Posted by Chifumnanya Nwagagbo on May 6, 2021
Anthony Onyekuba rest on. While I was the first person to be notified of your passing on, it took a while to come to terms with it.

Having attended to your medical needs from December 20, 2020 (when I first met you and Lilian) until your painful demise on March 26, 2021, I count it a privilege to have been part of your life, albeit the last days of it.

You were more than a patient, over time becoming a brother and a friend. I will miss the jabs, the jokes, the pranks, the "threats". My heart is heavy as I choose to let go this morning, seeing as your funeral and internment today confirms your demise.

Live on Anthony.......until we meet to part no more at the bossom of the Lord.
Posted by Kemen Njoku on April 22, 2021
Tony, your death came as a huge shock to us. You were a gentle man and a devout Christian.

Your death is a great loss to us, but a win for heaven.

Rest in perfect peace with God, Amen!!!

Bethel and Kemen Njoku.
Posted by Kingsley Okolo on April 22, 2021
Even though we have known each other for just a few years,he's a man whom I would love to emulate in so many ways. I can say for sure that Tony cares! he's gentle heart will forever be missed and he's loving personality will always be in our hearts.
Posted by Ekene Ekeopara on April 22, 2021
Tony was a good man. Very gentle, calm, simple and generous. A true Christian he was. His humility was exemplary. It's so sad he is gone but one thing I know for sure is that he is in a better place. However it still hurts and he will forever be missed. 
Posted by Tenny Olusola-Ogunti on April 21, 2021 heart is filled with sadness. it seems unbelievable that Tony is gone. You were a soft spoken and kind man. You will be missed greatly. I believe you are in a better place with the Lord. May your gentle soul rest in peace. Amen.
Posted by Mary Ero on April 21, 2021
To know you is to have all the respect in the world for you. I for one know I did. You lived a life of peace, a life free of worry, nothing frightened you, nothing shook you. You didn’t take life too serious, you hated vanity........On the other hand,you took the things in life most important to you serious- (Your family, your work, and most importantly your walk with God).
In everything you decided to do, you did with all dedication.
You have left us asking God why, but we are also thanking God for a wonderful life lived by you.
You will be in our hearts forever.
Posted by Karibo Ekeopara on April 20, 2021
Bros! You were indeed a good man, a good Christian, a loving husband and father and a dependable Man. We miss you so much at church...A man of few words, but with a large heart... I miss yabbing you... You made my Sister Lillian a very happy woman. May your soul rest in God's bosom.
Posted by Joy Umechuruba on April 20, 2021
Dear Tony,
We are still in shock and devastated over the news of demise. We really do lack words writing this tribute for you. We stood and prayed, fighting against all odds with hope and faith in God that you will recover and continue to be with us. We had actually looked forward to a ‘survival thanksgiving’ ; but it had pleased the Lord for you to come home. Hmmm! We can’t question God.
We fondly remember when you visited Port Harcourt. The excitement of your visit and the good time you shared with our family will forever be cherished. Whenever I enquired about your choice of food/juice to serve you , you will say ‘ask my wife, Lilian - she knows best! We all laughed!!
Oga T as we fondly call you, you had lot of great qualities but perhaps the most endearing quality was your peaceful nature and ability to express your opinion about something without mincing words or pretense. Your absolute undying love for my sister Lilian and the kids could never be compromised. Your love for Lilian was MAGICAL! You nurtured, protected, provided & loved - a disciplined family man to the core. Your love for God, family and work was extraordinary. You touched so many lives with your kindness, caring and loving nature. You will forever remain in our hearts. Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord.
(With love from : Joy & Enyinnaya Umechuruba)

Posted by Elvis Njoku on April 19, 2021
Still can’t believe that I will be writing this type of tribute for you, having spoken to you 2days before i heard about the news; well all I can say is that we cant question God. I know that wherever you may be right now Chief Tony like I always call, God is taking good care of you. You were a decent and responsible Father, Brother and Friend. We all miss you and I know that the 3 boys and wife you left behind in this world will make you proud and make your name never to be forgotten.
Posted by Austin Njoku on April 19, 2021
I am still filled with disbelief as I type this Tony but God knows best. You were a good Man.
I am short of words truly but all I will say is Its well.
Tony, rest well. You lived a good life and I will not forget that. Thanks all the advice you always give me.
Rest well Tony. You are loved by so many.
Posted by Gideon Njoku on April 19, 2021
You were like an older brother to me, most disciplined and dedicated person I had ever met in terms of work, church and family. Had an open heart and always stood for what was right. Even in death we will miss you and you will forever remain in our hearts
Posted by Chioma Okey-Nwaosu on April 17, 2021
I write this with a very heavy heart. Hmmmm it’s so difficult writing your tribute. As you fondly called me Chiooooooma. Sorrow fills our hearts, a sorrow that is deep and personal. Our dear Tony has silently closed the door of life and departed from us. Our lives will be empty in the areas that he had brightened for us.

Albert Einstein said, “The value of a man should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive.” In one word, Tony was a man who gave. He gave much to his work, his family and to everything around him. You were a huge blessing to Lilian and your lovely boys. Here was a life that demands notice….a life that exemplified brilliance…a life that inspired emulation…a life that burned so that others’ paths were lit.

Tony was a genuinely warm and wonderful friend, colleague and brother.  He was a strategic thinker, a visionary who was brilliant, innovative and creative. He generously gave us his knowledge and his expertise. Tony was someone who went the extra mile to help resolve an issue. He would go the extra mile to help you out in any difficult situation. He was always willing to share his ideas and information. By his death all the people who knew him will miss a highly intelligent, vibrant individual with a rare friendliness and charm of personality. Our sorrow is lessened only slightly with the comforting thought that we had the privilege to know him.

May God strengthen your entire family. My dearest loving sister Lilian our love and care will always be with you

Posted by Tosin Olowo on April 17, 2021
I knew you within a very short period of time but it was worth it. You are a very peaceful and easy going man. May your soul continue to rest in peace. I pray the lord will give your wife the strength and grace to carry on for the family.
Posted by harley karibiye on April 16, 2021
Farewell to my brother
Your friendship was a blessing
And l will miss you
You brightened up my days
With your kind and loving ways
No matter what was happening
You knew what to do
The thought of not seeing you again
brings tears to my eyes but we should never question what God has planned
You will live within my heart.
Posted by Phillip Uche on April 15, 2021
You lived a Good Life and Left with us a Positive Legacy.

Rest on bro till we meet to part to more.
Posted by Adeyemi Mafe on April 15, 2021
Anthony! Hmm. When i received the  message of your transition to glory  tears builded up in my eyes( attending a zoom management meeting) then I remembered our last discussion on the 4th of March 2021 when you told me of your health condition , however no matter how we see it you have ran your race , finished your course and I know a crown of glory await you at His appearing.

We meet far back in TREM youth fellowship days, then I was the youth leader and we had a close rapport. I remembered you expressing your concerns on those who do not adhere to terms in business agreement and I how you got involved in one , I encouraged you of the need to let go of your grievance which you did immediately. We both joined Young men christian fellowship were we learnt so much of the demands of our age group. Thereabout you concluded with joy your professional exams and finally secured a job in the banking sector . Moreover when it was time to settle down with a lady of your choice I remembered how we scouted around especially during break time of TREM annual program KLWC , you were not ashamed to go for what you wanted. When your loving Lilian finally came it was a thing of joy to finish it up on the altar . You pressed on in life to make your family happy , we discussed on various issues that pertain to life and godliness and came up with best decisions as it came but now the heavenly father have allowed this season to come so suddenly. The psalmist says *For this God is our God for ever and ever : he will be our guide even unto death* Psalm 48:14

I pray that God will sustain Lilian and the children , the immediate family and extended .

This situation might be hard to come around with but the God of all flesh will sustain and make all things right.

I will miss your inspiring personality Anthony but I am sure I will see you on the resurrection morning when those that died in him will rise up first to meet him in the air.Then we shall have the real fellowship before our heavenly father!

God bless .
Posted by Chidi Ndubuisi on April 15, 2021
I write this with a heavy heart....."Anthony moooo" as i would fondly call you. You seemed to have two personalities to me. You played and laughed heartily like a child when it was fun time and was also ready to soil your hands when it was time for work....You taught me most of the things i learnt as a young executive. The good times we had brings tears to my eyes. May you continue to rest in the bossom of the lord.
Posted by Odumosu Johnson on April 15, 2021

I've never felt this level of pain towards a departure. Yours was a very emotional one for me. I worked with you for over 2 years. You had good work ethic, empathetic, loved God and your family. You were cool, calm and quite instructive. Egbon, only if I can call you that again, it's rather pathetic to know you're gone. Stay safe in the arms of your saviour.

My prayers and condolences to you, Lilian and children.

Adieu 'Kuba.
Posted by John Valentine on April 14, 2021
In all of humanity, I've never seen someone like you showed such kindness and respect in the little moments we've met. There was more but words can't explain.

I just believe you're resting well in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ.
We will always miss you sir. Sleep peacefully.

May God strengthen your entire family in times like this. AMEN!
Mrs. Lilian, our love and care will always be with you!
Posted by Nneka Onwuegbuche on April 11, 2021
Tony, it is so hard to believe you are no more with us in person. You were a gentleman who loved his family so so much . Whenever I came around your desk , you never stopped talking about your wife (your sister as you would always refer to her) . 
You were always willing to assist and resolve any issue I bring to your unit .

You fought a good fight and we are consoled that you knew God in your lifetime.

Chioma and the kids will surely miss you and I know God will give them the strength to carry on.

Rest on my dear friend and brother as I will never forget how excited you were to see me at your wedding .

I will surely miss you. I pray our good Lord will grant your soul eternal rest in Jesus name.
Posted by Nonye Adegoke on April 11, 2021
Dear Mr Tony

Your love for your wife and family was known and I remember each time I visited Lillian at her branch how she would spend half of the time talking about you .

You were a kind , loving, patient husband and father and the perfect Ying to Lilians' Yang .

I know you are in better place free from all the pain and stress of this world

I pray for Strength for Lillian and the Boys you left behind .

Sleep on Mr Tony . Heaven gained an angel .
Posted by Ify Larry-Agugor on April 10, 2021
It took me days to be able to write this because it’s all still so hard to believe. I was so sure everything was going to go well and we would all gather for your thanksgiving service after....
But God knows best. I believe that you’re in a better place where pain doesn’t exist and you can watch over your family.
Rest easy in peace and love.
Posted by Ndu Okaro on April 9, 2021
The news of your passing was so heartbreaking, a young man with a young loving family it all seemed to happen so fast ! We pray for your wife and young kids that the Lord will protect and watch over them, we also pray the Lord will grant you eternal rest in his kingdom devoid of any pain or suffering, may you rest in perfect peace.

Ndu and Ifeoma Okaro
Posted by Olusegun Adeniji on April 9, 2021
As we continue to place our trust in the all-knowing and dependable GOD we pray for divine comfort, strength and provision for Lilian and her children and extend our condolences to their wider family. May the memory of the lives Anthony enriched over the years be a source of encouragement for Lilian and may his soul rest in perfect peace, in JESUS’ mighty name. Amen. With love, Funke and Segun Adeniji and family
Posted by Premier Specialist Medica... on April 9, 2021
We were saddened to hear of the passing of Mr Onyekuba Anthony.
He was considered a cherished member of our Premier family who was always present at the hospital visits of his family, showing care in his calm and caring manner.
Please accept our sincere condolences on this painful loss, he will always be remembered for his amiable personality and his devotion to his family.
Posted by Joseph Jibunoh on April 9, 2021
Brother Tony; rest on in the bosom of the Lord. The Bible assures that, even though this mortal body may come to ruin on earth, the Lord Jesus Christ is is your redeemer and the comforter of your soul. It is indeed tough to believe you have passed on. You were a dove in spirit and action, committed to the work of God and ministry. May the good Lord comfort your family to bear this painful passage.
Posted by Tunde Alabi on April 9, 2021
It's really really hard to beleive that you are no more with us Tony. Soo many memories. Couldn't pass by 7th floor without seeing you. Fun, warm, jovial, easy going. I have soo much to say but it just makes the pain more. Rest on Tony, Heaven gained. May God console your family. Rest on Tony.
Posted by Ronke Oyetunji on April 8, 2021
May your soul rest in peace and may God console your wife and loved ones

Posted by Bose Oluwadare on April 8, 2021
Your life was a blessing to Lilian, your lovely boys and everyone around you
Your memory will forever be a treasure
You are loved beyond words and will be greatly missed.
Rest well.....Mr Tony Onyekuba.

May God grant everyone the fortitude to bear this irreplaceable loss.
It's well , my dear Lilian.
Posted by Nosike Amolo on April 8, 2021
Where do I start from to talk about Tony. I fondly called him ikebaby.
He was such a cool guy, jovial, quite frank about his opinion.
He was fun to be with and used to make us laugh a lot when he mimics a certain tough boss.
Ikebaby, may your gentle soul continue to rest in peace and be assured that we will be there for Lilian and your boys.
Sleep on till we meet at the end of time.
Posted by Nonso Samuel on April 8, 2021
Bro Tony, I find it hard to believe you are gone. I can't process it in my head. It feels surreal. I have not said a word to Sis Lilian because somehow I feel you will come back. I cannot control my tears.

Tony, my personal and professional adviser, a man with a heart of gold, I will deeply miss you. You a one in a million.

I will always love you, your memory remain indelible in my heart.

Jee nke oma.
Posted by Jennifer Oti on April 8, 2021
This is very sad news but the lord knows best. May your soul rest in perfect peace. May the good lord comfort your family. Amen
Posted by Victor Aduku on April 8, 2021
Only you would call me Falz d bahd guy because of the way I look with my glasses on, even though we never agreed that I looked like him in any way. I knew you as a man of very few words, but I knew how much you loved and adored your family, and your love for God. Doris and I are gutted for Lilian and the kids, but we accept God's perfect will. Rest in peace, Mr Ton, as I would fondly call you.
Posted by Ifeoma Obi on April 7, 2021
It's hard to come to terms that you have gone but I know that you are in heaven with Our LORD. You will forever remain in our heart. Sleep on Tony.
Posted by Ewomazino Uche on April 8, 2021
Dear Tony,

It's truly hard to believe you are gone, seeing this memorial brings me tears and to reality that you are no more. I believe you are in a better place now, watching over your lovely wife and handsome boys.

You were such a happy man who loved his family so much and you were dedicated to your work. Words fail me but God knows best.

I pray that God will give your family the fortitude to bear this loss.

Sleep well till we meet again.
Posted by Ayomikun Aganmayo on April 7, 2021
I didn't know you in person, but I got to know a lot about you from your beloved wife, how genuinely happy she is whenever you place a call through, I could feel the bond, the love. You were just you, we all love you but God does the most... Rest Well Mr Tony till we all meet to part no more!
Posted by ayoola ariyoh on April 7, 2021
I didn’t know you personally,I had only met you once or twice but that was all that’s needed to see the love and bond you share with your wife and how deeply you loved your boys..I do know that you are in a better place watching over your family..
Posted by Lore Imanah on April 7, 2021
I didn't know you personsally and probably met you about 3 times but I worked with your wife and I could easily tell that you both loved each other deeply. I probably heard your name at least 100x in a day. I remember one morning I hitched a ride to work with both of you and wondered at some point how you coped because Lilian said about a million words during the ride and you probably said 10 .......but who are we to question the will of God??? You have fought the good fight and were the best husband and father to your family......Rest well....
Posted by Olukayode Akinbinu on April 7, 2021
Tony it is still quite hard to believe that you are gone. This life is indeed very short. Tony is the kind of person that when he has an opinion that is different from others is not afraid to express it. Totally down to earth, no nonsense or frills. A very committed and hardworking team player. You will be sorely missed by your colleagues at work, friends and family. Adieu until we all meet again at the Lord's feet.
Posted by Adolphus Olaniyo on April 7, 2021
Tony Onyekuba will forever be remembered. He was a man committed to his family and work. He loved God and pursued peace. He still had so much in him to give to the society but it is unfortunate we lost such a great man. Rest in Pease beloved brother. We will see you again on the resurrection morning. God Himself will see to it that your family lacks nothing. It is well.
Posted by Lincoln Oluwatomi Ogunbod... on April 7, 2021
Farewell Uncle Tony,

I still remember your calls lighting up Lilian's phone. 'Baby airtel' is always calling. You had the best heart, kindest soul, and made it so easy for people to feel comfortable around you. Thank you for leaving your mark of gentleness and kindness on everyone that ever encountered you. What you did in life will definitely echo in eternity.

Thanks for everything Uncle Tony, till we meet again.

Love always.
Posted by Margaret Grant on April 7, 2021
Words fail me. The shock and disbelief, I felt when I heard of your passing I cldnt and can't explain.......but it is well. God Almighty will give your family the strength to move on from this. I believe you always be with Lilian and your beautiful boys... Lilian, the Lord is ur strength....You have always been a strong woman, a fighter and always positive, this too shall pass,my deepest condolences....Tony Onyekuba, gone but can't be forgotten. Rest in peace.
Posted by Emdin Onyema on April 7, 2021
Dear Onyekuba,

You were a rare gem, we had so much together, you were gentle and in your own warm space, you were focused and wanted the best for your family.
We will miss you bro, rest in peace.
My prayer is that God grant solace to the family and the fortitude to bear the loss. Amen.
Posted by Abiola Adisa on April 7, 2021
You were definitely a great husband to Lilian and a great Father to the children.
You will definitely be missed,Uncle Tony.
We know you are resting in the Lord’s bosom and the joy is that we shall see again when the time is right!
Posted by Lilian Onyekuba on April 7, 2021
Nkem, you brought us all so much happiness that I always felt we lived in our own bubble.
I cant let go, dont know when or If i will ever be able to.
I know God loves you more than I do and you are in a much better place than here.
The kids and I will keep making you proud by the grace of God.
Sleep well my baby till I am able to join you!!!!

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