Let the memory of Anne be with us forever
  • 61 years old
  • Born on February 2, 1952 in Tennessee, United States.
  • Passed away on July 20, 2013 in Palm Springs, California, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our sister, Anne Cahill, 61, born on February 2, 1952 and passed away on July 20, 2013. We will remember her forever. Please share an "Annie" story we would all love to read them. Plus Anne would have liked it too.

Posted by Marlene Hand on 2nd February 2015
I would be among a bunch of friends calling you on your birthday so instead I will sing an out of tune Happy Birthday to you now. I am so very glad you were born because you gave so much to the world but I miss you so much. I know you are wearing a shamrock covered party hat in heaven and surrounded by your mama, daddy, Harvey, Alan, Bob,Freckles, all your bunnies and all the wonderful friends that passed before you. Love you forever, Marlene and Bob
Posted by Cheryl Anklam on 2nd February 2015
Happy B-day Anne. sure miss you. See you when I get to heaven. love you
Posted by Marlene Hand on 27th August 2014
so many viewers of sweet Anne's pagem Anne would have kicked my butt if she saw that I called her sweet...ha ha Anne, honestly you are kind, wonderful and a loyal friend even now (today over 500+ viewers). Please add a note. I know it is hard but it helps all of us that are grieving about losing this eccentric, honest and fantastic friend/sister. You know you love her so tell her! One or two sentences won't hurt you. Do it please. Anne will be so pleased... And if you think for a moment that Anne's spirit and soul doesn't visit us; well you are wrong. Anne would never leave us completely. She visits me all the time. I had to ask her to stop smoking when she came by and I am sure she thought that was funny and she laughs that sort of a cute cackle. She got me good there.If you don't feel her soul around you; it is because you have part of her inside you already. We will never completely lose Anne Cahill. She entered so many lives and made a huge impression...So...please write something! She would be so pleased and so will all the many many people who love her. Don't worry about being judged. Anne never judged people...she gossiped about us but she never judged. She said, "It is what it is" and that meant for her (so strong, so brave) and for you too! Show your love and stop being a namsy pamsy baby! Hopefully, I will open this page up soon and see some more love from you. You know who you are. Do it! thanks guys. As Anne would say, "I 'm out of dodge, for now".
Posted by Marlene Hand on 21st July 2014
Anne, one year ago yesterday you left us & moved on to heaven. I miss you very much and regret that while I had the chance; I passed up many times in the last few years to stay more in touch. I think about calling you all the time. Too late, Marlene. I am angry at myself for being petty about some things and once again you have taught me a powerful lesson. Talk it out and move on. Life is too short. I am trying harder to keep in touch with those I care about more often now especially since I am the one who is sick. I envied your positive attitude...no, I was jealous of it. I just couldn't and still can't deal with my illness issues like you did. Sure, you broke down but you really lived your life with such a wonderful happiness and kindness while I get withdrawn & cranky. I love you and miss you and I know many many other people do as well but are uncomfortable to write here. That is fine. Do what I do. Talk to her now. I truly believe that we communicate even now. She had "special abilities" and I think they have crossed over. Anyway, I did what you asked me to do with the small part of ashes I had of you. I felt your presence the entire time. I hope that it made you happy. Love you sister/friend. Until we meet again. Marlene
Posted by Cheryl Anklam on 21st July 2014
miss you sister, i still catch myself thinking about calling you, then have to stop myself. see you when we're together again in heaven. love you
Posted by Marlene Hand on 24th April 2014
Dear Anne, You know how much I love you my sister/friend! We have been friends for 46 years and the memories go through high school, after that, my first marriage, your marriage to Bob Olson (say hello to him for me), your true love after Bob passed on...Alan. You said he was your soul mate so it was so lovely that he came back into your life and now you have him with you forever. (and Bob!) So many loved ones of yours passed before you and I imagine the huge welcoming party when you arrived. I know you were delighted to see your mama again and meet your daddy for the first time really (you were just a baby when he passed on) I am very sure that your soul is surrounded with all those loved ones that you had to say goodbye to when they passed.That is one thing you had in big giant portions...love! I talk to you now everyday and I feel your presence around me and you have directed me in paths I may have missed so I thank you for that. You were a giver as a dear friend and a generous giver in Heaven as well. You show you are around me so often and I am very sure that you are watching and caring for your dear sisters, Candy and Cheryl and Berina. You had a huge personality. You were silly, funny, eccentric, loving, generous,intelligent, opinionated, and loved a good hearty laugh..I could go on and on. If someone met you just once; they would never forget you because you always left your positiveness with everyone you spoke to. We used to have our little fights but always knowing that it would be mended before we moved on...I was angry at first when your body gave up and God decided he needed you with Him. At first, I cried and kept yelling at you. Why, Anne? You survived so many things in your life here on earth and had so much pain and suffering. I thought you would stay with us longer here (selfishly to those who loved you) that Jesus would not take you yet. Then, finally a peace came over me and you began to inspire and "visit" me from Heaven and I understood that you had fought so hard to get through your hard ships and terrible pain that God knew you had done your job on earth long enough. It was time for you to escape that pain and become the angel you always were. You know how much I loved you and still do. You will live on in many many people lives and we talked about this before that you would visit all of those on earth that loved you and continue to spread hope, love and kindness. It won't be that long that I will meet up with you again. Give my mom a huge kiss for me. She passed a long time ago as your mama did but my mom has helped me partially heal now that you aren't here to talk to on earth anymore. Please keep showing up.You will always know my love and you still give me Hope. May Heaven be everything you hoped for and I am sure you are playing with Freckles even now as I write this. This is not a goodbye. It is till we meet again when I join you in Our Lord's arms. I am positive you will be part of my welcoming committee hopefully as lovely as the wonderful love and joy that your loved ones greeted you with. Love you always, please keep showing up to all of us that need you...Candy, Cheryl, Debbie, Sammye, all the old gang and all those people I don't know but you made a beautiful imprint of love, hope and faith in their hears as well. You are the wind beneath my wings. Oh and one last thing. Your sisters were kind enough to send me some of your ashes so I promise I will take them to the redwoods as soon as we can head up that way! Again, All my love, Marlene...I miss you with all my heart.
Posted by Cheryl Anklam on 2nd February 2014
Happy B-day sister. super bowl is on your birthday this year. that would have made you very happy. a great b-day present. miss you and love you
Posted by Candace Cahill on 17th August 2013
I love you and I miss you Sister.
Posted by Susan Hannon on 13th August 2013
No matter what she was going through or how she felt, Anne celebrated her life. It didn't matter if it was Valentine's Day or Labor Day - she would wear headbands with little hearts sticking up on springs, she gave out beaded necklaces for Mardi Gras, wore red, white & blue for Independence Day, etc. She is missed.
Posted by Jane Magarigal on 6th August 2013
Ann was one of the most courageous people I have known--truly a remarkable human being. Though I hadn't seen her in years, she was always in my thoughts and prayers. It is a miracle that she lived as long as she did. I am indeed grateful that I could call Ann a friend. She taught me a lot.
Posted by Jeremy Derenard on 29th July 2013
you will be missed by me and chewy so much, im down here crying in rejoice that your in heaven and not sufferring any more i love and miss u very much hope to join you in heaven when my day arrives, love jeremy and chewy

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