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The time when you came over

Shared by kaitlin vesico on April 25, 2022
Dear my favorite brother,
I miss you my brother todays not going to be easy to get over because today's the day you passed away.  But i remember when you used to come over and we always go and go out to eat or have fun, like fun in like activities, i remember that ill always remember every single memory and every fun time. I miss you , and love you too pieces you'll always be my forever favorite brother and i couldn't of asked for a better one. I wish you were you here, you've been gone to long ill be thinking of you always and love you. I'm trying my best to stay strong but its the day you passed away and its been 3 years i miss you and you'll always be in my heart. Ill be thinking of you love you and miss you. 

                                                From your trying to be strong sister,Kaitlin

Rest In Paradise

Shared by Brian Prophett on April 25, 2019

I always miss you Ant. I'm always thinking back about when we were all young. We use to always game together. I remember when you and I were outside skateboarding one time. You had your favorite band shirt on. We were trying to ollie down some stairs and we both ended up falling. I know you'll be happy in heaven looking down on us and watching over. I always cherish the times we had together. I love you cuzzo.

Shared by Patricia Hill on April 25, 2019

Young man you were such a joy to be around funny handsome always smiling and you always reminded me of Alvin from the Chipmunks so crazy and so curious and so damn smart. I love you Ant soar high honey!

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