This tribute was added by Dawn Greco on November 15, 2016
Happy Birthday Tony. We missed you a lot at Jeff and Olivia's wedding this weekend. We made sure you were there and I bet you were watching the whole time. We miss you. I miss you
This tribute was added by Dawn Greco on July 31, 2016
I know not where I’m going
I only know where I’ve been
Only one thing that I’m sure of
I’ll change the world that I’m in
                      By Anthony Greco, October 1970
This tribute was added by Karen Paxson on July 11, 2016
Although Anthony and I were first cousins, his father and my mother were siblings, I didn't know him well as an adult. We moved from Chicago when I was four, but I have memories of him as a child. My younger brother and he were born a month apart. My brother never talked until he was nearly two, but I remember Anthony as a little guy, not even walking yet, but talking. He didn't just say "Mama" or "Dada," he said "electric light bulb" or "air conditioner." He was amazing. It doesn't surprise me that he was into the latest gadgets. I'm so sorry that I have lost the opportunity to know him better. Rest in peace, cuz.
Lois Warchol Flannery
This tribute was added by Karen Paxson on July 9, 2016
My deepest condolences to the entire family. Tony was a really nice guy all his life, I knew Tony when we were students at Oak School and at WMTH radio at Maine East. I was glad to reconnect during the WMTH 50th anniversary celebration and to stay connected through Facebook. We will all miss him greatly. Deb Bieber Ernsberger
This tribute was added by Heather Fritsche on July 6, 2016
Growing up, I remember Uncle Tony playing all kinds of music, but particularly remember hearing jazz for the first time with him. He usually played music loud and often on the latest and most high tech player or gadget. He smiled and danced and was fun to be around. He was truly passionate about his profession which was evident when we would talk about technology. Uncle Tony, you will be missed. Rest in peace.
This tribute was added by Delma Greco on July 6, 2016
I've only known Anthony for the last 28 years so I can't add to all of his earlier endevors. I do know that he was kind, lots of fun to be around, and very much into his children. His was loved and adored by his father. Anthony you will be missed, especially by your Illinois families. May you rest in peace.
This tribute was added by Dave Schubert on July 6, 2016
Tony was a good friend through our high school years. We shared many memories, mostly involving the school radio station WMTH-FM. We were in contact a few years ago and it was as if those many years had not changed either of us. I am sorry that his family has to go through the pain of his passing.
This tribute was added by Larry Paxson on July 6, 2016
- Anthony Greco, aka Tony -

Most people called Anthony by the name of "Tony", but as Karen and he where growing up, she and both her Mom [Rosemary] and Dad [Angelo, who would also go by he name "Tony"], would always call him "Anthony".
Marie, however being the youngest of the three children, broke with Family Tradition and has always just called him Tony.

I had always found Tony [Anthony] to be a "Gadget Guy"! He always wanted to play with, and have that latest cool gadget and also tell you about it, which then always made his smile brighter!!
As I first met Tony back in the 70's he was working [I believe at "Auto Sound"] selling and installing the latest Stereo technology for you car, again Gadgets!
A bit prior to that, he was part of the WMTH - Maine Township East Radio Station [ I believe because they had Gadgets! ]

Even as Karen and I would go to Tony's home, back then in the Chicago area prior to their move to North Carolina, he and his wife Dawn, along with both the kids Jeff, and Ari would be watching a Movie on Laser Disc [ Look it up kids ], it wasn't around long, but Tony thought it was one of the greatest things! And wanted to show it too you and tell you all about it.
Tony made his living moving from one new gadget to another, leaving the older gadgets behind, working in service and Marketing at company's such as Sony Ericsson and most recently at ZTE.
If you were a friend of Tony and you were talking to him, he more than likely had a Gadget in his hand, and he would be explaining and showing you all of the "Neat and Cool" things it could do. As in one of the pictures below were he was recently showing functions of a new tablet to his Dad, during Thanksgiving of 2015. [Think about it, maybe I am wrong, but are you now having memories of you and Tony as he demonstrates that latest thing? ] If so you have just made Tony happy, and put a smile on your face at the same time!

I also want to say, if for some reason you are not feeling well, tell your family, they always love you, and want to know how you are doing, even if the news is not the best!!
With Love, Larry
Oh BTW, I believe the other photo is from the late 70's. It was a Polaroid [That's right, look it up kids] It too was once a gadget

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