Let the memory of anna be with us forever
  • 30 years old
  • Born on March 4, 1979 .
  • Passed away on February 13, 2010 in sun city, Florida, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, anna potter 30 years old , born on March 4, 1979 and passed away on February 13, 2010. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Audrianna Potter on 3rd February 2015
"Hey momma stopping by to say its day three an missing more then ever got you on my mind today makes me wanna cry I'm in a mood that almost any lil thing can make me cry well feb 13 is coming to fast im not really ready for it i cant believe its almost 5 years with out you 03/04/79//02/13/10 have u on my mind mom i miss u and so dose every one else every night i sit on my phone and listen to music and then i start to cry cause i look at pictures of my mom and think bout the memories we had together and all i wanna do is turn back the hands of time so i can spend another day with her i miss her with the pieces of heart i still have
Posted by Audrianna Potter on 2nd February 2015
Hey mom its the second day last night I couldn't sleep at all because I was up all night Crying and thinking about you I miss you so much and its harder and heard everyday that goes by and all I can do is count down the days till its 5years it suck when that's all I do is think bout everything and with aunt Pansy the day before it hard in this time of the month wish you were here so I can see Your beautiful smile one more time or hear ur amazing voice talk to me and hug you one last time to say I love you and im sorry I just wish you come back but then again I don't .5years you been gone and I miss you like crazy nothing the same anymore mom been facing some very hard time wish you were there to help me through them but I'm sorry mom I'm not all that you would want me to be I'm still sorry about that fight we got into be you left us  I'm sorry I never got to say I'm sorry or I love you before u passed away you don't know how much I put my self down because of that  I'm always thinking of that and the day we got that call saying you have went on with the lord I couldn't believe it I lost my bestfriend my work my everything my mother  its sucks not being able to come home to  your face as I walk in that door I miss having you around here I miss coming home to you asking me how was school or how's my day going or if I did something good you would always tell me how proud you were of me now I don't hear none of that I miss waking up to that beautiful smile waking me up every morning to get me up and ready for school and you tell me how much you love me and hope I have a Innderful day at school and that you be home waiting for me I miss everything mama there so many times I think about everything an I ask my self why did god take you why couldn't he take me instead I wounded why I'm even here sometime feel like I'm always failing at everything I do it hard to always keep my head around here when all they do is doubt you and put you down since you passed always I never here I'm proud of you keep up the good work baby girl or thanks for still being here helping with your brothers or anything its like I'm suppose to be there perfect lil girl an I'm not and will never be either its not fair I have to got through this my life started going down hill after you left me I can't think straight anymore I always feel lost sometimes I just dont know what to do  anymore I wanna give up so bad mom and just stop everything  and say I'm done and just up and leave from here :( I'm sorry mama bout everything if I'm failing you ;( its not easy at all as the month February comes its harder and harder not to shed a tear for you
Posted by Shannon Fitzpatrick on 16th October 2014
Its times like this when i miss you the most my dear friend you was allways there to listen and help me through my hell wish you was here so i can just tell you every thing
Posted by Audrianna Potter on 24th January 2014
miss my best friend my everything i know she i a better place now and she not suffering not sick and she is healed but When u go get a notebook out and all u see is pictures and letter from ur mom before she past away an u just start crying cuz ur reading them well that what I'm doing and now I'm writing in it about her and the family and everything else I'm missing her so much I wish she was here but I know she's in a better place now and watching over ne and my brother and the family but I also know she's not fight to try to be alive and she not sick or sufforing anymore and I'm happy about that I can't wait till the day I see her again she will be standing there more beautiful then ever and just smile cuz she will be happy to see what I have become and just to see me well I love u mom and miss u more then ever Rip mom gone but never forgotten Wen ur in ur room and u just start cry out of no where but i have so much on my mind i cant handle this pain and emptyness i fill evry sence u left this world i fill broken an alone and everything sometimes i fill like i dont have a family anymore but i miss u mom more then ever wish u were here i love u mom te amo mucho gone but never forgotten Every day i face the day and try to fight the hurt i fill and the lonleyness and try to hide my fear and tears with a fake smile it will never be the some here with out u mom this is no longer a home to me My mom and my family always told me they would be be there to wipe the tears from my face but as i seen theres not one person there to wipe them away be sides me i wish she could wipe them away for me but i will try and put and keep a smile on my face for her mom wish u was here its been almost 4 years since u left us here in the world without u i wish u was here right now i love u mom with all my heart n i will see u again one day but till i do thank u for everything u done for me n for looking over me every day I LOVE U MOM WITH ALL MY HEART i wish u were still here with us but ur in a better place now i love u lots mom I CRIED TODAY LIKE I DO EVERYDAY BUT MORE TO DAY KNOWING U WERE NOT HERE WITH US RIP MOM GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN
Posted by Audrianna Potter on 24th January 2014
It's kinda hard with u not around knowing your in heaven smiling down on us and miss my mom always telling me everything going to okay and Wen she tells me baby girl ur beautiful No matter What anyone says and one-day there's going to be that boy that will except u for u not ur size or looks. But i Miss u mom wish u were here Wen I need u the most still trying to smile for u. Even Wen it's hard 02-13-10 almost 4yearsIf u could still be here life would be easier an less pain ful an less hurting but I know your in a better place now i guess god needed another beautiful angle missing u mom 021310 it sucks I cant come home to that lady aka my mother not having here around sucks its hard I make a struggle everyday with out her here I fill lost and lonely knowing I lost my best friend my everything and she not here to help me anymore and she not here for me to turn to when I need someone she not here to give me a shoulder to cry on anymore but the 11 year I spent with u was that best years of my life it hard to keep going on with out u and its hard trying to stay strong and not weak but all this pain and hurt builds inside of me and then all come out at once no one will ever see how unhappy I am and how I fill and just cause I smile everyday doesn't mean I'm happy I smile cause my mom always told me to smile cuz it brightens up her day and that I have amazing smile an it needs to be shown so that's what I do
Posted by Audrianna Potter on 24th January 2014
Don't wonder why I'm hurt dont wonder why I'm the way I am OK lossing her made my change and the things I'm going through has made it even harder on me but no one sees that sometime I fill like I'm not good enough and sometimes I feel like I shouldn't be here but I know my mom don't want to see me like this but some times I can't help it but cry and put my self down I get put down so bad the as sometimes I feel like I can't get up I hate feeling this way.: ( BUT NO ONE GETS IT NO ONE IN THIS HOUSE SEES WHEN I'M HURT OR UPSET NOTHING IT'S FEELS LIKE I HAVE NO ONE TO GO TO BECAUSE I CAN'T TELL THEM HOW I FEEL OR NOTHING AND NO ASK ME IF I'M OK OR WHAT'S WRONG NO ONE SEES THAT DEEP INSIDE through the laughs and smile deep down I want to cry and never stop just how i been feeling for a while
Posted by Audrianna Potter on 24th January 2014
i smile everyday just for her because i know she dont want me down and upset or crying she wants me happy that she not here sick or suffering she healed and in a better place yeah its hard with out here her but i think god everyday that she not her because i didn't like seeing her the way she was even thought i miss her more then ever I'm happy she in a better place NOW 03-04-79 / 02-13-10 almost 4 years with out you here i love and miss you mom
Posted by Audrianna Potter on 24th January 2014
well feb 13 is coming to fast im not really ready for it i cant believe its almost 4 years with out you 03/04/79//02/13/10 have u on my mind mom i miss u and so dose every one else every night i sit on the computer and listen to music and then i start to cry cause i look at pictures of my mom and think bout the memories we had together and all i wanna do is turn back the hands of time so i can spend another day with her i miss her with the pieces of heart i still have
Posted by Shannon Fitzpatrick on 18th January 2014
well February 13 is coming fast I miss you so much so much has changed so much I cant explain I promised I would do what I can its so hard now that your gone you beautiful kids are growing so fast Adrianna wow I know you can see her isn't it amazing how much she looks like you but I see your sister Mary in her a lot as well she has grown into this beautiful young women the boys as well have become so handsome I just pray my dear friend to look down and watch over them and if you can help guide them in the right direction I miss our talks so much I don't know what to do anymore I wish you was here I love and miss you so much there will never be any one that could take your place in my heart you was always a true friend to the end
Posted by Audrianna Potter on 6th March 2012
anna was a amazing mother to me and the other kids. we all miss her so much and wish i could see her but we all will be there soon to see her when god comes back for us we love her and miss her so much she had a good family as a good brother she loved so much and wish she can see more then she did ,a good mother and sister and amazing kids she loved so much i loved to take care of her .
Posted by Mackenzie Granger on 6th March 2012
your like an ant to me when i remember you i feel like crying but i would like to see you agin and her you speek to me when i get in troble i miss those times you got me and audrianna got in troble but i will be up thare one day to see u i miss u soo much and ur the favriotest ant that i ever had i also miss u evry hour and every day love u soo much
Posted by Shannon Fitzpatrick on 4th March 2012
well it is here day of your birth a time to rember and evean though you have to celabrate up above us we all will still celabrate down here keep a look out for us my dear friend we will reunite in the heavens one day untill then we love you anna your now in gods hands
Posted by Rachael Guster on 3rd March 2012
happy birthday lady heard a lot of blessed things about you, thanks for looking after my sister i'm forever grateful.
Posted by Mariah Potter on 3rd March 2012
Anna was like a mother to me & i loved her very much she was such a great mother to all 4 of her beautiful children . There isnt a day that goes by that i think about her n remember all the happy memories we all shared together . No one could ever take her place she was a one of a kind mom & friend . i love you anna may you R.I.P Happy birthday Mama You will remain in our hearts forever <3
Posted by Jacob Potter on 3rd March 2012
she was a amazing mother n daughter n sister i miss her every day that gose by n i wish i could be with her right now in her arm n see her beautiful eyes every morning that i wake up n i will always miss her n live her forever i love u mom with all my heart n ill see u again one day R I P mom u r not in pain no more
Posted by Shannon Fitzpatrick on 3rd March 2012
i think of you offten you was a friend/sister to me i miss you every day no one can ever take your place in our hearts

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