Shared by Sarah Jatau on June 13, 2021
Dearest Tony, its been 5 weeks of silence, the back to back messages left unanswered,  I knew you would scream stalker alert and I would have a good laugh but hey, God had other plans.  I know we have had our rough patches but it only created a bond death can't steal..You were like a big house with so much space to accommodate many but would rather stay under the rain before you asked for help... How is the view?...I  always asked you... only way of getting into you head. You were dependable.  For me you gave it all.. d hugs and the Axe . The hugs to celebrate my wins or see me through a rough patch while the axe to cut off my insecurities. did not spare me there. You saw me Tony... my light and and my darkness. Always believed I was better , can be better... I know someday I will stand where you stood and see exactly what you saw.... and I will say yes Tony the view is amazing. You never felt shame in tears was I that will always say cry for what na..but its ok now, I won't stop them when they come.
The pain ...the ache.. the disbelief...the questions all lingers. 
Thank you for giving always giving yourself . You will always be loved and never forgotten. I pray God comforts your entire family in a way only He can .
To live in the hearts of those we leave behind is not to die. Thomas Cambell. 
Till we meet again T.
Shared by Babayemi Adeyinka on June 11, 2021
I may not be able to fully express just how I felt when I heard,and how I feel right now. We talked on the phone about a couple of months ago, I had no idea the strange way your voice sounded was because you were battling so much even then.
We really had great plans Tony, its so hard to think they will never happen the way we thought they would. 
You were such a phenomenal guy,always so alive, so  boisterous, so full of energy and innovation.
Brother and dear will always be in my heart.

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