Posted by Jeffrey Carter on May 3, 2021
Ms. Oliver -
Unique • resolute • strong • cool yet feisty • artistic • observant and wise; not to mention humorous, if you were privy enough for her to reveal that side of her.

She was family! - Mom to my dear sister-in-law Pasha and mother-in-law to my twin brother. Pasha and her mom shared a close, loving, unbreakable mother/daughter bond; and Ms. Oliver and my brother’s relationship was special.

I’ll miss listening to her unique perspective on various topics, and overhearing the conversations she shared w/ my wife over their common love for “all things music!”

REST WELL - ❤️❤️
- Jazzy 
Posted by Bev Weathers on May 1, 2021
Aunt Ann,
A kiss in the wind will find you in heaven, my heart will always smile and I will always be me because of your wise words.

Love u RIP until we meet again, Bev. Weathers
Posted by Dora Chambers on May 1, 2021
I have beautiful memories of Mother Oliver She had such a warm spirit. Many times, She would come up to me at the ACN conventions and hug me then look me right in my eyes and tell me how proud of me she was, and want we had All accomplished; in those moments, I felt Her warmth and the pride & joy of a Mother. It was Always very touching when She and My Mother would embrace; two proud Mothers sharing how proud they were of us. ❤️ My Mother sends her Condolences
Rest Well Mother Oliver ❤️
Posted by Sonya Allen on April 30, 2021
Mrs. Oliver (Auntie Ann),
I loved her and she loved me. I trusted her and she trusted me. She listened to me and always encouraged me. Pasha and I were inseparable and she blessed our sisterhood. My parents divorced and we moved. Within a year, I moved back in with my dad and right back next door to the Olivers. Sometimes I would watch for her car. Countless days I would ring the bell and wait on her to come to the door with her smile. She always had time to sit and listen and guide me. When I needed her to lift me, she did effortlessly. Her spirit always calmed me and reassured me. Sometime we just sat together quietly. When I was naive about things, she educated me. She gave me confidence when I needed it and encouraged me to dream big.
Auntie Ann always looked like she walked out of a page of Vogue magazine. Her home looked like House Beautiful magazine 365 days a year. Sometimes Pasha and I had the rare privilege of being with her in the master bedroom and enjoying the treasures inside. She’d let us have a fashion show with her amazing things!! We just knew we were destined to be famous models!!
Aunt Ann continued giving me treasures of love and wisdom for decades to come. I always rang the bell and waited to see her smile. On one of my visits home, we sat catching up on life as usual. I told her I wanted to go dancing but wasn’t going because I had nothing to wear and didn’t have time to shop in Montgomery. She asked me what I needed and told me to follow her. She led me into the magic of her closet. Ann Oliver only had the finest and she generously offered me whatever I wanted to wear that night!! She even had fabulous high heel sandals which fit perfectly (which was nothing short of a miracle). Once dressed, she had me walk for her and she reminded me that I could pursue a career in modeling. You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t the baddest babe in town that night! We met when I was just a girl. She really knew me and we were family.  She was my aunt, second mom, and my trusted friend who knew my secrets. When we were together, I was home.  She was friends with both of my parents long after their divorce. She guided me through high school, college, and many decades after. Ann Oliver loved me and I loved her. It was so much more than that, but I can’t ....
I have pics of the night I ruled the runaway dressed by Aunt Ann! I’m posting them.
Thank you (for everything), Auntie.
Posted by Donna Woolard on April 29, 2021
When I met Annie for the first time she was so warm loving and caring as a beautiful sister! I loved her spirit and dedication to always be there for her kids what ever they needed. and whatever they were doing.  That beautiful smile and soft voice was so welcoming you felt at ease and much love. I loved visiting and hanging with her during so many of our business/social events. She always looked like. million $ beautiful! Annie, you will be missed but
you truly did impact so many here. You will never be forgotten. You made me a better person and I am truly grateful that I had so many wonderful times with you, Pasha, Steve and the kids!! R. I P. LADY.. SO DESERVED!
Posted by Sherail Compass on April 29, 2021
Mrs. Oliver even though I never met you I truly know you were a great and Beautiful woman thru your daughter Pasha. Her love and kindness is unstoppable and I want to thank you for showing her that. You will most certainly be cherished and missed. My you now rest in peace with our heavenly father. Love U
Posted by Jia Webb on April 29, 2021
Mrs. Oliver, you’ll be greatly missed. I think back on the fashions shows that the girls and I had the opportunity to be a part of. You displayed a lot of style and grace. Pasha will be well taken care, of as you know. Between Steve, her children, and us,”The TDF Crew”. It has truly been a blessing. I feel as though God has gained a Diva and we have gained a guardian angel! God bless!!
Posted by Pasha Carter on April 24, 2021
I am who I am because of your unconditional love & guidance.
- I am where I am in life because of your words and advice.
- I am in a beautiful marriage because you refused to stay out of my relationships.
- I am an entrepreneur because you were one first.

You encouraged me to question the status quo and fight for what is right. 

Every student that was blessed to have you as their guidance counselor had doors of opportunities opened for them because of you.

You were a MOM to all of my friends. They all LOVED YOU! You were that cool mom that would pull up blasting Tupac, and then turn around and give ALL of my friends your advice on their relationships.

You never let ANYONE talk negatively about your kids. I remember my elementary school telling you that I needed to work on my conduct and you told them that they need to work on their teaching methods. Lord help me.‍♀️

You could sing and play the piano. You were a fashion icon. I remember looking forward to seeing what you wore to work because it was like my own fashion show.

I LOVE YOU MOM! Rest in POWER Give daddy a BIG HUG and an eskimo kiss from me.

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