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Please join us in continuing Anne's wish:
Anne suffered from a combination of illnesses that affected her ability to function, including Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), Sjogren's Syndrome, and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. She was proactive about researching details, visiting specialists, and trying various remedies until she was no longer able to get around and was homebound.   Anne was often disappointed in the lack of recognition these diseases receive from the medical community and felt strongly in the need for more medical research.  She was an online activist and would frequent forums, especially regarding ME.
Anne was hopeful that in the near future more recognition would be given to the diseases she lived with so that there would be hope for others who suffered as she did.

If you would like to learn more about ME or the other illnesses she fought so that you can help increase worldwide awareness, please visit the following websites.

This page is in celebration of sweet, quirky, ethereal Annie.

Anne was in this world for too short a time, but she made the most of it while she could.  Always up for dancing to live music, traveling to distant shores, or just hanging around getting goofy, Anne was easy to be with and never one to complain.  Her gentle humor and grace gave her an air of whimsy and lightness while her philosophical and spiritual nature made her a good source of sage advice. She was a free spirit who enjoyed slowing down to appreciate the music and beauty in the world.
Anne struggled these last years against autoimmune diseases and sensitivities that kept her from doing the things she enjoyed most with the people she loved to do them with, but she wouldn't want anyone to dwell on that.  She would want to be remembered for the good times she had with friends and family and she would want to be sent off in celebration.

Thus, it's in honor of all the beautiful memories (big and small), exciting adventures (near and far), and those precious moments of laughter shared with Anne that this page has been created.  

She would love for your stories and pictures to be shared on this website for all of us to enjoy (see the "Stories" tab at top of page and add a picture).

Please raise a glass and share a little bit of Anne's brightness for all to enjoy.
Cin Cin!


Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Pete McGovern on 13th December 2017

""Watch Carefully the magic that occurs when you give a person enough comfort to be themselves"
-Atticus Finch, [Harper Lee]
   I have written and deleted many things regarding Anne until I recently heard this. To me that quote  encapsulates a large part of Annes character , she was a person who rather than challenging me to be myself  gave of herself the room and attention she somehow knew I needed to be  even more of myself and be better for myself and others. I know I cant be the only one she did this for , because it was simply her nature to give from her spirit.  I believe she could create an indefinable ease of mood either with her mere presence or just a few kind words whispered in private or dropped in conversation, that must have  helped many people be themselves at a time in our lives (college) when that was so important. Thank You Anne for that gift.  You gave much of your self. I pray I remembered to tell and thank you. This way, I can at least thank your parents and your family for creating the events that allowed you to be who you were as well as express my most sincere condolences; this is not fair and I am so angry.  I just read some anecdotal information about how much pain and discomfort she was in. That makes it hard not to take it personally because this series of maladies seemed to attack Anne right where she lived ,not allowing her much of a chance to fight back  and robbing her of the simple mechanical  abilities that allowed Anne to be "Anne",So Yeah  Every time I come to this site I am both hurt by her pain and charmed once again by Annie, charmed that is, by learning of the sheer multitude of lives you touched in such a meaningful way.  Anne, I always felt so close to you despite only knowing you for  a relatively short time. So when I read that quote I found myself realizing that this was the one of the many gifts you you gave to us all, that I needed to illuminate. To me this was the gift that helped me understand why I always knew there was something golden in and around you. I think it was in your nature to be stubbornly, uncommonly and uniquely  selfless with your giving. I know this was was only one the many amazing things which characterized Anne Berry, however I feel it not only anchors you among good and saintly company forever but also it is a part of you that will live on in me and others forever; you had an effect  on this world. Thus making you eternally rare. I love you Anne"

This tribute was added by Arnie Weber on 29th April 2017

"My deepest sympathies to the Berry family.  Anne didn’t have it easy with her health issues, but lived, loved and was loved by many.  She was quirky, funny and kind, and as all the pictures show she was always smiling.  To me she always seemed to have an old soul and could connect with anyone.  Words really can’t explain her or the tough road she was given.  I’m very sorry that I can’t attend her memorial as I will be attending my God daughter’s baptism on the same day.  I will raise a glass to her and remember the great times we had."

This tribute was added by donna persico on 22nd April 2017

"I will always remember Anne with such love.  She could walk into a room and her smile would light it up.  Here kindness and sense of humor were so endearing.  She loved experiencing life and finding meaning and compassion in her journey.  Her family...Lou, Bob, Jill and Ellen have been the definition of what family is and does.  May she watch over all of us as we struggle to find our places in a world without her.  Love to her family."

This tribute was added by Christy Flesvig on 6th April 2017

"The entire Berry family was such an important part of my life since our Glen Ayre Swim and Tennis Club days in grade school. Through high school, college, post college, weddings, and today-the entire family has been part of who I am.  I will always remember Ann's angelic beauty, sweet disposition, smile a mile wide and sense of peace.  Even when she was smashed in the back of Mary Lou's station wagon as a million kids piled in the car from one activity to the next, Ann had a sense of peace that I noticed even when I was very young. I remember I used to think about how cute and calm and happy she always seemed to be.  This was usually after I had just thrown my tennis racquet across the court and had an impatient fit of some kind... Even though I was not able to see Ann for many years, Ellen and my sister Connie told me that Ann carries this peace every day.  She taught me something and I will continue to strive to achieve that inner acceptance. Thanks Ann, I love you and know you are with us.  Love, Christy xoxoxo"

This tribute was added by Colleen Kelley on 3rd April 2017

"I didn't know Anne personally but I could tell from these pictures that she was a beautiful soul and had an amazing smile that would light up a room!   My dear friend Bob, her father took such great care of her these last  difficult years- it has been so hard on him; no one should ever have to bury a child!   He truly loves his daughters and his grandchildren.  My heart aches for all of you- Bob, Mary Lou, Ellen and Jill you all have my deepest condolences; many prayers and hugs!  May Anne finally Rest In Peace!"

This tribute was added by Missy Olson on 2nd April 2017

"If you grew up in Glen Ellyn in the 70s and 80s, you knew of the Berry girls. Super fun. Super cute. Super smiles, As a teen, I loved hanging out at the Berry house. And not just because we could get away with things, truth be told we managed to get away with things at most of our houses... At Ellen's house, we taught ourselves to drive, penned some songs with questionable lyrics..and hosted a party or two for our friends... And then there was baby sister Anne. So dear and sweet and good. To me, she was the angelic one. Even at that young age, you could see that she posessed a grace and a light. Even today, I can see her face perfectly in my mind's eye. Hugs and kisses to you dear Anne as you start your next chapter."

This tribute was added by Dawn Kasserman on 1st April 2017

"I remember Annie as a really fun Aunt to Madison and Abbey.  I loved the way her face lit up when they came flying into the kitchen with a fun story of their day.  I especially remember Annie helping them get ready to Trick-or-treat, she was so excited for them.  Annie was a sweet soul."

This tribute was added by Amy Molberg on 31st March 2017

"To Anne:
I remember you as a shy, beautiful girl... a sensitive soul.  Just from looking at pictures of your life I get a sense of your beautiful spirit. Here's to you Anne Berry.. a life well lived, a path completed here but living on forever."

This tribute was added by Connie Flesvig Bane on 30th March 2017

"I light a candle for you.  So that you will continue to have light and so that someday I will be able to find my friend again."

This tribute was added by Erika Holden on 25th March 2017

"Fare well, Annie!!! I will certainly miss our lovely chats and your gentle spirit. Thanks for the seriously fun times! I met some wonderful people with and through you, Anne Berry. A true gem. Always thankful and appreciative of life, the last thing she said to me a few weeks ago was "Thank you, Universe."  Love you and see you in my dreams, Annie!  XO"

This tribute was added by Dali Tremarco on 22nd March 2017

"I'm leaving a flower for Anne to smell on the way.  (A bottle of wine for when she arrives)."

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