Let the memory of Anna Gunhild be with us forever
  • 63 years old
  • Born on October 14, 1904 .
  • Passed away on May 10, 1968 .

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Anna Gunhild Malmstrom, 63, born on October 14, 1904 and passed away on May 10, 1968. We will remember her forever.

Posted by Carol Olson on 14th October 2018
Lighting a candle in loving memory of Mom, on the day of her birth.
Posted by Carol Olson on 10th May 2018
Still missing you Mom, even after 50 years. I can’t help thinking of all the things you missed – all the things you never possessed. You never had many material possessions but that never bothered you. You were so happy with what you had, and you were so proud to be an American citizen. You loved your home and appreciated everything you had, especially your garden in the back yard. How beautiful your flowers were! You also got to know and enjoy a beautiful granddaughter that you loved more than anything. Wish you could have known your two grandsons too, as well as your great-granddaughter – but it was not to be. It happened so fast. You became ill and bravely faced all the surgeries and treatments you had to go through – and then you were gone. But your memory will never die, it lives on in the hearts of all who knew you. Love you, Mom
Posted by Carol Olson on 14th October 2017
One of my biggest regrets is that you never got to know your only great grandchild, Lauren. She just started college and you would be so proud of her -- you would have loved her, just as you loved and enjoyed her mother for six years. I like to think that you are their special angel, looking out for both of them now. Your memory will never die.
Posted by Carol Olson on 14th May 2017
A flower for Mom, who could grow flowers better than anybody I ever knew. She had what is known as a "green thumb" -- people would give her their almost dead plants and she could bring them back to life after some of her tender loving care. She had a very hard childhood and knew what it was to take care of the few possessions she had. She came to this country as a young adult and never forgot to be grateful for everything she had here; she truly was proud to be an American. She also taught us to be appreciate all that we had. As a mother myself I can now see that the very best things I had were a good mother and father. Thanks, Mom.
Posted by Carol Olson on 10th May 2016
After all this time I still wish I could pick up the phone and we could talk for a while, like we used to. Missing you and remembering how you loved your garden, especially the beautiful flowers you used to grow. Happy mother's day, Mom.
Posted by Carol Olson on 14th October 2015
Remembering my mom on the anniversary of her birth. Miss you mom; love you forever and wish you were here.
Posted by Carol Olson on 14th October 2014
Wish you were here for your birthday, Mom. I still remember how much you appreciated your birthday presents. You had so few material things in your short lifetime but yet you were always happy. That's because you knew what was truly important in this life. Miss you, Mom. “I thank my God upon every remembrance of you.” Philippians 1:3
Posted by Carol Olson on 14th October 2013
This candle is for my mother on the anniversary of her birth. She was one of the strongest bravest people I have ever known and made the world a much better place in the short time she was here. Miss you, Mom.
Posted by Carol Olson on 10th May 2013
This candle is for you Mom. You were my confidant and best friend--I still wish I could pick the phone and we could talk the way we used to. Thanks for the overwhelming love you gave when I became a mother too. Wish you could have known all your beautiful grandchildren, but I know you are up there watching over them all--our very own guardian angel.
Posted by Carol Olson on 14th October 2012
Today is your birthday, Mom. You’ve been gone for 44 years but the memories of you are stronger than ever. Wish you could have been here to see your grandchildren grow up--you would have loved and enjoyed them and they would have loved the sweet person that you were. Miss you Mom!
Posted by Carol Olson on 13th May 2012
Missing you Mom, especially on Mother's Day. Love you forever, Carol
Posted by Carol Olson on 12th May 2012
In memory I see again A garden I still love… My mother’s flower garden With blue of skies above. I would not forget the sweet peas, Nor Morning Glories twined round the door In my mother’s old-fashioned garden The garden that grows no more. Yet in memory its fragrance lingers Its beauty will always last As I dream of Mother’s garden… Cherished memories of the past. .......Author unknown

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