This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, ANN LAZAR REED 79 years old, born on July 20, 1925 and passed away on September 28, 2004. We will remember her forever.

Ann's maiden name is Ann Louise Lazar.  She had more than one marriage, her last one was to Charles Reed.  Thus, Ann and Charles Reed.  They are both now deceased and buried at the same place, Union Cemetery at Potomac Ave in Bakesrsield, California. Bless them both. 

She did health care, one woman whom she worked for many years was Mrs. Merryweather.  I remember she'd go there early morning returning in the afternoons.  She took care of various things there for a number of individuals.  Cooking, which she did very well, cleaned etc....

At this point, I'm including a true family history as far as I know of her children.

I believe the oldest of Ann's children who I know of were Pauline Kibler and Jack Kibler.  I know a little only of Jack Kibler.  What I can say is that he lived in Castroville, Texas and he passed on only a short time ago.  I believe he has a daughter by the name of Christine or Christina who may be married by now and I think possibly a son too.  I am not knowledgeable about their spouses.

Next oldest would be Ann's son Michael Burkholder who resides in Provo, Utah. Mike and his spouse, Lynda had children.  Michael and Lynda Burkholder.  Unfortunately she has passed on and is missed so,  I remember her for while she was here she was a teacher of and about family.   Together their children being Michael Burkholder and Gordon Burkholder and presently living in Utah.  Mike and his sons do trucking work, long distance.  The relationships of my brother and all of the family there in Utah is very unique.  They keep family together somehow even though they don't all live in the same towns maybe facebook is the helping thing.  I'm proud of my bother and his family and consider him to be a matriarch.

Next in line was my wonderful and very special sister,  Her birth name was Cindy Elizabeth Brown.  I believe her father's name is Leroy Brown but I know nothing about him. She was born in Youngstown, Ohio.  Living there her entire life.  She married Theodore Nicoloff.  Thus the union Cindy and Teddy Nicoloff. Together they had 2 children as well.  Leo Guzeppi Brown and Sienna Nicoloff.  Her daughter Sienna has since married and had a child (Eric) and no longer goes by last name Nicoloff.  Cindy was called by our father early in life.  Cancer took her when she was only 50 years old  She passed away at her home in Hubbard, Ohio and to this day so many people missing her.  She meant so much to so many more than I ever could have known. At the funeral the caravan was so large, it was really then that it sank in who and what she was.   

Ann's youngest daughter whose birth name is Tammy Lou Burkholder.  She is as special as they come as well and I really think the world of her.  She has a successful and long term career working for Kern County in the mental health field.  She married Neil Cates of Bakersfield, California.  Marriage names Tammy and Neil Cates.  She had 2 beautiful boys, both blonde.  She lost her eldest, Timothy Malone to a drunk driver. Tammy's youngest boy, Andrew Cates is alive and well.  He has married now to Kelsey and they have 2 boys of their own.  They are truly a beautiful family and close knit to their relatives on Kelsey's side. Since then Ann's youngest daughter  re-married to Daniel McGrath. And thusly, we get the couple Tammy Cates McGrath and Dan McGrath.  They make each other happy, may they live long together.

And lastly, there is the me who provided these details.  Sandra Burkholder from Ann's marriage to Leroy.  Together they were Ann and Leroy Burkholder where I was born once upon a time in Youngstown, Ohio.  Today I live with my Spouse Ronald in Las Vegas, Nevada....….and where I'll leave off for now.  

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She gave to each and everyone of us as no other could through nurturing and caring at our very beginnings.  For without her there is no me.

I do miss her, i'm sad and crying as I write these words and thinking of just how short life really is

I remember the day she passed, it was an autumn day, September 28, 2004 as I got up that morning and went about got ready and went off to my job. Outside it was a different sort of day as the weather was just a tad cooler and there was this slight breeze and yet the sun still was shinning. Living in the desert even in September it's still very hot.  It was late morning when she told me she was leaving.  I had gone out to run errands for my boss.  I went around the corner and I was looking up at a tree and just kept watching as the leaves blew back in forth in the breeze and as I focused in on a leaf it started to leave the branch and I stood there just watching it as it slowly fell to the ground and I did know she was gone.

Well, I finished off my work day and went home.  Then that early evening my sister Tammy called and told me she had passed.  

I can only hope that as she has passed and gone on that in her next life or the next plain she is on is good to her.  I do believe we either get reincarnated or go on to a different level of existence or go to your version of heaven.  This finality is something we won't ever really know till that time comes upon us and I hope for all that it's not soon.

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A M A Z I N G G R A C E . . . . . . . .

Shared by Sandy Burkholder on March 10, 2019

This song was from the site itself.....and choosen  very appropriately so because there was a gentleman who she rented her apartment from that came to her funeral and actually was able to sing it for us.  His name was Marvin (don't remember his last name).

Summertime and visiting.......

Shared by Sandy Burkholder on March 10, 2019

When Ann and Leroy got a divorce and Leroy had the children in his care.  Ann was not permitted to see her children and Leroy certainly did not approve of that to happen.  But Ann did in fact keep in touch with her children in spite of it all.  She would send them mail and even spending monies but their father did not allow them to have it.  This did not detour Ann.  She was on track to stay in their lives in any part she was able.   During the kids school years at the summer vacation times, Chuck would drive her from whatever state they lived in and she would appear close to where they lived and actually these small limited visits took place.  And I'm thankful looking back even though it was sneeking behind my dad.  Sandra.


Shared by Sandy Burkholder on March 10, 2019

Something I could not forget on daily occasions is her cooking...........

Honestly, I cannot remember just everything but the one thing that sticks in my mind is the way she made fried chicken.    I have so many memories of it    It was so good.   And I think it was parsley potatoes with it.   

I cannot make it like her.  

Of course there is always pots and pots of beans made by Chuck and the fried potatoes.,