Posted by Doubra Ewarewah on July 26, 2021
Hmmmm... Your Biography could easily be mine, except for some key achievement. We practically had the same upbringing, born six months apart and raised as brothers. We were once so close, but drifted apart with time and responsibilities. You were strong headed and I always believed the same time that saw us apart will eventually bring us every closer. But being ever competitive, you beat me once again to the finish line. A marathon we all must complete. Now I miss you more with every stride I take, but I'm consoled with the fact that we shall meet again... and there shall be no more tears. Keep resting my brother, you've earned your stripes, a standard for all men to emulate.

I Love you brother. God's got you now.
Posted by Fiyinfoluwa Ajakaiye on July 12, 2021
Tony, I never got to know you personally, but all I knew about you was sufficient: you made Kyola happy and you treated her like a queen; your queen.
I was so shocked at the news, as everyone else... I only pray that God will keep your beautiful family strong, help them to go on and fulfill your dreams for them and more. I know they will make you proud!
Rest on.
Posted by Innocent Dahel on July 10, 2021
Your demise caught us unexpectedly. You're a promising man and a pure gentleman. You positively impacted our lives and that will stick permanently in our memories. However, we are comforted because your death is a transition to eternal glory. We love you but God loves you more. Rest on Sir...
Posted by Katmun Gomwalk on June 29, 2021
Rest in eternal peace Tony Fakah, you will be greatly missed. You had such a beautiful soul may your family be comforted.
Posted by Obekpa Alex-Adole on June 23, 2021
This is one of the hardest things I have had to do in a very long time. In the past week, I have started and stopped – thrice – trying to write a most befitting tribute to my friend and brother, Anthony. The problem was, I did not want to write a tribute to Tony, no matter how befitting and beautiful it could be. I would have preferred he was alive, here among family and friends he loved and cared about, saying the silliest things and making us laugh our hearts out.
There was nothing more important to Tony than his family. Family meant everything to Tony. This was evident in how Tony carried his wife and kids. They were obviously his priority. Tony made it his life ambition to take his family to the highest height possible. I remember conversations we had where Tony would express how much his family inspired his relentless drive to 'make it'. It was so important to Tony to give his family the best & shield and protect them. Tony did this to a fault. Kyola - his wife was his world. It was so clear and obvious 'e no carry her play'. I'm sure Kyola knew this too. His show of love for her was beautiful to behold.
Tony's dedication to his family was also to his mother and sisters. Tony spoke about his mom and sisters with so much passion you’d feel jealous. I remember Tony telling me he could not relocate just yet when his family was granted permanent residency to Canada in 2019. He was working on a project for his mom and would not leave until it was done. He spoke to me about the space his mom occupied in his life and how important she was. Every time he spoke about Hilda, it was with concern and commitment.
There was never a dull moment with Tony. One of our mutual friends described Tony yesterday as 'the life of the party'. Tony was indeed the life of the party. It was always banter and laughs with him present. Everyone who knew Tony has the same thing to say about him - energetic, full of life, active. Tony was always great company.
His friends would attest to the fact that Tony was a loyal friend. I can't even begin to count the number of people that I have come to know through Tony… everyone of them still in shock at the news of his passing.
Tony was driven and self-motivated. I am yet to see a young man with so much drive and passion to succeed. He would always tell me "we have to keep pushing since we do not know how to beg". Nothing fazed Tony. Nothing deterred him. If it was doable, Tony would face it head on. Little wonder he achieved so much in the short life he lived. I celebrate your successes my friend.
Tony's relocation to Ottawa was one of the highlights of 2019 for me. I now had family very close to me. His friendship meant a lot. I would call Tony when I needed someone to talk, when I needed someone to share a drink or when my wife & I just wanted to have a good laugh. I am happy knowing I was same for him as well.
I will forever remember our family road trips, those interesting nights the four of us hung out downtown, those nights at your house when we'll eat, drink and talk about anything and everything. I still have the recording of when Esther, Kyola & yourself were feeling like artists from the 90s miming Druhill, Montell Jordan, Donnel Jones, Boyz 2 Men at your house.
These memories and more will stay with me forever my brother.
You will be sorely missed Anthony Fakah… as a dutiful son, dedicated brother, loving husband and father, loyal friend. Rest in Power my friend!
Posted by Donatus Lucas on June 21, 2021
You were open.
You were sincere.
You were intelligent.
You were passionate.
You were determined.

You valued your friends and family.
You never backed out of a fight.
You had compassion.
You were an open book.

We will miss you till we meet again
Posted by Tenkwain Sani on June 17, 2021
Hummm can’t believe I’m writing this, who will look for my trouble and make me laugh when I’m trying to bone and ignore people?
You always have a joke a face or something to crack people up.
You were a kind hearted person loved by many even those who meet you for the first time, leave with a good impression.
Thank you Tony for the lesson you taught us.
Sleep my friend till we meet again.♥️
Posted by Adejoke A on June 16, 2021
Like a candle in the wind..

Where is the Lipton boy? Rest well Tony I miss your humour on fb and yabbies, God console your folks and loved ones. Thank God for the time you spent here on earth. Adieu till we meet again my male namesake
Posted by Dorothy George Wuyep on June 16, 2021
What can we say ? Some questions have no answer . But i still asked God why ?
Tony this is it , you are gone watching you lay lifeless knowing how lively you have lived in such a short time hurts to know i will never see you again
Sleep Tony ,sleep my brother .
It is well with all mourning your loss
Posted by Aurora M on June 16, 2021
Hey Tony,

This is it! It is indeed real and final.

From a simple meet for masa to a friend.

I was just expecting basic masa - you blew my mind with the mai shanu intro aka acquired taste. Hahaha

You looked out for me, even in a foreign land.

Glad I got to know you.

Rest well now Tony, and may God comfort your little ones and your entire family.

Posted by chukwuemeka udaya on June 16, 2021
How do you start to talk about someone you have not met yet know so much about from what you have heard . I have not met you yet I have heard so much of how a nice man  Great husband , wonderful brother and a dear son you are . I can connect to that because I have met with your siblings and they are so very marvelous people and while you were sick they had no other topic except you and how much they wanted you back on your feet but death was so very cowardly.
You are a good person and will be very much missed . I however know that you still live in the hearts and memory of all that know and love you.
Sleep well my friend that I never met . I know you are with the lord and we are all consoled. Some day we shall meet in eternity. As I type this little message I come to truely understand when they say it is well with my soul, you are at peace and indeed it is well with you . Adieu
Posted by Sam Chundusu on June 16, 2021
My dear Alfred, I'm still trying to come to terms that you are gone. You were a young man with so many dreams, plans, very ambitious and never wanted to fail or be reckoned with failure. I watched you keenly even as a young man and saw how determined, dogged and staunch you were in your beliefs, both in life and career. I remember when we talked about your career while you were still at university. I could see how focused you were, knowing fully well what you wanted. I suggested you did a lot of professional courses to boost your career and I'm glad you were able to achieve that. Now I understand why you wanted to do so much and wanted achieving everything possible, your time on earth was going to be short. Even though you were not aware of that, you had so little time to do a lifetime journey and your spirit guided you through it all. To Kyola and children, thank you for making Alfred stay on earth a memorable one. My brother Fakah, I know loosing your only son has been very devastating and painful but God loves good things too. Auntie Ann, Alfred was not just a son to you but he also played the role of a husband and a good one at that. He was determined to always put a smile on your face. Only the heavens can comfort and console you the parents because humanly, words fail us. Anto, Ebido and Hilda, it is well ko, the Lord will strengthen you all. Alfred! we thank God for a short, but well spent life. May you find eternal peace and rest in the bossom of our Lord. Till we meet on that glorious morning
Engr. Sam Chundusu
Posted by Simi Dabup on June 16, 2021
Dear Alfred...if only we have our way with everything in life...but God makes no mistakes and knows everything, so may your soul rest in peace with the Lord amen.

Thankful for memories from childhood to adulthood and the amazing moments, your endless teasing, the belly laughs,the no dull moments, the serious lesson filled moments...your quest and strides towards better and then best...your unique views, your tenacity, resilience...your genuine and loyal friendship...your being there and showing up and the more...Your lived Alfred!
Forever in our Hearts...
Posted by Osatare Okpebho on June 15, 2021
Words fail me...God only takes the best. You may have departed from this earth, you will forever live on in our hearts till we meet on the last day. Farewell big bro
Posted by Michelle N on June 15, 2021
This has taken me a while because meehhhn, these are not words I thought I'd share with you or about you.


I'm grateful for every chance to catch up and even all the banter. That I will definitely miss. This is harder than I thought it would be.

Thank God for that decision and the outcome. God will keep and protect and lift and provide for everyone you loved and cherished.

Thank you for always being kind, for the silliness and giggles and for all the broad shoulderness.

This was definitely not the plan but we go work am your way and come out on top.

Rest well. Tony. Sha know that this thing pain me.
Posted by Afe Okolo on June 15, 2021
Alfred ,so here is the end of the road on planet earth but the beginning of a new and most important one in heaven living on....... Keep shining from above like a ⭐ and Guardian Angel on to the paths of your loved ones.
Gone too soon but lives on........
Posted by Henry Eranoba on June 15, 2021
I am deeply saddened by your demise. I remember meeting you after many years at the family Thanksgiving sometime last year. You gave me your phone number and told me to keep in touch with you.
Do we morn, grief and cry? Yes.
Our consolation is in the fact that you are in a better place than this world.
Rest in the Lord's bosom, big bro.
Posted by Ehis Lawrence on June 15, 2021
Bros, what a brutal shock it was to hear the news at about 3am from my father. I always looked forward to seeing your posts on FB and the Intresting engagements that followed most times. I remember the picture of you and my parents you sent to me when they came for your childs dedication.

Growing up as next door neighbors with your family was no doubt an Intresting era of my life I can hardly forget. I cannot reel out moments here sufficiently but I relish lots of memories. Your resilience, hard work and tenacity to succeed was and is inspiring. I can only pray at this point that the good Lord rests your soul in his bossom. May God alone console your families, hard as it is..

Rest with the Lord, big brother.
Posted by Gimelen Yamah on June 15, 2021
Oh Alfred.I still can't come to terms that you're no more here on earth,but my consolation is you're resting in a better place watching over your loved surely lived a good life worthy of emulation and your legacy will live on forever! hmmmmm!!!! speechless!rest on a RARE GEM!!!!we miss you ALFRED FAKAH.
Posted by Gamdyen Guyit on June 15, 2021

“Da - Guyit!!!” Is what Mr Fakah used to call me. Only him had those stories about me he loved to tell when we’re with friends on a round table. He’d make everyone laugh and would leave no stone unturned in expressing his gratitude for the years of friendship we shared.

This is Deep, it hit close to home… 30 years of genuine friendship made you a brother to me. There’s practically nothing we didn’t share.

We graduated secondary school, University together, walked down the aisle with Amazing women. We had Kids who became brothers. Areli became a son to you like Asher is to me. On the Day Arielle was born I felt our family just grew bigger, You asked me to be her god father and I felt honored knowing you wouldn’t make such decisions carelessly. You made me see life is certain ways I never understood. I became a better man because you where my friend. Losing you left me confused. Who am I to question God? I only asked him what the real message behind your death was.

Life already isn’t feeling the-same knowing Mr Fakah is no more with us. Your family is in great hands my man. We will do our best to put a smile on their faces. Till our job is done on this earth.

Rest In Peace my dear Friend…
Posted by Esther Adole on June 14, 2021
Mr Fakah!!! as I’d fondly call you whenever we would see.You made me laugh so much all the time.You were difficult to miss whenever you were anywhere.We miss you,your wife and kids miss you and we hope to see you again on the last day.
Rest in perfect peace!
Posted by Zakari Salven on June 14, 2021
Tony...went through our last chat on Facebook messenger and... You will be missed greatly but I know you are in a better place. Thank you so much for being a brother.
Posted by Vicky Akuhwa on June 14, 2021
No,I'm never saying farewell
Or any half hearted recited crap
I'm never reffering to you in past tense
And it's not because...DENIAL
It's a deep knowing that you are here
In our memories you live, FOREVER.
Too many indications your spirit kinda knew
You kinda knew your time here was done
How else could you know to be so intentional
So intentional about good. Good and GOD........
I met you first during my surgery...I was so scared
Scared of dying..hahahahaha very funny right?
You kept reassuring me, we prayed together
You were so sure I was not gonna die!
I pulled out of the surgery and we celebrated!!
You said "see? You didnt die" ..............
I'm no longer afraid of dying.!
Post surgery, you kept checking on me still
You never forget Tony, kind, emotional, selfless.
Told you before, I'm saying it again...THANK YOU
For helping me when my faith faltered,
I'm happy I told you just how much I value YOU.
Was with you the first time you were in the hospital
I sensed you were downplaying it, so I kept calling
On the phone, prayed with you, read bible verses
You poked fun at my style of prayer...hahahahaha
Life happened, and i got drowned in it for a moment.
For just a blinking moment.
I knew something was off when I sent messages.....
Birthday prayers, and no response..NOTHING.
my heart skipped a beat....but I shook it off
Now here we are.......unreal happenings
You're with GOD now, hold the forte buddy.
For all the goodness and selflessness you stand for
Your Family will know no lack in jesus name!!!!!

Posted by Nina Tilloh Imubarsa Samu... on June 14, 2021
Even though I don't know you personally, I heard incredible things about you through friends. May your soul continue to rest in peace. God comfort family and friends in bereavement.
Posted by Pirfa Penzin on June 14, 2021
Feisty gutsy Tony!

The man everyone wants in their corner. You know the battle is finished when he is on your side and it is over for you when he's in the opposing corner.

Nobody ever knew when you needed them in your own corner because you were busy supporting others.

Death cornered you but the angels got your back and I know they are happy to have you in their corner.

Enjoy the peace in God's corner, you deserve it....

Posted by Fatima Babande on June 13, 2021
Even the years of distance and silence could never diminish the lasting impression you left on everyone who was fortunate to cross paths with you. You will be fondly remembered by a whole lot of us who saw you reach for the stars and do absolutely EVERYTHING with your short but impactful life. You were the realest OG Tony and you will always be remembered as that. Soar on higher with your angels wings!
Posted by Solomon Obidah Yamma on June 14, 2021
I was shocked to learn about your sudden shocking demise in far away Ottawa, Canada. May your soul rest in peace with the Lord, brother. Amen
Posted by Bitemya Sambo-Donga on June 13, 2021
Even as I write this, the thought of dealing with your passing is a tough pill to swallow.

You were a brother and good friend, whenever we caught up, it was literally just that. I cherish many of our conversations.

Flamingos! Denny Crane and Alan Shure! From music, movies, to every intentional conversation that Blessed us both. Gaskiya kam, I will really miss you. Your sense of humour and deep love for the things of God.

Thank you Alfred, rest in the bosom of our Lord, till we meet to part no more.

The Lord shall keep your family, in Jesus name, Amen.
Posted by Grace Dongkum on June 13, 2021
Although I never met you in person, you seemed to be that larger-than-life big brother of my baby sister Tonia. She would always mention your name "Alfred" and I'd see the pride and love in her eyes whenever she does. It's obvious you lived and loved well. If prayers could bring you back....... However we judge God faithful even in this. Rest in perfect peace, Alfred. Stay strong Mummy, Tonia, Henrietta and Hilda. May the Lord comfort you as only He can.
Posted by Wale Akinjogbin on June 13, 2021
It still doesn't feel real or make any sense. I have been speechless since I heard, that dark Saturday morning. 

Last time we saw at the Aire's, we had such good laughs and remembered old times, you dropped me back at my house and we had a good man to man conversation and as usual it was filled with living for for family and finding ways to make it better for them.
That's who I know you to be! loyal to a core, selfless, confident yet humble. Remembered old times.
We actually started remidials together in ujay and you were one of my first friends. You later left and still were friends with my friends in Zaria. I still don't know how to say it, I'm not there yet. So I will just say... Till we meet again, My brother, My Friend.
Posted by Chika McCollin on June 13, 2021
Dear Tony, I have been finding it difficult to write this tribute, it just makes everything seem so real, I keep going back to whatsapp and IG to see if you have read my last message. You were such a great guy, so full of life and very protective of anyone you call your own, you had a big heart and loved hard. Remember the last time you were in London with Kyola? the laughs we all had at the Borough Market, the trip to The Clink Prison, London Bridge and Tower bridge confusion, oh remember the guy at the bar entrance asking me for a light, the rude jokes, Playing that scene as I write this, kai Tony with a straight face (lol) You always teased me about it.
Oh Tony I'm so sorry I wasn't there for you like you were for me when I was ill, you were the first to know and insisted I called 111 just to be safe and kept checking everyday, voice calls and chats, when I wasn't responding, you video called insisting to see my face to be sure I was okay. That was the kind of person you were, always there to cheer, help and support. I feel terrible Tony, It's breaking my heart writing this and I can't even imagine how kyola, the kids, your mum, Tonia and the rest of the family are handling your exit.
"A true friend is never truely gone. Their spirit lives on in memories of those who loved them". I will keep the fun memories mate, you will never be forgotten ❤. Fly Tony heaven has called you home.
Posted by Umar Abdulsalam on June 13, 2021
When I sent you a birthday wish on WhatsApp and didn't get a response, I knew something was wrong because you always responded to my chats. I got even more worried when Tonia didn't respond when I enquired about you, only to receive the news of your passing. It's still hard to comprehend. You were one of those who patronised my strawberry business. Always passionate about Nigeria. A family man too. You will surely be missed. I pray that God will grant the Family you left behind the fortitude to bear this huge loss. I'm glad our paths crossed.
Rest in power brother.
Posted by Anthonia Ojile on June 13, 2021

My name sake!!! I remember the last time we saw and joked about our similar names... Today you are no more, It seems like a very long dream. I want to wake up.

Ohhhhhh Tony! If only tears could bring you back.

You were a hard working man that faced the world with so much boldness and strength. A good man. My friend Kyola had a real companion and friend in you.
God in his infinite mercies will comfort and strengthen her through this.

Rest in perfect peace till we meet in heaven.
Posted by Longji Gonsum on June 13, 2021
My deepest condolences to your beloved family. Only God can adequately comfort. May your all find comfort in God and in the memories you have shared with your son, brother, husband and father. Rest in peace
Posted by farida kitchener on June 13, 2021
Why do I feel like I left out soemthing, thank you thank you thank you...
When the days were dark and questionable and sad, you paved the way to show me that you supported me, for that me I know Sha, I can never forget you.
Posted by Afemike Akande on June 13, 2021
May your candle never burn out in the lives of those you left behind. Keep shinning in heaven till we come join you too. One love bro.
Posted by Babatunde Olajubu on June 13, 2021
I received the news of your passing with great shock and sadness. I was optimistic you would beat the illness with the same tenacity you used to beat the other challenges life had thrown at you before now. I can only pray the Almighty continues to look over the family you left behind and grants them the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss. Continue to Rest In Peace.
Posted by Esther Ighodalo on June 13, 2021
Big Brother Alfred was what I called you because in the short while I have known you, you were so to me you always had encouraging words for me and you made me feel like my father was still here with me anytime we spoke it hurts a lot that you are gone so soon we made plans last Christmas on visiting but you are gone it is hard to fathom all this and it hurts you will be missed big brother but you will always remain in our hearts you made a difference in my life and I will always remember. God knows best why he called you home so soon Rest In Perfect Peace Big Brother.
Posted by mariam fomwul on June 13, 2021
Dearest Tony, you were a friend and a brother. I woke up one Saturday feeling really low because it was my mom’s 4th memorial and I tried so hard not to break down during the day till I got news of your passing at night. Tony this hit really hard honestly. You have always been there for us. I remember how you kept calling when you heard she passed and how you made efforts to come and say hi. I remember how you reached out and asked how you could help when our son was abducted, I remember the salads you ordered and had delivered to me just because you saw my comment on a post, I remember our last chat in April. You have just always been there and this has hit me so hard. Thank you for being a wonderful friend and brother. May God console Kyola and your family. Rest In Peace Tony, thank you for everything
Posted by Benjamin Ofoma on June 12, 2021
Oh,Fred!!! It's with very heavy hearts that we,in the Ofoma family learnt and live with the deeply sad news of your home-call on June 5,2021."Deeply sad" because we love and miss you,particularly since you are gone too soon,even before we get to fathom what a fantastic child of God,husband,father,son and brother you had become!!! "Home-call" because there's no other place you could be right now,except in the bosom of our Lord,Jesus Christ,where you are " Loved with everlasting love,Closed in everlasting arms,Pillowed on our Saviour's loving breast" and you are "Forever" there,where there's no more doubt, earthly self,fears,pains,sickness,sorrow or anything evil! And there He whispers to you that You are His and He is Yours Forever!!! You are with the Triune God,in Whose presence there is Fullness of Joy and at Whose right Hand there are pleasures Forevermore!!!!!!!
It well indeed! Through it all,it is well with you!!! It is also well with all those who cherish you,as they trust and let the Triune God make it well for and with them
We grieve at our inability to access your presence physically but we thank God that we can do so spiritually,through the means that He has made available to us,through Jesus Christ.Our eyes are on Him and so,it is well!!!
We pray for strength,peace and comfort for your beloved Mom,wife,children,
siblings,relations and many friends.We thank God for the abundant grace He gave you to live your life and touch so many lives,on this side of eternity,so richly and so glowingly well. Heaven is truly rejoicing and singing over you!!!!!!!
We are all comforted by the fact that in Christ,we shall all meet at Jesus' feet,to part no more!!! Hallelujah,What a Glorious Day it will be,in Jesus' Name! AMEN!!!!!!! With much love and heart-felt prayers and
condolences,from the Ofomas(U.S.)
Posted by Kevin Chuwang Pam on June 13, 2021
Tony Tony...gentle giant with the coolest sense of humor ever...I remember you always telling me about how I had what it took to be on a show like big brother to the extent you called me in 2009 to inform me about the Auditions going on(thats how i knew and made it to the show actually).
With tears in my eyes and a heavy heart I say to you my dear friend...Rest in Power till we meet again...
Posted by Donald Nwanguma on June 12, 2021

The news of your death came to me as a shock on that morning of the 5th.

The first time we met was in school, you played the drums so well and I did enjoy playing beside you. You were an excellent drummer.

I read our recent chats and I cannot believe you are gone. Tony, you were a good man and a good friend. I’ll miss you bro.

Goodbye Tony, We shall meet on the resurrection morning.

May God take care of your family.
Posted by Ruby Edet on June 12, 2021
This is hard to write. I have very few words to express the grief felt. Rest on Tony. You are and will always remain a beacon of hope. A light in this very dark world. A positive force in this negative world. I have probably known you for very long. I am happy I got to reunite with you recently and I witnessed your glow, your warmth and kindness. Oh how you shine... God will keep you safe and happy until we meet to never part. I pray that the foundation of your mammoth foot print on this earth will be enjoyed by your wife and children. I will remember you dear friend.. my family will remember you .Thank you Anthony Alfred Fakah... You will live forever in the hearts of many... You will live forever in my heart dear Tony.... Rest Easy we love you.
Posted by Mima Angulu on June 12, 2021
Memories of a lot of fun times we shared keep flooding my mind and how you influenced a lot of things I accomplished.

You were so many things to so many people...

You will be missed by so many, I will miss you my friend. You were a friend ; You were my friend , a support through a lot. You were a man of many colours.

Thank you for the adventures, thank you for the listening ears, thank you for the fun moments, thank you for the special moments, Thank you for everything!!!

I pray for your family , May the Lord himself comfort them. I know there are a lot of us that have been crushed by your early departure. Still feels unreel.

Goodbye Tony, I hope we meet again.
Posted by Bob Chukwuemeka on June 12, 2021
I am usually the one with a lot to say.
Ordinarily, I'd write epistles and all but this is different.
If I was prepared for this, maybe things would have been different. I guess the circumstances makes this a strange event. I am told the choices we make in life will bear testimony to the stories that are told of us.
In all, I have good stories of you and the brief "twinship" we shared,to tell.
I celebrate your memories, all of them and most importantly the man you grew up to become.

Your passing is the clearest indication that we are all mortal. That we will all exist this stage and hopefully, proceed to take our seat in the Great Hall.

I didn't know I'd write this much, I didn't know I'd write you a eulogy, did I? I thought there was time, alas...

Posted by Shakila Ali on June 12, 2021
Dearest friend and buddy,you will be greatly missed. May God console kyola, Your mum and siblings.You had dreams and heights you wanted to attain but in all God knows best.who are we to question him.keep resting is well.
Posted by Wale Ogundeko on June 12, 2021
Rest in peace dear Tony, may the Lord grant your dear wife, children and entire family the fortitude to bear your loss.
Posted by Phatee Haliru on June 12, 2021
Tony the drummer, the lipton guy. Tony with the difference names on Facebook. Sometimes, I'd look for you for bants and see you had changed your name yet again.
This one cuts deep I can't lie.
You were free, you were playful, you were deep. Thank you for knowing you and may your soul rest in peace.
You were a guy's guy.
Posted by Amina Sijuwade on June 12, 2021
Tony was a fiercely loyal son, brother, husband and father who put the wellbeing of his family above everything else. He did his part how he knew best to do. The Dyeris family appreciates him. Rest in peace Tony.
Posted by oluwole koya on June 12, 2021
June 9, 2021

Mr & Mrs Fakah and Family
Plateau State

Sir and Ma,


It is with heavy hearts that we received the shocking news of the passing of your son, Mr Anthony Alfred Fakah. Our Dear "Tony" as he is fondly called is a much cherished son in-law to our family and will be greatly missed by us all.

As only God can comfort and uphold you on this loss, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this difficult time.

May God strengthen you all.

Yours Sincerely

Otunba (Mrs) B.A. Ogundeko
For: The Zaccheus Abiodun koya Family of Erunwon Ijebu.
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