Posted by Victoria Zehringer on April 14, 2020
Her Journey's Just begun♡~
Don't think of this as being the end♡~
Annette~♡was able to lay that body down and
Was able to embrace Her~♡Wings and free Her~♡ Soul

Comfort Your minds with thoughts of Her~♡Being with Grandma Graham♡~and All of Her Family&Loved Ones that has long been passed.
She is Renewed♡~no longer wearing the burden of sin
of a life that once was..
May She~♡look upon Her loved ones that She left behind
May She~♡See their pain
May She ~♡Feel and See the Love they All had for Her
And May She~♡have comfort in knowing that it was always around~♡and still is.

O Lord,
In Your hands we place Annette. May You wash Her of a life that once was and May You renew Her soul. Amen.
I ask You to wrap Your arms around the loved ones She left behind..
Give their weary hearts rest,
Help them carry on through their sadness and grief.
May You heal the hurt that lingers because of Her loss.
Comfort our hearts.
Comfort our minds.
Shine Your guiding light on Us so We may see Our way out of this darkness.
We look to You for strength in this time of weakness.
We lean heavy on You so
You May help carry Us out of this sadness
for Our are hearts are heavy..
May You help heal this wound.
May You help rest Our minds with peaceful thoughts.
In Jesus name We Pray. Amen.

May you be at peace
Aunt Annette♡~ May you know you are Loved.
I truly believe that you are with Our Beloved Grandma Graham, Grandpa Bob, Grandma Tucky((and the list goes on❤))((And how much they are All Missed))..
How we long to see you all~♡
Till We All Meet Again.

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