his Life

The Life Events of Anthony Ahmed Ali

Born June 29th 1972, 211/2 inches long 7lbs 30z. What a beautiful baby he was his dad and I were so very proud of him.  He was quite a little guy walking at 9 months, talking by 1 year old. He used to climb out of his crib and get in bed with us lol .  He started calling his dad Anfor and right away we said no Daddy, so from that point on until the day of his passing he always called Anfor Daddy, not Dad, PoPs, or anything else just Daddy.   Anthony had two brothers Adam and Richard, he was a very good big brother to them, and they loved him dearly.  He loved all of his neices and nephews, and cousins, aunts and uncles, and they all loved him as well.  He loved his brothers  and protected them and taught them how to take care of them selves. He was very proud of them and his family as well. Tony married his high school sweet heart Pamela Post,, they had 4 beautiful daughters, Angela, Erika, Monica and Hannah. He and Pam raised there children in church they were members of 10 mile Free Will Baptist Church, He Excepted the Lord as his Saviour and even did some preaching at his church.  He worked for Warren Truck Chrysler plant for over 15  years, He was a Civil Rights Chairmen for 10 years, and a Chief Steward. Anthony loved his job and the people he represented. He was loved and respected by all that knew him.  He was asked to speak at the Conventions on many occasions, as well as writting speeches for his fellow union brothers and sisters. He was all about the Union and peoples rights, he took his girls to the labor day parade every year.  He was a mentor to the children at the detroit public schools. Anthony was a ray of  sunshine to all who met him he would brighten up the room with his smile and awesome personality, He could make you laugh at the drop of a hat , and he never judged his family or friends, he loved unconditionally. there were over 850 people that signed the register at his funeral, what a testament of who he was. there is a Stone at Black Lake in the Memorial Garden that reads Tony Ali Local 140 chief steward.. Bad things do happen to good people, and there are consequences for our actions.  We prayed for deliverence and this was Gods method, to remove him from this wicked world.  Anthony believed ones saved always saved, and he Loved the Lord and repented daily. Addiction is a terrable thing please dont Be tempted with the Devils pleasure, If one person can be saved by shareing  our loss then it is worth it. God loves all of his people, and that is what we all are his people that is until we except him as our personal Lord and Saviour, then we become his children and only then. Anthony excepted the Lord as his saviour a long time ago. Christians aren't perfect but they are forgiven once they repent, just as a earthly father forgives his child, so does our Heavenly father.  Anthony said Ma dont hate the drug addicts, no one wants to be one. My eyes and heart were  opened up so much by his walk  and we were so close there was nothing he didnt share with me , it is a very sad and lonely place to be in. So if you could please not  judge, or hate people that you see on the streets struggling, remember they dont want to be there , Pray and ask God to deliver them.  I know that my son Anthony is more alive now then he ever was, the Bible says to be Absent from the Body is to be Present with the Lord. Praise God. He is in Paridise,  Oh and he led my Mother to the Lord 2 days before she passed,  Feb 22nd 2009  6 days before he went home to be with the Lord. His  work was completed. .. :)  It is his Faith and our Faith  that gives us hope of Eternal Life with Jesus. If you dont know the Lord Please take a minute to ask him into your life, find a good Bible beliving church to get into. A simple talk between you and God is all that is necessary. " Lord I belive in your Death, Burial, and Resurection, I except you as my Personal Lord and Saviour, I belive that it is you and only you that can get me into heaven, I surrender all of my self to you, In Jesus Mighty name Amen. from the moment you do this and truly mean it, every sin in your life will be washed away, never to be rememberd by God, "Behold old things are passed away and all things become New". you are a new person, a child of God, born again.

Anthony  now has a grandson named after him Anthony William Minch, and another on the way, I know that he is smileing down on his loved ones. His Brother Adam is making sure that Tonys grandson gets all the Love he can give him and tells him about his grandpa all the time.  gone but never forgotten.  <3

It is very hard not having our son here to raise his family and be apart of our lives, and im not sure it will ever get any easier, But this we do know, his spirit is around us always and he lets us know it. :)  GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN UNTIL WE MEET AT HEAVENS GATE.                                                                        <3  Love always  MOM  &  DADDY  <3