Forever in our Hearts
  • 35 years old
  • Born on August 4, 1978 .
  • Passed away on May 3, 2014 .

This memorial website was created to bring Annie's family members, friends, colleagues, and students together to celebrate and remember Annie.  Please take a moment to share your love of Annie, your favorite memories, stories, and ways in which she touched your life.  This website will be treasured by her family and friends and a beautiful keepsake for her daughter, Ellen.

Details for Annie's Texas Memorial Service are below:

Please join us for a Memorial Service to
Celebrate and Remember Annie Parrott-Ondarza

Saturday, May 17th at 2pm.
Haltom High School
5501 Haltom Rd
Haltom City, TX 76137 

Details for Annie's Iowa Memorial Service are below:

Please join us for a Memorial Service to 
Celebrate and Remember Annie Parrott-Ondarza

Sunday, June 8, at 2:30 PM
First United Methodist Church
1621 North Main Street, Carroll, IA, 51401

REQUEST FROM ANNIE'S FAMILY: Please DO NOT wear black to the memorial service as Annie wanted bright colors!

In lieu of flowers, her family requests that you please consider honoring Annie's memory by continuing to support projects she was passionate about. Please find additional details in the link below and we encourage you to share it with others. Thank you for your support!

Posted by Judy Holmes on 5th August 2015
We met only briefly with her lovely Nan and daughter on a plane between Sydney to Cairns - admired her courage then and all through her journey that she allowed me to share - brave lady taken far too young xxxx. Some people touch your heart !!!!!!
Posted by Judy Holmes on 3rd May 2015
Have no pic but your face indelibly printed on my memory forever - shared your courageous journey xxxx
Posted by Cheri Wamsley on 28th April 2015
Just thinking about all the time we spent together this time last year....bittersweet memories...missing your sweet smile tonight...the ripple goes on and on. Life is good, Annie!
Posted by Susan Kuyper on 5th August 2014
Annie was so thoughtful! Every summer we would visit mother, Annie's great aunt, who lived in Pella where Annie attended Central. Mother would have the most amazing Halloween decorations, or birthday surprises, and always they came from Annie who would send fun and colorful care packages to her elderly great aunt!
Posted by Jenny Ivey on 4th August 2014
PRAYING ...... always be with us
Posted by Lindsay Moffitt Siefken on 4th June 2014
I lived with Annie when she first moved to Texas. She was like my protective sister. I learned so much from her and boy did we laugh a lot! I remember Annie coming home from work/ school one day and she asked me what "crunk" meant because kids in her class were saying it and she didn't know if she should let them use it. We had a lot of fun defining CRUNK that night. Although many years have passed I will cherish the memories and I wish the family peace and love.
Posted by Jennifer Miner on 30th May 2014
To Annie's Family- I did not know her well but several childhood memories of mine included her. We were are on the same Little League team for a couple of years. She always had a bright smile and positive attitude. I remember being the tallest girl at that age wherever I went so it was nice to meet another girl who was even taller than me. :) I am so sorry for your loss. When I think of her, I think of her smile. Jen (Steinkamp) Miner
Posted by Nate Olson on 28th May 2014
Annie, The thoughts I have about your courageous battle couldn’t be contained in this space. So, I wrote a column. God Bless, Nate
Posted by Lisa Dreesman on 13th May 2014
I first knew Annie as a Carroll Middle School volleyball coach. She was incredibly strong, incredibly tall, incredibly social, and incredibly high energy--and was always smiling and laughing. She was one of the first girls on the team to be able to serve overhand consistently. She was competitive--loved to win--and she played like she lived--take no prisoners and all out!
Posted by Betty Parker on 13th May 2014
I first met Annie at The Center while we were both 'enjoying' chemo. From the moment I sat down in the chair next to her, I was captivated by her outgoing personality, the light from inside her, the smile, the laugh, her energy and her openness to others. Over the months we became friends and she was such an inspiration to so many going through a difficult time. One of the things I admired most about Annie is the absolute all out way she lived her life -- she lived for EACH DAY, was grateful for each day and made the most of it. She never went through the motions, she lived her life. I feel very honored and blessed to have been a friend to this wonderful lady. She loved her family so much. Within 5 minutes of meeting her, she was showing me a picture of Ellen and telling me all about her. I will never forget you my friend and will forever love you.
Posted by Judi Kinder on 12th May 2014
An infectious smile, a charming dimple and a sense of humor, with a touch of mischief. A few things that will remain in my heart about Annie. She had a tender and kind heart. She will be missed and always loved and remembered for living her life and running her race well. Love ya girl
Posted by Owen Williams on 11th May 2014
Dear Jose & Ellen, I first met Annie in 1998 at Central College, Pella, IA. I'd arrived on a freezing cold campus late at night in January of that year, as part of a college exchange program with Trinity College, in Carmarthen, Wales (Annie would later take up the exchange opportunity in the Fall of '98). It was ridiculously cold. Quite how Iowans stand it, I'll never fathom! But I digress... Certain people stand out in the mind's eye in those formative years. Annie was one. Her friends Bonnie and Leanne too. They has zest. Verve. The French call it "joie de vivre" - a life-affirming zeal, an exaltation of spirit. Indeed, "spirit" defines Annie Parrott, as she was to me. Warmth too. And an infectious, joyous laugh. I last saw Annie in 2010, when she and Leanne arrived in Cardiff - where I now live. They'd called, out of the blue, and announced they were sitting in a bar and expected to see me immediately. I dropped everything and went. Immediately. We had a whale of a time. Then they decided they wanted to go dancing, and headed to a club of ill-repute... that's where that part of the story ends (because it was too ill in its repute even for me!). I know that Annie was hoping to visit Wales again in 2020... Consider this my tribute to your wife and mommy - you are welcome at our home in Wales at any time. Do an Annie. Just turn up. There'll always be a place for extended Parrotts here. She rocked, and will rock forever. Big love. Owen
Posted by Barbara Lockerman on 11th May 2014
Annie was my daughters best friend, but her beauty and fun flowed to anyone who met her. You couldn't help but be affected by her laugh and smile. I praise the family that raised her and Jose for keeping her life full till the very end. I can only imagine the fun she is having now. My thoughts and prayers go to all of you.
Posted by Jennifer Moses Markum on 11th May 2014
Jose & Ellen, I first met Annie when she returned to Academy at West Birdville after maternity leave. I was the new nurse & she was the first teacher I bonded with. She was a TRUE teacher--not only from a book, but she taught life lessons. She was radiant. She was compassionate. She was kind. Her laughter was contagious. She found the best in every situation--good or bad. She ALWAYS had a smile. She came to see me in the clinic everyday & we would laugh & cut up like we were school girls. After learning that she was trying to work & still nurse Ellen, I set up a Mother's room where she could go pump, relax & put her feet up for a bit. You, Ellen, were the apple of her eye. Jose, she talked all the time about what a great husband you were & that she had truly been blessed to marry her best friend. I will never forget the day I learned of her illness. I cried, no I sobbed and had so much anger. It just didn't seem fair. She put on a smile & began the fight. I recall one conversation in which she said she had to fight. Not for herself, but for the two of you. She was the strongest, most fearless woman I have ever known. I am blessed to have known her & called her my friend. She touched many, many lives in her time on this earth. Much love goes out to both of you.
Posted by Susan Kuyper on 9th May 2014
Annie brought light and life into every room she entered. She brought joy and enthusiasm into every life she touched. I am especially grateful for her visits and presents to her Great Aunt Joyce. Crazy fun Halloween bags, fun Christmas surprises, all made Mom smile. We will miss her! We will honor her with our continued efforts at life and joy and enthusiasm.
Posted by Cheri Wamsley on 9th May 2014
Annie, you were, and still are, the light to so many people. The ripple effect of those you touched will be forever felt. The time we spent together was such a blessing to me. There are so many good memories...I miss you so and gentle hugs.
Posted by Vicki Sympson on 9th May 2014
I learned from you how to be a more caring teacher. I learned from you how to laugh at myself. I miss your cheerful voice, your vibrant smile. We will love you forever and are thankful we were in your path.
Posted by Adrienne Kern on 9th May 2014
You once said to me, "I'm going to live. Living has different meanings for everyone." Although I only knew you for a short time, your legacy of a life well-lived will always inspire me.
Posted by Judy Holmes on 9th May 2014
I met Annie, her daughter & her Grandmother on a flight from Sydney to Cairns - she made a big impression on me & invited me join her Facebook Page - her courage in the face of adversity has been astounding - I'm extremely sad to hear of her passing - she deserved a better outcome - xxxxx Judy Holmes
Posted by Latrecia Woods on 9th May 2014
From your cookies, artwork, spunk, crazy laugh, and loving heart you will never be forgotten. There's only one word that will truly describe you and that's fearless. There was nothing you couldn't do or wouldn't try. I love you sis and will always keep you in my heart.
Posted by Jenny Ivey on 8th May 2014
we know you will always be with your Love and Ellen and with us PRAYING for you all
Posted by Toni Ramirez on 8th May 2014
I will keep your memory alive in my heart and will work on making my life as meaningful as yours. I truly miss you!

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