Her Life

One day at a Time!!

I remember when my mom was ill in the hospital before she passed on...She would say to me..."Sowee remember to take ONE DAY AT A TIME" at the time I was filled with emotion and would simply tear up at her voice or anything she said. But then she explained it!!!

As my mom ANNA Put it!!

Sonia remember, to take ONE DAY AT A TIME to look around and see all that you've accomplished and be proud. Look at all your mistakes and be thankful that you haven't repeated them but rather learned from them. Remember to be grateful for each breath you take and look at it as one more day of life and wonder instead of minus one. Remember that even when you think you're going through a rough time...those supporting you are suffering more because they are helpless and can't take your pain away. Remember to say Thank you and I LOVE YOU...for although they are just words when said with meaning they can bring a rainbow to anyone's day. Remember that having loved someone so much till it hurts is a blessing that few people can say that they've experienced. Remember to tell your child your love them (as she caressed my face) because a love and laughter of a child can heal the world.


REMEMBER TO APPRECIATE EVERY SIGHT, SOUND AND SMELL...for in each new day lies a world of suprises and adventure and in order to soak it all up...there is no other way then to take one day at a time in order to make sure that nothing passes you by!