Posted by Nwogo Agbasi on March 12, 2021
My friendship with Jane dates back to secondary school days when she spent her holidays with the Ilogus’ who lived next door to us at the UNN.

The friendship blossomed and shortly all her gorgeous brothers became like brothers to me. I recall Nnamdi visiting me in Jos while on a business trip in the 80s.

Fast forward, Nnamdi spent most of his last 18 months in the US so we got to share our views and experiences. You all know Nnamdi can engage you on any topic. In his soft spoken way, it was easy to talk with him for hours.

We shared fears of covid 19 and vitamin immune boosters. He was very careful. But it was time. And he was ready. I know he was because sometimes when I called Jane she would tell me she was praying with Nnamdi. I recall thinking, what brother prays with her sister.

Such was the closeness Jane and nnamdi shared. In addition to Jane being his dedicated chef. I would always ask what she cooked for him. Nnamdi loved good cuisine.

Nnamdi became part of our discussions. But my most compelling memory was September 19, 2019 when he passionately prayed OZOEMEZINA. 
And here we are. Can we question God’s goodness? No we can’t because Nnamdi ran a good race and rested.
Nwogo Agbasi
Posted by Leroy C Edozien on March 11, 2021
Nnamdi, you left this side of the divide unexpectedly but we submit to the will of the Omniscient. We try to soothe the anguish of your transition by reprising mental images of your handsome face, winsome smile, amiable personality and calm disposition. We take comfort in the belief that your immortal soul has marched on and is in the company of heavenly hosts. Requiescat in pace.
Posted by Noel Ilogu on March 10, 2021
It took me a while to get myself to write this tribute, our hearts are heavy but by God's grace we shall prevail. Nnamdi was my first cousin and although I had known him from childhood we became even closer in recent times with him spending more time here in the US. He certainly was a gentle giant and a man of peace, always smiling, a smile that warmed many a heart. In addition to being a man of faith in our heavenly Father he was very intellectual and I could spend hours talking with him on matters of life, philosophy and the arts. Bros Nnamdis also had a listetening ear and was a wise source of counsel. Indeed we believe he is now resting in the bossom of the Lord and we pray that light perpetual may shine upon him. For the entire immediate and extended family we pray for strength and God's grace, amen.
From: Noel & Sandra Ilogu.
Posted by Nwogo Agbasi on March 10, 2021
My friendship with Jane dates back to secondary school days when she spent her holidays with the Ilogus who lived next door to us at the UNN.

The friendship blossomed and shortly all her gorgeous brothers became like brothers to me. I recall Nnamdi visiting me in Jos while on a business trip in the 80s.

Fast forward Nnamdi spent most of his last 18 months in the US so we got to share our views and experiences. You all know Nnamdi can engage you on any topic. In his soft spoken way, it was easy to talk with him for hours

We shared fears of covid 19 and vitamin immune boosters. He was very careful. But it was time. And he was ready. I know he was because sometimes when I called Jane she would tell me she was praying with Nnamdi. I recall thinking, what brother prays with her sister.

Such was the closeness Jane and nnamdi shared. In addition to Jane being his dedicated chef. I would always ask what she cooked for him. Nnamdi loved good cuisine.

Nnamdi became part of our discussions. But my most compelling memory was September 26 2019 when he passionately prayed OZOEMEZINA. 
And here we are. Can we question God’s goodness? No we can’t because Nnamdi ran a good race and rested.
Nwogo Agbasi
Posted by Louis Edozien on March 8, 2021

Our hearts are heavy as we pay this parting tribute to our elder cousin and uncle Anthony Nnamdi Obiago.

During the Biafran War, I Louis, lived together for a time as brothers and sisters with Nnamdi and some of my other cousins. While our grown ups were tearing down the idyllic world they and their parents had built for us, for reasons we did not understand, we occupied ourselves and revealed our characters to each other as only children can. We were inspired by the charmers and leaders amongst us: Vincent and Leroy. We were awed by the brainy intellects of Joseph and Richard. We sought the protection of the indestructible enforcers, who no one dared cross: Robert, Uche and Margaret. We emulated the gentle souls amongst us: Anthony, Felicia, Valerie, Jane and Dennis. Anthonia, Ndu, Henry, Ngozi, the rest of us and I loved, feared and respected our elder siblings. 

But there was only one master strategist amongst us who we all loved and admired immeasurably. He invented the games we played with paw paw stem planes and stick soldiers. He organized the many escapades that made those war years memorable and formative, despite the hardship. Anthony Nnamdi. From childhood Nnamdi demonstrated the creative, enterprising genius that stayed with him throughout his life and career, from his studies after the war in Nigeria and the United States, to his pioneering work in the development of mining back in Nigeria, when most of us where still trying to find our feet. We knew him to be an inspiring brother, in-law, uncle and entrepreneur. 

We are particularly sad that he left us at this moment when we are now the grown ups, watching as some of us are trying to tear down the little we, and our parents before us, have built for our children.

May Anthony Nnamdi Obiago's soul rest in peace in heaven.

Louis Nwabuwane, Ndidi, Nwakoso and Nwanneamaka Edozien
Posted by Lester Azinge on March 6, 2021

From my philosophical perspective; every day we all die a little and every day we all live a little; but at last, we all must die fully, so as to be subsumed in a brand new life with God.
In the words of the famous playwright, - WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE- “It seems to me most strange that men should fear, seeing that death, a necessary end will come when it will come”.
DR. ANTHONY NNAMDI OBIAGO has played his part and taken a bow. He was a strong, silent, and self-contained personality. He had an admirable carriage, a great smile, and a charming aura! Tony was energetic, outgoing, and greatly devoted to friends and family, he was also a generous, debonair, and quintessential gentleman.
Tony (aka “Namdis” or Uncle T”), was my cousin, my friend, my confidant, and a regular part of my family during his off and on sojourn in Jos, Nigeria, between 1988 and 2001.
When my wife Pamela and I asked him to be the Godfather to our newborn baby girl, Dumebi in 1989, he delightfully accepted. He dutifully played that role, constantly keeping in touch and advising her, until he took his sudden bow from Earth.
Tony was a great entrepreneur, highly intelligent, full of ideas, detailed, very expressive, and a high-risk taker. He was the managing director of a group of companies, including PROPER TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED, an International company that engaged in the prospecting, exploration, mining, processing, and export of solid minerals such as cassiterite, tantalite, barite, kaolin, tourmaline, aquamarine, and gold, - the precious stone that eventually made him relocate from Jos to Ibadan where there was more deposit.
He loved his business and gave his whole soul and energy to it. I was glad to act as the legal adviser and solicitor to his company, helping him organize the secretarial, administrative, and legal departments of his thriving business.
Tony was a regular visitor to my home with Carla, Nnamdi (Jnr.), and Obias, and relished tremendously, Pamela’s African and Continental dishes. Despite the constraints of time and distance, he endeavored to attend Pamela’s mother's 86th birthday celebration, a few years ago in Alor, Anambra State, all the way from Ibadan, with his wife June and their son Luka. A show of love and affection which we shall treasure forever.
My dear brother, we are pained by your sudden and unexpected departure, but we know that your kind and gentle soul with find favor with God. We shall take solace in the words of the famous writer, JOHN MARK GREEN, who wrote as follows;
“How do we go on, after the unthinkable happens? How can we carry the burden of knowing that the world can be cruel and dangerous; the future so unpredictable. How do we grieve with empty arms and a head filled with echoing memories?
We are stronger than we know and this is how to show it; Holding each other,
giving comfort in the midst of pain, loving more fiercely through our actions and the things we say; making the world just a little bit better every single day. Never taking life for granted knowing that it can be snatched away. This world may bring deep darkness, but we are the bearers of light. We’ll join our flames together, and shine in the blackest of nights!”
(on behalf of Pamela, BB, Dumebi, and C.J Azinge)

Posted by Emeana Confidence Onyinye... on March 4, 2021
The first time I met Papa Nnamdi was in 2019 when I came visiting Obias, he was a very cheerful and loveable person we spent the night listening to him as he shared with us the history of Nigeria. I was in shock when I heard the news of his passing away, It is indeed a huge loss....
I pray that the Lord will comfort every member of the Obiago's family. May the lord accept the soul of Papa Nnamdi.
It is well.

Confidence Emeana
Posted by Gbenga Johnson on March 2, 2021
Dear Daddy,
"The Irreplaceable Model"
Indescribable love, you bestowed
Inexplicable affection, you exhibited
Ineffable congeniality, you exuded
Your selflessness was unmatched!
Your cordiality, unparalleled!
Your warm-heartedness, unprecedented!
A great father and a loving husband
A pillar of support for all
Strong and sturdy
Empathetic and auspicious
You fostered and nurtured with a passion
You left an indelible mark on every life you encountered
Daddy, It was unthinkable that you embarked on this sojourn to the great beyond
Without a proper farewell
My mind fails to fathom your demise
My family hold you dear but we must let you rest
Our hearts are broken
As you departed from this earth
But we are consoled by the legacies you handed down
You will undoubtedly be missed forever!
From Gbenga Johnson and family.
Posted by Kereaseen Eboreime on March 2, 2021
My sincere sympathy to Auntie Opi and family. What a great lost to a wonderful family. I pray that Holy Spirit will comfort your family and friends.
Though I did meet uncle Nnamdi, I heard great things about him from my sister Empress, that he fears God, his family is priority, and a cheerful giver.
Uncle Nnamdi, keep shining and smiling for Jesus in your mansion.
It's well with you Auntie Opi, and God will surprise you forever.

Tobilola Eboreime.
Posted by Uche Obiago on March 2, 2021
One of the things I remember about Uncle was his smile. He would seem rather warm and inviting when he smiled and lit up the room. It’s a shock that he is no longer with us. May you rest in peace.
Posted by Mrs Olaide Ikpele on March 1, 2021

We take consolation in the fact that the good Lord knows best why he took away such a colossus from us. A venerable Patron who always gave the choir good and wise counsel in his life time. He supported the choir spiritually and financially. We were deprived of having him with us for long periods due to his frequent travels. Whenever he traveled overseas he would send songs to the choir to edify the Church.
I remember his last conversation with me at his last attendance in Church about a month ago, when he asked how the choir was doing. He said I should call to remind him of the next choir rehearsal on Friday that week, so that he could attend. Alas! This was not to be!
Nonetheless, we are comforted by the fact that he played his part on earth, left us with fond memories that will live with us forever.
It was a privilege and an honour having him as our Choir Patron.

We loved him very much and pray that we'll meet again in New Jerusalem in Jesus Christ name!

Olaide Ikpele Mrs
Choir Leader
Christ Disciples Church, Samonda, Ibadan.
Posted by Mrs Bukola Oduwole on March 1, 2021

We still cannot come to terms with the fact that Dr. Nnamdi Obiago have exchanged mortality for immortality. His concern for the education of the children in the Church endears him to the mothers in our midst. He was strict on matters that bordered on spiritual involvement. He was a strong pillar of support not only to the women's fellowship but to the entire Church. Without his permission, support and love of the women's fellowship, his wife would not have had the opportunity and the time to have played the very important roles she played in the fellowship. We note that he stood firmly with her and encouraged her to be of service not only to the women's fellowship but to the entire church.

We deeply appreciate the many suggestions for the physical and spiritual development of the women in the church that came from him. He always wanted to know what programmes were going on amongst the women and had an encouraging words for us. Though his business and family concerns took him from the church for long periods, he nevertheless kept in touch and made useful spiritual contributions on the Church WhatsApp platform that enriched the spiritual lives of all.
He tapped from his wide contact to bring useful information on health matters, local and international politics that broadened the outlook of many members of the Church.

He was a great advocate for emancipation of physical structures in the Church. Always concerned about how worship in the house of God could be made more interesting and comfortable for members. He will be greatly missed. We are comfortable in the fact that we know he is resting in the bosom of the Lord.

Mrs B. A. Oduwole
For the Women Fellowship
Christ Disciples Church
Samonda, Ibadan
Oyo State.
Posted by Oka Family on February 26, 2021
The life cycle of a man sometimes is like that of flowers.
They bloom beautifully and suddenly they are gone .
Nnamdi wasn’t just another man .
He was part of our family .
A husband .A brother.  A friend.
Life is temporary
But the kingdom of God is eternal.
Though our hearts are burdened with pain.
As we still cannot fully comprehend the ways of God.
We have to give gratitude for his life that was well lived 
God giveth and taketh away.
Nnamdi’s wisdom, love and
Kindness will be truly missed.
When Christians pass away their spirit stays alive.
Like a dormant flower or tree they will spring back alive at the resurrection.
Nnamdi is like a flower that is sleeping to bloom again in
Through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen.

With love from the Oka family .
Posted by Morin Fifo on February 24, 2021
I remember meeting you for the 1st time at Obiageli's grad from University of Maryland in 2009. You seemed so cheerful, friendly and full of life.

I was so sad to hear the news of your passing but God knows best. I know Obi was very fond of you and I'm sure your entire family. May God keep your loved ones and may your memory live on in your children.

Morin Fifo (friend of Obiageli)
Posted by Ndidi Scott on February 24, 2021
RIPP Uncle Tony

I’m still so saddened and shocked by your sudden passing. Thank you for all the memories we created over the years from Lagos to London.

Forever in our hearts xxx
Posted by Victor Edozien on February 23, 2021
Dear Bros Tony:

The last three times I saw you, we were at funerals…Uncle U, my mother’s funeral mass in New York, and at her burial at Asaba. You brought comfort to me and my siblings. I never knew in a short while that we will be mourning you and in sadness that our Lord has taken you from us. We will miss your smile and presence forever. You were always the bright light entering the room. Your presence was indeed the light that always sought to brighten everyone around you. Trying to understand and making sense of your death will come at us as massive waves of grief; however, we will hold tight to your light and remember the happiness and joy you brought to our family. Our faith tells us Life is eternal… eternal life is what our Lord promised us. I know I will see you again. Tony, until we meet again, adieu and may you rest in the bosom on our Lord. God bless you and Rest in Peace.

Remembering you with fondness.

Victor Edozien
Posted by Katherine Perry on February 22, 2021
Rest in Peace Dr. Anthony Nnamdi Obiago

We remember you fondly, though you have gone.

Gone from our sight but secure in our hearts.

Our prayers speed you on, to eager loving arms who need wait no longer.

Just out of view, where our grief is their joy, where an earthly goodbye is a heavenly hello. Joy that one day we too shall know.

Love from,
Jide, Katherine & Remi Adeniyi-Jones
Posted by Clarence Lott on February 22, 2021
Nnamdi was TRUE friend and a GREAT human being! My first trip to Nigeria, in January of 1983, was with Nnamdi and my cousin, Kwame Olatunji (God rest his soul). We stayed at Nnamdi's cousin's house in Surulere and spent the first day visiting friends and relatives, of both, all over Lagos until late in the night. It was fabulous and Nnamdi wanted me to see and experience EVERYTHING! He had his own business to handle, but he made me his priority, and I will always remember that trip because of my Brother, Nnamdi!!! I could not have had a better introduction to Nigeria, and Africa! I lost touch with him for several years and the Good Lord reconnected us early in 2020. I am sure that I talked with him nearly every day up to a few days before his untimely transition. I will cherish those conversations.

Nnamdi loved God, his family, Nigeria and living a good life. I will miss him forever! 

May he rest in Peace with the Lord, forever!

I will see you again my Brother!
Posted by ANU ANU2006 on February 22, 2021
RIPP Dr Anthony Nnamdi Obiago.

Our dear brother and friend, thanks for all your kind words and encouragement to us all. May your spirit continue to rest in perfect peace, and we pray love, comfort, strength and unity upon the family in Jesus mighty name.

Rev Oladele Chukwuemeka Paul & Yinka Taiwo
Posted by Abiodun Odejayi on February 22, 2021
We wish that we were today writing an eulogy for Dr. Nnamdi Obiago in respect of one of his numerous achievements, not his funeral. We however know that God knows best and we are thankful (1 Thessalonians 5:18).
Bro Nnamdi was a well loved man. A man that loves God and not only submits himself to work for God, but has a relationship with God and hears from Him regularly. God blessed him and he in return blessed a lot of people in different ways. His time here on earth was eventful. He was a very active member of the Men's Fellowship and whenever we are graced with his presence due to his numerous travels, it is always impactful.
He was a good husband to his lovely wife June and a model father. He has the right words for every occasion and in his own way, puts a smile on people’s faces. He never shies away from expressing himself and was humble enough to accept a superior argument. 
We are comforted by the fact that he is in the bosom of God. (Isaiah 57:1). We love him, but we know that God loves him even much more than we could ever do. We hold on to the good memories of him that we store in our hearts till we meet again to part no more. 
Posted by Abiodun Odejayi on February 22, 2021

You were a gentleman to the core, always standing tall amongst the crowd. You knew what it meant to make a first and lasting impression; always stepping out with your best foot forward. All these I noticed  on the first day I met you and you kept to it, even to the end.

Your dedication and service to God and things of God was unequal. I never heard you speak Yoruba, but you sang graciously and continuously the praise of God in Yoruba and other languages. You never stopped wowing me in always lining up with the other members of the choir to sing unto the Lord.

You were an inspiration. A source of encouragement to my family and I. You were a very humble and grateful person. When you needed me to do little things for you occasionally, you never stopped appreciating the gesture. Indeed, you were a gentle giant. Thank you for all you did while here. But we even thank God more for all He did through you.

“Brothers, we do not want you to be ignorant about those who fall asleep, or to grieve like the rest of men, who have no hope. We believe that Jesus died and rose again and so we believe that God will bring with Jesus those who have fallen asleep in Him.”    (1 Thessalonians 4:13-14)

Rest well in the bosom of our Lord darling Dr Nnamdi Obiagor and may the good Lord be with the family, nuclear and extended that you left behind, amen.

Biodun and Chidinma Odejayi

Posted by Annette Edozien on February 22, 2021
This is a difficult one.
I have been unable to write a tribute and as today is the deadline for this task, let me just say that Nnamdis is sorely missed.
He was a gentle soul, took his Christian discipleship seriously and his smile said everything about him. His life is a reminder that we all need to make Christ our focus too.
As is very often the case, little did I know that our last chat was going to be the last.
Rest in peace beloved brother. Your dearest Annisco will forever have you in my thoughts and prayers.
Posted by Nkiru Onwuli on February 22, 2021
Uncle Nnamdi,
I prayed so much but you didn't return to us. I can't question God. Your demise has created a vacuum in our hearts. I remember that you would always encourage me whenever I told you of my business ideas. Thank you Uncle. I don't know when I will stop crying sir, you will be sorely missed 'My Country Man'.

Nkiruka Izibili
Posted by George Nwabukwu on February 21, 2021

You should have warned us on December 29th, 2020 when we last spoke that we would never see each other again. Your loss is unbearable; however, all human beings owe a debt to the soil from which we all come from and must return to. For family and Friends that you have left behind, we will never forget you. Your memory will forever remain alive in us. Goodbye gentle man and dapper dressed Nnamdis.
Sleep in peace until we meet again.

Ogbueshi George Nwabukwu.
Posted by Anne Nwabukwu on February 21, 2021
Once I hear: “Sister me,” I know it is the unmistakable voice of: Nnamdi’s Antony Obiago.
He was the only one who had the exclusive right to call me – “Sister me”. With Dr. Nnamdi Antony Obiago, there was never a dull moment. I remember our trips to Kingsway, and Leventis stores in Jos, Plateau State when we were much younger. Daddy Bauchi as we fondly called Nnamdi Obiago’s father loves to bring his children to come spend the weekend with us (Adaba family) in Jos. We loved those times. We felt very privileged. Big Daddy will pack us in his car, and we would go to Kingsway or Leventis to buy meat pie, cake and puff puff. These were “aje butter kids” – privileged kids. We loved and cherished the times we spent together. Now it is no more
Though I was years older than Nnamdi, he made it look like we were age mates. He could not get himself to call me Aunty like I had asked him to, instead, he resorted to calling me “Sister me.”
Oh Death, why are you so wicked? I visit Nigeria often and on one of those visits, I did not call or go to visit with Nnamdi in Ibadan. When he found out that I had visited Nigeria without calling or stopping by to see him & family in Ibadan, he called and said: Now listen “Sister me,” The next time you come to Nigeria and do not check in with me, I WILL REVOKE YOUR VISA to enter NIGERIA, do you Understand me??? Yes Sir, I responded then I thought to myself – this boy na wa anya oke le kwu !!!. Now you are no more, what a loss. My heart bleeds – if revoking my visa would have kept you alive, then I would have gladly surrendered my passport. Sleep well my dear cousin.
We the Nwabukwu’s, in the USA will surely miss you. Your in-law Ogbueshi George Nwabukwu misses you very much. Who will call him:” Bros G, Bros G,” Our children loved you and that have now extended the love to Oby, Nnamdi Jr & Luka. We will miss your smile, we will miss your fashion – always well dressed, No one to revoke my visa when my current my visa expires. Oh death, why did you steal my precious gem???
Your Cousin Anne Nwabukwu (Nee Adaba)
Posted by Gilbert Abamu on February 22, 2021
Your departure, hit us with a Big Bang. Docs. Personality was affable, his Spirit, was simply immaculate, and his Soul, sublime. Your memory will ever live with us. We wanted you to be with us for much, much longer, but God, knows best. Our only consolation, is that you departed in Grace. Rest on big brother, until we all meet in The Bosom of Our Lord.
Posted by Sondra Dupuy on February 21, 2021
Big Nnamdi was a very kind and gentle man. He always made it a point to visit my kids Donell, Gary, Dante in Tacoma, Washington when he was in the states. We all loved him and remember him for his infectious laughter, his generosity and warm personality. Prays, Love & Condolences to the family. Rest In Peace my friend.
Posted by Franklin Onyeukwu on February 18, 2021
Sir Nnamdi, i never met you in person but heard many great things about you. You were a compassionate individual, kind hearted, magnanimous, God fearing, humble and peace-loving. When the news of your illness broke, I prayed for your hasty recovery, only to wake up to the devastating news of your demise. It is indeed sad to say the least. The amazing memory i hold of you will never fade away. May the peace of God abide with you wherever you are. May God grant your family the fortitude to bear this great loss. Till we eventually meet in the after-life. Good Night Sir!
Posted by EMPRESS OHIKU YILSHAI on February 17, 2021
Uncle Nnamdi!

You left too soon. What words can be used to describe the shocking news of your exit from this world, to meet your maker. I got to see you again 4 weeks ago after so many years and was overwhelmed by the calm presence around you each time I come close to you. How can I forget your friendly demeanour; full of smiles and your gentle voice. What a privilege to have had that dance with you in Nigeria. I will hold beautiful memories of you in my heart forever and cherish that dance. I pray the almighty God keep your wife and your beautiful children in good health and long life in Jesus name, I pray that the beautiful memories of you in their hearts will keep them going in Jesus name. Rest on Uncle Nnamdi

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