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We were like Charlie's Angels!

Shared by rhonda weathers on April 30, 2021
I enjoyed the vacations  my aunt Ann and I took. We vacationed a lot in the 80's and always made plans for the next vacation before we parted ways in the Caribbean. OMG... we had so many laughs and shared beautiful stories. I was in my twenties and admired my aunt in so many ways. I was confused still trying to find my way through life. Ann and my mom would sit and listen watching out for me to make sure I didn't get into too much trouble. We laid on the beach, listened to the waves and moved our bodies to the sounds of Caribbean music. She loved to sing and dance!
My mother enjoyed watching us interact with each other. It's funny how you can feel so at peace with someone even though you are so many years apart but, my aunt Ann always made you feel comfortable. She was amazing in every way. 

She was the master at building a business. Never took "No" for an answer. LOL

My sweet angel  rest In peace. You will always hold a soft spot in my heart. 

Until we meet again rest my angel! 

Shared by Nelson Vane on April 30, 2021
 An awesome woman of God who had the audacity to tell those around her “You are someone special and great things are within you.” Words of encouragement she shared with me that I will forever hold dear and to this day speak over my children. I will always cherish the private time spent listening to her impart into me wisdom, guidance and even correction with love and support. My life has surely been blessed because you were in it Mrs Oliver.
 In the words of one of you favorite artist do know “You Are Appreciated.” Good night Queen Ann, see you in that great getting up morning! God bless the Oliver family and continue to strengthen them with your peace. 

For the love of MUSIC

Shared by Pasha Carter on April 24, 2021
We were walking down the street in New York and I knew as soon as my mom heard music that we were going to have to stop!

She LOVED giving musicians the praise that they deserved. She would ALWAYS take an extra minute to honor good musicians.


A Special Kind Of Love

Shared by Pasha Carter on April 23, 2021
My mom and my husband, Steve, had a special bond. He was one of the only people that could make her laugh when she was upset. 

I remember us being on the plane from Alabama to Texas.  Her dementia had gotten pretty bad. Steve held her and rocked her until she calmed down. He kept saying... "I've got you mom!". It was so beautiful that a passenger followed us off of the plane and told us with tears in eyes how moved he was.

Steve's love for her was unconditional.  

Most hilarious video ever!

Shared by Pasha Carter on April 23, 2021
I laughed for a good week after this video. My mom ALWAYS said exactly what was on her mind. 

Some days are hard!

Shared by Pasha Carter on April 23, 2021
Our journey of love.
I am thankful and humbled by the number of messages, phone calls, flowers, cards, and voice messages. I am going to share some of our journey in hopes that it helps someone who is going through it, has been through and is still processing, or will go through it in the future.
When you are the caretaker for a sick parent with a disease like dementia, it's heavy.  
Because people don't understand the disease, they blame the person. People judge, they disappear, they give up, and they take the person's actions personally.
My mom went through phases when she was angry, sad, and eventually peace.  
As I learned  more about her disease, I had so much clarity. My mom despised being "in a box", and dementia is an invisible box that traps the patient. She fought every day to get out. 
She wasn't giving us a hard time, she was having a hard time. 
I am going to slowly share my journey. I pray that my story can help someone else. 

Can you SMILE for me?

Shared by Pasha Carter on April 24, 2021
Dementia patients may forget a lot of things, but they remember HOW YOU MADE THEM FEEL!

There were many days when a simple smile was all I needed. 

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