with You In My Dreams Tonight and I'll Tell You Then How I Feel ..  I Hope You Had An Awesome Heavenly Birthday !  **  :)  **  I Love You More than All The Stars In  All The Universes ~ <3  Mom <3"

This tribute was added by Rebecca Force on 12th July 2015

"What up Ann?!!  Happy Birthday to my best bud who showed me what it felt like to dance to The Doors, "This is the end, my only friend, the end," in the woods as we circled the grave of one of your many loved pets and said goodbye, such a perfect testimony to how you felt about all of your pets, each one of them treated by you as if he or she was your only friend. I didn't think about it until now, but that was such an awesome burial. What a way to say goodbye to someone you love. You were always so creative and thoughtful. Awe!! I miss that so much, having such a real person, someone so unique, in my life. So many people try to be different just like everyone else in the world, but you really did define the term different.  I'm so glad I didn't just know you, but I grew up with you, and I'm not saying this with sadness, but with a smile. Thank you for being my sister and teaching me what it meant to truly know oneself. I love you always and forever, Becky <3"

This tribute was added by Emma Force on 30th December 2014

"Just realized I never wrote anything on here so I will write something now in honor of Ann. People always say "They went to heaven" and that is most likely true but I feel Ann sitting next to me every single day, or walking with me when I'm alone. I feel her presence all the time and I know she is still with me and the people she loves just in a different way now then before. Even though as I get older I start to lose some of those memories we had, I will never forget the person she was and how she helped shape me into the person I am today. We love you Ann and I know you love us too and wish you could tell us the way you used to. But, I feel it in my heart. You don't always have to hear the words to know that someone loves you. I know you do. The memories I have with you I keep so close to me. Even though you aren't physically here in this world, I know you are spiritually. And you are braiding my hair like you used to or playing with your iguanas. I think about you all the time and I know you are watching me grow into the person I am becoming. And Mason too. He was so young when you passed, but he knows who you are. I know you watch over him as well as he gets older. Thank you. Your short amount of time on this earth changed more lives than some who live to be 100. We love you so much."

This tribute was added by Peggy Wycoff on 8th December 2014

"I Love You , Good Night My Sweet Angel"

This tribute was added by Paul Coughlin on 8th December 2014

"I miss and love you so much. its just time until we meet again. ill get there when I get there... big hugs ... Love your brother , Paul"

This tribute was added by Peggy Wycoff on 8th December 2014

"Right Now Is Six Years Since My Daughter Annie Crossed  Over To What We Call The  Other Side . Trembling a little as I type this ~However She and I Have Made A Deal ~ No Suffering ! No tears ! Only The Truthful Celebration of Our Still Communicating Within What Appears To Be An Essence of separation / We Are Not divided , We Are Here Together ! I'm dressed in Human Peggy Wycoff Gear , Peggy's Skin , Peggy's Bones, Peggy's Heart ~~ and so on ...  Annie Is Hanging  Around ~~Soaring  In and Out of My Grand Children ~That Is The Babies~~  Whom With  Being So Close To Having Just Been Created By SOURCE ~~  Annie s Soul Has Easy Access ~~♥♥~~   At Times She Encircles Me  ~°~ As I walk ~°~ Whispering reminders to my senses  that are sadly , rarely used , this spiritual slacking not totally owned to myself  , with most people of  this lifetime insisting on the 5 senses being our all !   What Is This Anyhow , Why Are Eyes , Ears, Nose, Fingers, and Tongue   much more prominent within this Earth School Journey Than Our Most Powerful Sense Of All ~ INTUITION  !
Why would 2 gooey balls floating in slime ,observing others many times in materialistic judgment   , A Snout with two holes building boogers  , a slimy pink flapy thing mushing food between our teeth and sometimes making  up gossip which causes descension between Spiritual brothers and sisters,  as well as the judging of one another.. Why would these  two funny shaped inward speakers that at times listen to hypocritical criticism , fingers pointing one another out in shame , trying to beat one another out , over powering ,  Why are these senses so very vital , when as far as I can See their just defense mechanisms  ,  we should not need to defend ourselves in our own world , this is everyone's Earth , Our Mother!  When My Eyes Are Closed , My Energy Remaining  Focused , Centered To Inner Knowing ~°~  Our SOURCE CREATOR , I'LL Say Our FATHER ,  Shows Me  Our Mission Is Simply To Undress This Materialistic Ego Drama , Slip Into One Another's LOVE Space~~°~~ Remembering Our True. Home ~~°~~ Holding Wings ~°~ Flying Hearts~~♥~~♥~~ Enjoying This Bodily Gift ~~ ♥♥~~ Procreating Within SOURCES LOVE~~ ♥♥ ~~ Respecting Those with whom we mate bringing about new life  ,  As well as any outside these seen Unities of Human Families  , Respecting the circle of life , never invading it , If there is a problem seen , all should try to help , not hinder  the procreated circle of father mother child humanity ! We Are All Here To Honor Each Others Souls , Appreciating , Doing , Giving,   While Being  In Human Form   ~~ Nothing Will Ever Change That We Are LOVE  ~~♥~~ I Do Feel Though ,The Sooner More And More Of Us Remember To. Choose Kindness Over  What Is Considered To Be Winning,   The Sooner We Will All Finally Reunite Within The Peaceful Truth Of ONE LOVE IN THE  LIGHT  
✴✴✴✴✴✴✴  1♥✴✴✴✴✴✴✴"

This tribute was added by Peter Force on 8th December 2014

"i wish you were here. i love you. i miss you.-your brother"

This tribute was added by Peggy Wycoff on 12th July 2014

"I want so badly just to see your face ,  to hear your voice one more time . Happy Birthday BEAUTIFUL ANN . I LOVE YOU!

This tribute was added by Peter Force on 12th July 2014

"happy birthday ann!.. i miss my sis a lot .. very much..i love you ann..."

This tribute was added by Peggy Wycoff on 24th June 2014

"You deserve so much more than I can ever give You Annie ♥"

This tribute was added by Margaret Wycoff on 24th June 2014

"My Darling Annie , It seems so long,  yet just yesterday that You would be next to me lightly touching my shoulder in that special way You always did , with that Smile of Yours  that assured me ALL IS WELL Mom .  I still feel Your Touch `` I still Feel That Beautiful Loved Filled Smile I know You Are With me in Spirit  ``  You Are With Us ALL That LOVE YOU So Very Much !  . Oh Annie I miss Your Being Here in Form Beyond  These Words  !   I will Always LOVE YOU Dear Daughter. Love Always ~ Mom xx"

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