Posted by kevin langley on December 3, 2022
Dear Anthony-3rd December 2010 what a day. I got the call at work that you had passed, and I wasn't there- after being there for so much.
  Now you will be celebrating life in heaven with so many of your loved ones, and Heavenly Father and Jesus.
   You were such a blessing in our lives, in mine, and the pain and worry you went through is long gone, just memories now.
        Bye for now dear friend. Kevin.
Posted by kevin langley on October 8, 2022
Dear wonderful Anthony, it's always a bit if a sad surprise to see your Birthday remembrance email but a reminder that even though it's been almost 12 years since you left, you so enjoyed your Birthdays and getting dressed up and enjoying your day together with family and friends.
   It all seems so long ago now and so much has happened but you are safe and sound and so deserving of each glorious day where you are.
       You are still very much missed in this home and always will be.
               Love, Kevin.
Posted by kevin langley on December 3, 2021
Dear Anthony, it is always a little upsetting when I get a notification from this site that it's your Birthday and / or day you passed as it's another reminder you are not here and that brings some sadness, even now still.
 I don't use the word death now because it can sound so final, so I use passed, passed on to another better place, one of beauty and peace, and you are now back home. You brought so much pleasure to family and friends here on earth with your character, your laugh, your silliness, your kindness and your love for family and friends.
     I miss you still of course but you will be much better off there than here in this crazy messed-up world at this point.
   Thank you for being part of our lives here and for helping to choose Chika back then-please take care of her (and Shorty) until I get there.
          Love always, Kevin.
Posted by cathy garcia on December 3, 2021
You are missed so much !! Hard to believe that it's been 11 years since you passed away. You were a shining star in our lives. Give Mom, Dad, Arthur and Joe a hug for me. You will be missed until we meet again ! Love you so much little brother ❤️
Posted by kevin langley on October 8, 2021
Hello again Anthony, it's your Birthday. You always enjoyed doing something special on your Birthday now you get to do special things in heaven all the time with the also missed many family members on my side and yours.
You will also be loving and enjoying pets Leo, Weesa, our Shorty and now our beloved Chika...keep them safe and loved. 
  I still miss your very much my special friend-can't wait to see you all again.
     Happy Birthday, no more pain and sorrow, you did your time and never complained.
                 Love always, Kevin.
Posted by kevin langley on December 3, 2020
Hello Anthony, you are certainly forever missed.
It's ten years now since we spoke with you and heard your voice and saw your face- positive up to the end. I don't sit as much and ponder the pain, the illness and the dreadful 'phone call telling me you were gone but try and recall good times which also help me.
Time is a strange thing and ten years you have been gone yet sometimes it seems like a few months, but thank goodness for memories we can recall.
    Can't wait to see you again and also the many family members and friends who have passed on. I'm sure you are loving and taking care of Leo, Wheezy, Shorty and Chi Chi very well.
           Until next time my eternal friend. Kevin.
Posted by kevin langley on October 8, 2020
My dear dear friend. Today is your earthly Birthday and I celebrate you and remember the wonderful time we spent in Salt Lake and Portland. Now you are celebrating in heaven with your parents and other family members and friends having fulfilled your earthly mission.
You are still very missed; your laugh, your artistic flair, your adventurous nature, even your cooking.
You were remembered whilst visiting the Portland Grotto recently, but remembered very often anyway.
Happy Birthday Anthony, with love from your eternal friend Kevin.
Posted by kevin langley on December 3, 2019
Dear eternal friend Anthony. It's been so long since I saw you but I remember December 10th 2010 being at work and getting the call that you had passed!! Even through all the ill health, the challenges and worry I still didn't believe it would happen and was preparing to see you that afternoon. Sorry I didn't stay the night and be there, many other things filled my life at that time but Heavenly Father took away your pain. Time does soften the blow and I am grateful it did help with the awful pain of you not being here.
  You will always be missed. Love, Kevin.
Posted by kevin langley on October 9, 2019
Hi my dearest friend. It's your earthly Birthday here and I'm sure you are with your family, friends and loved one's while we remember you here.
It's been so long since we celebrated your Birthday here but I will always cherish my time with you Anthony.
Still miss you so much but feel you close.
        Sending love, your dear friend Kevin.
Posted by kevin langley on December 3, 2018
Hello dearest friend. Time seems to be going by so fast-8 years since I got the call on my early work shift that you had gone. I cried for days and it hurt for years. It hurt too to see you suffer but you tried amazingly to keep going for those of us who loved you. You found so much strength from day to day and never complained until Heavenly Father called you home.
          Still miss you my friend. Kevin.
Posted by kevin langley on October 8, 2018
Happy Birthday Anthony, my eternal friend.
It isn't quite as heart-wrenching as it used to be to see your picture here or hear the sad music but it doesn't mean it is easy that you are not in my life making more memories and that you are not still missed terribly.
We have wonderful memories but you were taken too soon from all our lives and it left a huge empty space and now it is almost 8 years since you left.
I know you are loving every second in heaven in your beautiful home with your many loved ones. The world can't hurt you any more my friend.
            Love always, Kevin.x
Posted by kevin langley on October 8, 2017
My dear dear friend Anthony.
You are still in my heart and I think of how different my life (and the lives of others) would have been with you here with your love and kindness and the special talents you possess like beautifying the homes you have lived in. Now you are in the most beautiful home imaginable and I can't wait to be there with you: no more sadness, tears, or going out again.
    Thank you for the very special times on earth we shared together-never to be forgotten and neither will you be!
          Love, Kevin.x
Posted by kevin langley on December 4, 2016
Hello my dearest friend. Seems like the time-6 years, has gone by so quickly yet it seems so very long since I saw you and heard your voice.
I can recall so much about our time together but at least have my memories and many pictures to remember you by. It's still hard living without you and so I look forward to the day I embrace you again my beautiful friend and to be close and loving friends for ever next time.
    You will never be forgotten only missed so very much.
Posted by cathy garcia on December 3, 2016
Tony, Miss you so much ! Someday we will see each other again. That will be such a wonderful day. You were such a caring,loving person. The world lost an amazing person, but God wanted his angel back. Wish we had reached Portland in time ! I guess it wasn't meant to be. Tried to be there for Kevin, but he wants nothing to do with us. I really tried,you know that. Love you to infinity and beyond my Little Bro . Until we see each other again please give all our loved ones hugs and kisses. Have to go before I start bawling.
Posted by Jen Langley on October 9, 2016
Dearest Anthony,
You are always loved. I think about you all the time, and you visit my dreams once in a while. I can feel that you are at peace now, which is something you wanted so much. Thinking of you on your day of birth (Oct 8th) and always.
Love Jen
Posted by kevin langley on October 8, 2016
Dearest friend Anthony. Seeing the 'forevermissed' email tribute in my email makes me happy yet sad because I see your picture again and read notes about you and the emptiness and sadness of not having you here takes over once again. It seems so long ago that you were here-oh dear.
Life will never be the same with you not here but each year brings us closer to each other and closer to coming back home. Tell your parents hello, Christine too, my brother Brian, my sister Anita, my parents and family, and your family.
We had a wonderful 11plus years, if it weren't so it wouldn't hurt as bad.
Forever missed! Love, Kevin.
Posted by cathy garcia on October 8, 2016
 I miss you so much ! I wish you were here to talk to. My life has been turned upside down. Half the kids hate me and I think the others just tolerate me. My heart broke when you died and every time I turn around someone else tries to see how much more I can take. Little brother I miss you so bad ! Can hardly wait to see you again. Love you to infinity and beyond ! Please watch over everyone !
Posted by cathy garcia on December 3, 2015
Tony,you are missed so much. As you know I wrote a tribute and forgot to post it.You're probably laughing at me.You know what I wrote,so need to rewrite it.You know it still eats at me not getting there when I promised. You know why.Thank you for being such a great brother. We had some great adventures.I am glad that even though you were so sick in September, that we laughed so hard my stomach hurt over our escapades with the ice cream trike.I try to remember the great memories! Sometimes tears take over.Kevin has not really moved on.Please give him a nudge.Life is too short to not enjoy.As you know the family is pretty much falling apart,sad but true.Love you forever and a day! Until we meet again, I will always miss you.
Posted by kevin langley on December 3, 2015
I can't wait to see you again my eternal friend. You are happy now with your forever loved ones but not here with your loved ones who so miss you still. I still can't believe I can't just pick up the 'phone to call you and hear your voice and your laugh. You will always be with memory dearest friend.
I tried!
    My love to you and I so miss and loved the time you shared part of your life with me. xx. Kevin.
Posted by kevin langley on October 7, 2015
I can see your face, hear your voice and your laughter but can't hold you. You will be with me all my life until I come there and see you again my dear friend. It's been so long and I miss you so much and you still have your room in the home here.
            Love you my dearest friend.
Posted by Danielle Mayhew on December 18, 2014
Tio Tony. I miss you dearly. Gone but never forgot. I find solace in knowing that you are free now. Love you always.
Posted by cathy garcia on December 3, 2014
Tony, It's been 4 long years since you left us.It never gets easier, we just learn to cope a little better ! You were an amazing little brother. Love you forever and a day !! It still eats away at me, that I didn't get there in time to help you, like you asked.Until we meet again.Love and miss you !!
Posted by kevin langley on December 3, 2014
My dearest friend. I still miss you so very much, am still so sorry for the pain you suffered without a word, but cherish what we accomplished together. It is still hard to believe you aren't coming back but I know you are waiting for us. Knowing you just 11 years was not long enough and I look so forward to having you as my special friend eternally.
   Thank you for sharing part of your life with me and teaching me so much in the time you were here and since you are gone.
       We love and miss you very much. xxx Kevin and family.
Posted by kevin langley on October 8, 2014
My dearest Anthony-where are you?? My heart is always heavy when i write here because it reminds me once again that you are not here with us. WE so miss you- you know that but sometimes you feel close, just a step away but we can't yet catch up. One day we will make that step into heaven and never leave you. Kevin.xxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by cathy garcia on October 8, 2014
Little brother, I wish you a very Happy Birthday in heaven.You are still missed as much as the day you left us ! People say the pain goes away, but it doesn't ! We just learn to cope better. Love you always. Have a great day in heaven. Until we see each other again,put a special word in for Kevin and the rest of us.We need it !!
Posted by Danielle Mayhew on December 3, 2013
Thinking of you always Love Danielle
Posted by cathy garcia on December 3, 2013
Hi Tony,
 Hey little brother,you are missed so badly.You weren't just my kid brother,you were my friend and confidante. Someday I will see you again. So many things have happened. I wish you were here to share in . Love you forever
Posted by kevin langley on December 3, 2013
Hello my Anthony. What a void you left in my life. It seems like an eternity since I saw your face and heard your voice and your laugh, and our home is much quieter now. You brought so much color and loves to those who knew you. I miss you decorating the house at Christmas, your music, your cooking, your silliness, and being loved.
 You deserve all the happiness and love Heaven is giving you now, along with your family there and I look forward to spending eternity with all my loved ones including you my beautiful eternal friend.
Posted by kevin langley on December 3, 2012
Well Anthony it's been two years since I saw you & it seems like an eternity. I feel you in my thoughts & know you are close & happy & thriving. Though you are missed so very much I know you are happy & with your other loved more pain, no more tears for God shall wipe the tears from your eyes. Don't want to dwell on your suffering but your vigor & zest for life. Love always, Kevin
Posted by cathy garcia on December 3, 2012
I miss you so much little brother.You left a big hole in my heart when you left.You were my confidant,I never had to worry about you judging me.I feel you around alot! One day we will see each other again,love you forever and a day Cathy
Posted by Danielle Mayhew on December 3, 2012
I love and miss you everyday until we meet again love you always,
Posted by Anna Bajerska on October 10, 2012
Happy Birthday Anthony. Kevin has spoken so much about you that I feel I know you so well. U were2 SPECIAL to stay. Thanks for your wonderful example of how to endure to the end without complaining. For making sure Kevin would not be left alone. Chika has been his lifeline. I cannot wait to meet you! Until then, know many are missing you with each beat of their heart. Love always, Anna xox
Posted by cathy garcia on October 9, 2012
I really hope you are at peace,no more pain.I love you little brother!Forever and a day.Placed flowers at your grave yesterday,for your earthly birthday.I really don't think you're there.I believe you are beside us,I can feel your presence.Give everyone a hug and kiss for me.I miss you so badly.Until we meet again.All my love. Cathy
Posted by kevin langley on October 9, 2012
Dearest Anthony. I miss you so very much love. You were so brave & strong with your pain and suffering but you still loved life, your Lord Jesus, family & friends, and me. I will never forget your smiles, your artistic flair, and that you shared part of your life with me. I will miss you until we meet again, forever then as great friends. Thankyou for what your life taught me. Love, Kevin.
Posted by Danielle Mayhew on October 8, 2012
Happy Birthday Tio Tony love and miss you everyday hope u have a big celebration wherever you are :).
Love always,
Posted by Danielle Mayhew on December 4, 2011
As I remembered you yesterday and all of the memories of the love you surrounded everyone with, my eyes filled with tears but then I looked up at the beautiful night sky and just knew you were always going to be around all of us and I am grateful for the chance to know someone as wonderful as you. I take comfort in knowing that I will see you again in the next life.
Posted by brandy hull on December 3, 2011
I can't believe it's already been a year... sometimes I don't even realize you're gone, I think of you back in Portland and know I'll see you again someday,
We all love you so much, please watch over us as we continue our journey, now coping with the wound of your absence.
Posted by brandy hull on October 14, 2011
You were a beautiful soul and you will never be forgotten, we all love you very much.
I feel great joy knowing you the serenity you must feel, the beauty you must see. The last trip we took with you will always live in my heart. God bless you Tio.
Posted by Danielle Mayhew on October 8, 2011
Happy Birthday Tio Tony You are loved and missed hope you are having a big celebration in heaven.
Posted by cathy garcia on October 8, 2011
You are missed so badly.I could always share my thoughts with you.I am glad you aren't suffering anymore.I regret the fact that I didn't make it to Portland in time to help take care of you!I really tried little brother.
Posted by kevin langley on October 8, 2011
Anthony, my heart is still broken without you in my life.I look at your picture when I get up & last thing at night. You were & are a treasure to me & I will always love & miss you. Thankyou for sharing part of your life with me, you taught me so much.Until we meet again.Kevin.x
Posted by Danielle Mayhew on February 16, 2011
Tio Tony was a loving man so full of life, He had this energy and light surruonding him that was so amazing.
He truly was a beautiful soul and although he is missed everyday I know he is truly an angel.
Love you forever.
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