• 81 years old
  • Date of birth: Sep 2, 1928
  • Date of passing: Jun 12, 2010
Let the memory of ANNIE be with us forever
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, ANNIE SKIPPER, 81, born on September 2, 1928 and passed away on June 12, 2010. We will remember her forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Bertha Turner on 29th September 2017

"hello mother!!! I been trying to get in to your memories sence your 89th birthday and just now getting in,  i didn,t forget your birthday  as aways it was one of my very sad days of the year,so mom HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, I put you on face book with a picture of me and you together on your birthday, Sept (2) 2017.,  all our holidays days are sad sence you been gone. but we still have to go on with the pleasure of knowing you are looking down on us,, your birthday,Thankgiving, Christmas, and mother days Is the saddest days of the year for me.but mom i know James,Roy & Faye along with our other love ones hope you celebrate a happy heavenly birthday you all are miss so much,it so much is gone around here babies been born one is about to be born that one is my great grand baby which is Meka first grand baby. which will make (9) Great grand. for and your great great, have gone on. mom lifes is been taken and life is been born, only God knows,you give my brothers and sister a big hug and kisses  you all continue to RIP. mom love and miss you all a whole lots,always my love my sweet angel. bye for now."

This tribute was added by DOROTHY DeJARNETT on 2nd September 2017

"Mommy, I miss you so much, today would have been such a special day but it's been sadness and sorrow. If we could share just one more day, if there was just one more tomorrow. But birthdays  are a time for reflection to look over a year that's past, and I can't believe another year has gone by, the time it goes so fast.You have missed so many babies being born, Derrick got married again and I gained three more beautiful grands with his marriage making me have a total of five, I even have a teenager, Derrick's oldest son is thirteen, I never dreamed of having such a large family and it feels great. Donald's daughter Maya got married a week after Derrick. They were both beautiful weddings I just wish you could have been here for all our happy occasions but memories of all the happy times we did share will forever in my heart will stay. I'll treasure each and every one till we meet again some day. It's getting late 10:35 I need to get ready for bed got to be to work tomorrow at 8:30 so I'll say goodbye for now and blow a kiss to heaven above to wish you a happy birthday and send you all my love. Continue to enjoy your heavenly peaceful rest mommy. Kiss Daddy,Eddie Joe,Brenda Faye,James, And Roy for me tell them I love and miss them dearly."

This tribute was added by Bertha Turner on 12th June 2017

"Hello mother!!! Another year have come around that i had to say good bye to you, and it still not an easy day, (7) year seen like yesterday. that hole you left will never be fill. there is not another you,today is just like saying bye to you all over again. its always hard mom. but i know you are in a peaceful and better place. for now mom i am going to say bye again. you continue to, RIP.  I LOVE AND MISS YOU,"

This tribute was added by DOROTHY DeJARNETT on 7th June 2017

"Hi Mommy, Just sitting here looking back upon my memories of you and I just want you to know my love and respect for you grows even stronger. I wonder some days if you realized just how much you meant to me , how much I love you, and how much I appreciate all that you done for me. I will always love and miss you. Until we meet again continue to fly high my angle."

This tribute was added by Bertha Turner on 14th May 2017

"Hello mom, what can i Say, I love and miss you so much. the pain of losing  you never goes away, here a poem for you, mother even though you're  no longer, with us.I thank about you daily I see you in the flower iI hear you in the wind. I feel you in the sunshine. I know you are always with me, you are my guardian angel.I know you are smiling down on me and your beautiful grand-children. mom thank you for giving me life thank you for loving me dearly., i love you today,tomorrow and for ever HAPPY MOTHER DAY MOM."

This tribute was added by DOROTHY DeJARNETT on 14th May 2017

"Dear Mama this is seven years you have not been with us on Mother's Day. I just want you to know how much I miss you every day and how much I love you so. I cannot send you a card but I can send you my love upon the wings of angles to heaven above. I wish a HAPPY  MOTHER'S DAY for you were the best to have for my mother. I knew I had been blessed. Rest in peace my angel one day I know we will be together again. The next time I see you I know it will be forever."

This tribute was added by DOROTHY DeJARNETT on 16th April 2017

"Hi mommy  .. Today marks the 6th Easter without you. Holidays just have not been the same since you left us. I worked today but I couldn't stop thinking about how things would have been if you were here. I can see everyone gathering at the house enjoying good home cooking and good conversation with all your grands, great grands, and great great grands running around outside .. It would have been a grand time kicking off the first of many family functions for the year. I know you are smiling down on all of us and I know you celebrated today with daddy, Eddie Joe, Brenda Faye, James, and Roy. Just knowing you have them to celebrate with make my heart rejoice but still missing and loving all of you dearly. No matter how much time have passed some days are still hard for me especially since I am alone and have so much time to think about you. I know one day we will meet again so until then continue your peaceful rest my angel .. I love and miss you so much lady .."

This tribute was added by Bertha Turner on 2nd January 2017

"Hello mother!!! another year have ending & another year have begun,year of (2017),,,,,,come June (12) it will be (7) year that we had to say goodbye to you and let God have you back, as a beautiful Angel, between (2010) and 2017) Every second, every min, every hour, everyday every month, & every year, mom you have been miss, but it still seem like yesterday,your body and soul maybe resting in heaven but your love and spirit is resting in our heart. as away's. we will always miss and love you mom. so mother our angel continue to RIP. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE,"

This tribute was added by Bertha Turner on 28th November 2016

"HELLO MOTHER!!!,,,,, Another year is about end, Thanksgiving have gone now Christmas is upon us, Holidays have never been the same,i celebrated with my children,grand and grate grand, Patricia is still trying to keep up with one of your FAMILY tradition Christmas dinner.which you are there in our heart.but up there watching it all. but you know mom everything is ok. i help Patricia where i can,the other just show up as always. mom Trish is a lots like you, you taught us to cook among other thing, Patricia deserve all the praises, mom she is there for all of us that include me, God made her a very strong woman,  to deal with this lease some of them, haha, miss James from looking for potatoes salad. lol,, but i miss them all,, Eddie,dad,Faye, Roy you  @ James, but life must go on, with out y'all, so y'all continue  to RIP. I LOVE YOU ALL.>>>>>>>>>,"

This tribute was added by Bertha Turner on 20th September 2016

"OH mom it have got late it 2;15 in the morning, i hurt so bad when i sit down and go to get up or lay down, and go to get up but i guess that part of getting on up in now i'm off to bed i want stay away so long next time, i love and miss you so much mother give my brothers and sister a big hug for me I also miss them,old mom you have a new great grand baby, her name is Emori E'dena , i'm going to count up and see how many grate grand  you have yo got now R.I,P, MOM"

This tribute was added by Bertha Turner on 14th June 2016

"Hello mom!!! as you no on the (12) of June which was yesterday, you left a hole in my heart that no other mom can replace, yesterday was a sad day mom, because it mark (6) year you left us, it still hurt like it was yesterday but mom we know you are in a better place, and we except it cause we love you but God love you best, we know you are our angel now watching over us (your children) along with BRENDA,,,,JAMES,,,, ROY,,,, DAD,,,& MY husband EDDIE, mom you & all the rest is so missed and we all love you all, (for ever) till we meet again, you guys continuous to R,I,P,,,,"

This tribute was added by Bertha Turner on 8th May 2016

"HI, MOM WELLI NO YOU KNOW today is, another mother day without you , we can't come to your house anymore, but mom I know you are watching over all of us and we still love you just as much, my grand-daughter your g-grand -daughter cook dinner for us today it was very nice, everything was good, she did good for her first family dinner, but you was all around that table mom, I know James & Roy celebrated with you in heaven and the rest of God angel. RIP mom you are not here with me but you are so miss and love down here, noting like a mother love,(your love mom). sad time but by God grace I made it through;"

This tribute was added by Bertha Turner on 26th November 2015

"Jessie Skipper,,,(1921,,,,1974),,,,(Brenda Faye,,,(1963,,,1993)
Eddie Turner,,,,,(1945,,,,2010),,,,
Annie P, Skipper,,,(1928,,,,2010),,,
James Skipper,,,(1945,,,,,2015),,,
Roy Skipper,,,(1950,,,,2015),,,,"

This tribute was added by Bertha Turner on 26th November 2015

"Hi mom, I know by now you have another son up there with you,ll by now, i know that make you happy but leave us so sad, we had to travel a long ways to say good by to our brother,but we did it, its another Thanksgiving up on us again a time we miss your face, voice,your love and your cooking,  i love and miss you mom, kiss my too brothers and my sister, and Happy Thanksgiving  to you all, and cont, to R,I,P,,"

This tribute was added by Bertha Turner on 9th May 2015

"Hello mom!! another mother day is upon us, without you again,but mom i no you is in a better place with god angel, in your heavenly home, but you are love and miss from here so much,mom this is one of my tearing days  my heart ache for you, GOD IS GOT YOU NOW and made you one of his heavenly angel, that make me happy,because i no you are still watching over me,i no Faye and James is singing happy mother to you, MOM WE ALL MISS AND LOVE AS ALWAYS, R,I,P,"

This tribute was added by Bertha Turner on 7th January 2015

"Hello mom!!! I know you are watching over me I love and miss you so much, mom it a new year 2015 coming up to (5) years you been gone from this earth,thank about you everyday it still don't seen like it been that long, wish heaven had visiting hours, well mom  R,I,P,AND CONT-TO sinh and shout with the angles"

This tribute was added by Bertha Turner on 28th November 2014

"Mom thanksgiving 2014,,,,,,,,,, mom another Thanksgiving have come again without you been with us, no home to run to but our own, mom time like this, is when i miss you so much,but i no you are watching over me still, my thanksgiving was good thank God for seeing fit to keep me around just a little while longer,we gather at Anita house today we cook collar green,potatoes,casserole,potatoes salad,yam,corn on cob,mac n cheese,ham,turkey,apple pie,and red velvet cake,miss you mom so R,I,P, and happy Thanksgiving."

This tribute was added by Bertha Turner on 13th June 2014

"Hi mom i didn't forget you yesterday that you left us and this earth to be with your heavenly father yes mom its been (4) years but it don't seen that long, you are always on my mine and you will away's be in my heart until we meet again, i love and miss you every day sent you departed your life from down here with me,you was my mom down here but now mom you are my darling angel watching over me, mom cont, to R,I,P MY SWEET LOVELY MOTHER,"

This tribute was added by Bertha Turner on 12th May 2014

"Hi mom didn't get to stop by yesterday but i didn't for get you so here is a flower for you, mom you no as away's for the past three year you was not here you have been miss so much, where we would have been at your house on mother day.everybody was during there own thing at there own home, at lease i was.very sad, but the lord brought me through it, my angel i no you was watching us and see we are all during fine.mother i love and miss you everyday, cont, to R,I,P, MOM, BIG HUGS AND KISSES UP TO HEAVEN TO YOU AGAIN ,,,,HAPPY MOTHER DAY.WITH THE ANGEL."

This tribute was added by Deanna Young on 3rd April 2014

"idk how i ran across this i didnt even know it was made so i said maybe its a sign so I will pay my respects to this precious lady i met 10 years ago she is a beautiful woman she was always so loving and smiled everytime dt took me and my girls to see her.May she rest in paradise gone but not forgotten loved this lady :)"

This tribute was added by Bertha Turner on 6th January 2014

"hello mother! well its a new year.2014, nothing change except you are still not down here with me in body but mom i no you are here in spirit. i no you are my darling angel watching over me.thank you mom for the wonderful 66 years i had with you.,,,, still loving and missing you mom

This tribute was added by Bertha Turner on 22nd December 2013

"Hi mom its all most Christmas,just too days away. this is one of the time i miss you most.i no you are happy where you are. i no you all so watching over me right still hurt so bad to no you want be here with me ex-special on these holidays mom (tears,tears,)but i will be ok. you are my special ANGEL now mom I will always miss & love you mom. so MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR. FROM EARTH TO HEAVEN. TO MY MOM THE ANGEL  (more tears ) R,I P MY DEAR SWEET LADY.  I love you but God love you best."

This tribute was added by Bertha Turner on 8th October 2013


This tribute was added by Bertha Turner on 5th September 2013

"I,ll miss you today and I,LL miss you tomorrow. but God knows best and will dry up my sorrow. the angels reached down from above to relieve you of your pain. to comfort you and let the sunshine in the place of rain.,,Today I may weep,,, tomorrow i may mourn but love will keep me together and warm & you going home mean your heart will no longer be worn.,,,,,,,,,,,,,love you mom ,, Bertha.."

This tribute was added by Bertha Turner on 3rd September 2013

"mom today is you 85th birthday. just so sorry you not here for us to help celebration it with you. but i no you had  a good time with the other Angels in your heavenly home. I miss & love you so much mom. R.I.P. my dear sweet mother.,,,,,,,,, love forever.,,,,,,,, 1928 -2010"

This tribute was added by Bertha Turner on 11th May 2013

"mom its mother day again with out you, but its ok, i no you are in heaven with god and my angel watching over me, & your other children mommie you maybe gone but never for gotten.. when you left  us you left a  hole in all our hearts. but its ok. we no you are in a better place so i just want to say happy mother mom i love &
miss you so much.R,I,P, MY DEAR SWEET MOTHER.>>>>>>5/12/2013"

This tribute was added by Shavonica Reed on 16th April 2013

"Wow!! This is so beautiful Aunt Bertha!!! We love and miss you Grandma Skipper.....boy I tell you she loved the kids even the bad! I can hear her voice every time my little ones do something and I go to discipline them...."Yall leave dem chillen alone".....(IN ANNIE PEARL VOICE) I miss the good times and those wonderful meals....You are truly missed!!"

This tribute was added by Bertha Turner on 16th April 2013

"the woman we call mother you were the best mom any children could have. you raise the younger children without our father,that make you the best mom or all time,mom you was there for all of us.birthdays all holidays which was awesome. which is not the same without you. you left a hold in all our hearts but we also no you are in a better place in heaven with  all god angels watching us."

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