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My Clinging rock

Shared by VIVIEN ALBERT on April 16, 2019

I've always been the clinging one but no one really understood this except you.

I remember as a child, I will sit outside from 6am on your intended date of return from the university.

Sometimes it took another 3days but I'll sit there everyday waiting.

When it was time for you to go back to school, you will hide to leave cos I will cry my eyes out seeing you leave.

I didn't outgrow it as a teenager. I still chased my Clinging rock for support.

You are the first evidence of human show of love that I know. Though imperfect, you were perfect for me.

You became my weakness too cos I couldn't do anything unless you approved of it.

I've become a grown woman now, clinging sorely to Jesus.(I'll forever be a

Now and always, I'll always love you

Shared by ADEBOLANLE AKINNIBOSUN(NE... on April 15, 2019

Anne, i never met you physicially but i can sense your true beauty as a child of GOD through my cousin KAYODE's life and all the testimonies i have heard and read about you. May the Lord continue to console our family, the church and friends you left behind in JESUS name Amen! 


My Prayer Pastor!

Shared by Chinenyr Mark-Abaimun on February 10, 2019

Dear Pastor Anne, you were indeed a warrior & Valiant Soldier of Christ...Your passion towards the things of God was truly amazing!

You were such a caring mother!!!always looking out for the good of others even at the expense of your own comfort!

4weeks ago we prayed earnestly for you to come back, but not anymore, we know you are in a BETTER PLACE...I Pray the comfort of the Spirit abides continuously with your lovely family.

Sleep on Mum(my prayer Pastor),We miss you greatly!!!The church misses you!

My new sister, in the arms of God

Shared by Melinda Dewsbury on January 18, 2019

Just a few months ago, I had such a wonderful visit with Anne when she came to Canada. Although we are from different countries and cultures, I think we both found each other to be soulmates. As we parted, we walked together with arms around each other and Anne said, “Did you know that I have a sister in Canada?” “You do?” I said. “Yes, you.” It was the greatest compliment and filled me with joy. We had been sharing as moms, wives, and women of Faith. She inspired me. I am sad that my chance to know her more is gone. My heart breaks for you, her family and community. She had completed her work here on earth, and although she rests in joy and freedom with the Lord, you will miss her always.


Shared by Omenesa Akomolafe on January 18, 2019

I am still in shock. How you assisted my mother  through  her own battle,  but you were battling  the same thing?  You loved the Lord,  and you are now with Him. You are in better hands now.  You loved your husband  dearly.  You were truly  an example.  I appreciate  all you did for my family. Till we meet again. Omenesa 

Gone too soon

Shared by Chim Onyebilanma on January 18, 2019

Anne I didn’t realize that my visit to you and Kayode in November would be our last meeting. I remember the tribute I paid you as I said bye rushing to catch my flight. That tribute is still so true - You have been a gem in the life of my friend Kwaks. Your journey with him have transformed him for good. You have carried the weight of his calling and your family so graciously and with so much sacrifice. 

My first thought when I heard you had left ahead of us was ‘how will Kayode manage?’ For you were his support. But like I told him. Our Lord who gave him Anne and who has chosen to call you home now, is still here and he will give him and your dear children their tomorrow. He has a plan and we will trust him. We expect and we are confident that he that has begun this good work and who does all things well, will be faithful to complete it. Bye for bow

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