Let the memory of Anthony be with us forever
  • 50 years old
  • Born on June 17, 1962 .
  • Passed away on January 17, 2013 in Singapore.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Anthony Chong Chiew Fatt, 50, born on June 17, 1962 and passed away on January 17, 2013. We will remember him forever.

Wake: 668E Jurong West Street 64
Date: 1/18 (Night) - 1/21 (Noon)

Church Service: St Francis of Assisi, 1/21 (1345)
Cremation: Mandai Hall 3, 1/21 (1545)
Posted by Evelyn Wong on 21st January 2013
Anthony, although our working time together was short and limited, I will always remember you as someone who is kind, patient and very easy to work with. My prayers with your family. Evelyn Wong (RDA).
Posted by Wenbin Lang on 20th January 2013
hi Anthony, i still can't believe you just left out from us. got not change to tell you that it was a really happy time to work with you. will miss ur smile and kindness.
Posted by Sally Loh on 19th January 2013
Hi Anthony, I can remembered that everytime when I met you, be it along the hallway or at the cafeteria, you always have a smile on your face. I pray that God will give your family the strength to go through this difficult time. Good-bye, my friend
Posted by Joseph Devasia on 19th January 2013
My lunch buddy at TECH!! Was always mesmerized by your gentle, calm and re-assuring nature. Indeed you were young at heart, even at the moment of death! My deepest condolence to his family and loved ones...
Posted by Naharudin Yusoff on 19th January 2013
"I will miss your warmth and your smile...my friend. You never fail to stop and talk to me every morning and we will laugh over things....Someone who is always keep me happy to be with...You always see the world in a positive way....REST IN PEACE...YOU IN A BETTER PLACE NOW...MY FRIEND.
Posted by John Whitman on 18th January 2013
Priveledged to have known you and saddened by the loss. My very best wishes to your friends and family and thank you for the kindness over the years.
Posted by May Yeap on 18th January 2013
Anthony, God has you safely in his keeping, but we have you forever in our hearts; greatly missed.
Posted by Joel Koh on 18th January 2013
Anthony, we had worked together for some years back in TECH ADT days and I remembered last seeing you at Pioneer Mall some 2 years back and you are always that jovial, happy and cheerful. You will be greatly missed and may you forever rest in peace in the arms of Jesus.
Posted by Low Jason on 18th January 2013
Hi Anthony, i might not know you for long. Only get to know you during our MICRON first bowling competition. I can only remember saying my last greeting "Hi" to you few days ago when i walk pass you at the level 3 corridor. You will be missed always.
Posted by Teoh Pin on 18th January 2013
Anthony, we miss you so much. Altot we know each other not for very long, but you really a very kind and nice man I ever met.. May you rest in peace
Posted by Viess Lee on 18th January 2013
Dear Anthony, you will be deeply missed and fondly remembered. May you rest in peace.
Posted by Mei Xiang Chen on 18th January 2013
Anthony, 很有幸能跟您做多年的同事,感谢您一直以来,就像一个好大哥一样,每次,不管工作上碰到什么问题请教您,您每次都微笑着,耐心的回答与教导我,对于您的突然离去,我们深表悲痛。我希望您带着我们的思念与祝福在天堂一路走好!
Posted by Agung Cahyono on 18th January 2013
Goodbye my friend. My deepest condolences to Anthony's family.
Posted by William Kim Guan Su on 18th January 2013
Forever a champion! Bless his soul.
Posted by Asoghan Ashok on 18th January 2013
We will always miss your laughter and joy, We pray and trust that the Lord will continue to bless and watch over your family,
Posted by Calvin Chen on 17th January 2013
Anthony, your jovial and optimistic outlook on life has inspired many. I'm glad to have shared part of your journey, your laughter and smiles will be missed.
Posted by Gnana Shekar on 17th January 2013
Im deeply shocked to hear ,Words can't express how saddened we are to hear of your loss The loss is unbearable, but the memories are sweet.It was a great time when we are working together. May the lovely soul rest blissfully in the gardens of heaven. "A good name is better than precious ointment". --GnanaShekar (Photo Metro)
Posted by Sim Kim Seong on 17th January 2013
Hi Anthony, we will miss the memorable times we have with you both at work as well as at play. Your incredibly positive attitude at work show a great deal on your philosophy in life and your determination at bowling shows your focus on every goals you have.
Posted by Ely Weng on 17th January 2013
With a happy-go-lucky character, you were always smiling when we met at the hallway or pantry and sharing your experiences at work and even bowling. Thank you for all the great memories. You will be greatly missed.
Posted by Andrew Heng on 17th January 2013
Anthony, I remember your smiles everytime we met, and also the few occasions we share in the bowling lanes. You will be missed..!
Posted by Ye Win on 17th January 2013
Goodbye my friend. May your soul rest in peace
Posted by Liang Dong on 17th January 2013
Hi Anthony, you are such a wonderful friend and colleague, there are countless joyful moment that we share during our group lunch together. we will miss your laugh and your optimistic personality.Wish you rest in peace in heaven.
Posted by Ngiap Fong Phang on 17th January 2013
The best way to honor someone who is not with us anymore is to continue living our life and keep their memory alive through everyday events. Anthony would have wanted that, and expected nothing less from you.
Posted by Ng Leng on 17th January 2013
My entire heart sunk the moment i get to hear about your departure. Your laughter and team spirit will stays with us forever. The night had risen with a shiny star...blessing your loves ones and friends...you will be greatly missed.
Posted by Pei Chin Lim on 17th January 2013
Happy-active-steady-optimistic are the characters that i always want to learn from you. Knowing you for 14 years, working together closely, you are the only active guy in ADT Photo team, hard to come by. Thank you of the nice, sweet memories that you had given me, i will never forget it.
Posted by Tan Theng on 17th January 2013
Anthony, you're always young at heart and cheery! Inspiring life to those ard you. Thanks for the friendship. I pray and trust that the Lord will continue to bless and watch over your family during this difficult time.
Posted by Perumal Muthukumar on 17th January 2013
Anthony, we always miss you & your smile & your friendly attitude
Posted by Ashok Sundararaju on 17th January 2013
Anthony, we are deeply saddened by your departure but your eternal memories will be left behind with us forever in our life. May your soul "Rest In Peace".
Posted by Debapriya Dev on 17th January 2013
Anthony Chong--- forever helpful, forever smiling, quiet and unassuming person that is how I remember him. We will miss him.
Posted by Venky Subramony on 17th January 2013
We had worked together during the ADT days in TECH and i recall every chinese new year, you would come to my office with 2 oranges and a lovely smile on your face. This image is forever etched in my heart. Will never forget your great attitude. This is indeed hard for family and friends to accept. The Lord's wish is to take you to greater heights beyond this earthly sojourn.
Posted by Rohit Raghuveer on 17th January 2013
"Anthony, depply saddened. You were a great soul who was easily approachable, always smiling,ever ready to help and have taught me a lot. Will definitely miss all the fun sesions we have had together. You will be missed and remembered forever. May God give your family the strength to overcome the tough times. May your soul rest in peace."
Posted by Tan SirSeng on 17th January 2013
Anthony, your happy and joyful outlook in life left a deep impression on me. You are both a mentor to me both in and outside work. May you can rest in peace. We will always miss your laughter and joy.
Posted by Nelson Chow on 17th January 2013
We are sadden by the passing of a dear friend. You will be missed. Rest in Peace.
Posted by Stephen Chan on 17th January 2013
Anthony is one of the best people I have encountered in my entire life. Words cannot express how saddened and grieved I am that he has left us. I will always remember him both as my great friend as well as one of my best mentors. May his soul rest in peace and in bliss with the Lord Almighty in His kingdom of heaven forever and ever. Amen.
Posted by Darwin Fan on 17th January 2013
Godspeed Anthony. You will be forever missed. Your smile and your kindness will always be remembered.
Posted by Frank Soh on 17th January 2013
"Anthony, you will be always remeber as an Bowling Champion in F10." Rest in peace
Posted by Chua Bp on 17th January 2013
Shi Fu, will always miss those time when we had bowling and daily b'fast in the canteen. Your cheerful and ever smiling face had always make me feel positive for the day. Rest in peace.
Posted by Lei Chen on 17th January 2013
Anthony, as a friend and colleague, you are so nice. You will be greatly missed.
Posted by Ah Siong on 17th January 2013
Posted by Bala Subramanian on 17th January 2013
"Deeply Saddened news for me" We will miss you and we will pray for your peace in heaven.

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