Love to Anne

Shared by ELIZABETH MULGREW on July 17, 2020

Annemarie helped me shoulder some of the heaviest burdens in my life, she was always there for me and made me feel good about myself.  When she came into the Mulgrew family I found a kindred spirit, she was full of life, a breath of fresh air, I needed her energy. We had similar interests, antiquing being one of them, some of my favorite pieces I bought with Anne. We spoke a few times every week, I will miss her answering the phone with her "Good Morning" or "Good Afternoon" greetings. She truly was a sister to me and I miss her terribly already. I considered her a true friend. Life will not be the same without her. If you were suffering Annemarie was the greatest support. Once, when I was especially down I told her the sound of her voice made me happy. I will miss having  a cup of tea with her.

I will miss my friend

Shared by Bruce Scull on July 15, 2020
Annemarie was the first new friend I made when I moved back to the lake and I will forever remember her.  Her legacy for me could be summarized in a quick moment we shared up near the softball field.  As I questioned why she would be up there pulling poison ivy vines out of the ground with her bare hands...for the record she had an arm immobilized and was also caring for Ava while minding Cicada...none of what she was doing looked remotely easy given her was thenshe explained to me that “one of the advantages to chemotherapy is that it prevented poison ivy from making her skin itch”.  She always had a positive outlook no matter the circumstance.  I grew to love this so much about her and always will.  Rest In Peace my sweet friend.  
Shared by Carmie Dottoli on July 15, 2020
Words seem so inadequate to express the deep sorrow felt by the loss of AnneMarie; they cannot mend our family's grieving and heavy, broken hearts.  Life will never be the same without that one of kind fighting spirit that all who knew Anne felt when they were in her presence.  What I personally admired the most about AnnaMarie is her later years when she made the choice to devote her life to Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior -- She will forever be an inspiration of strength and genuine truth.  

John 3:16  "God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life."
Shared by Colleen Sullivan on July 15, 2020
so many memories and this album meant so much to us..
Shared by Bobbi Weikel on July 15, 2020
AnneMarie came over here one day with Frank. She had to use the restroom and when she left I went in and there on my huge door mirror she had written, with soap, " Patty Hearst for President." ...What a laugh we have had over the years from that one stunt. Another was, she came down the campground where I was for the summer and built a memorial of a doll, sage, candles, twigs and much more and left a note , " Thanks for the metal Cabinet." A tall standing metal with about 8 shelves just like your Grandmother used to have....Well she wanted it, so she took it....She was a TRIP...There is so much more to talk about, but you all know, She would be SO PISSED OFF that she is on Facebook...I Love You Anne...

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