This tribute was added by Traci Henderson on September 3, 2019
I Just left the Wifey. We went to Lunch at Babs, a jewel you found. The food was delicious! We had a good lunch and reminisced. We laughed about your inquisitive mind; how you walked around with a question mark over your head always prefacing your inquiries with, "let me ask you a question."
A real life Curious George.
I'll remember you for the boat load of laughs you gave me and take great solace in knowing your Spirit is alive and kicking . You have your wings now and I'm sure you are using them to check up on Love Ones and to protect your Family.
You are a man of men. I love you My Brother From A Different Mother!
This tribute was added by Sabrina Robertson on August 23, 2019
Just hung up the phone laughing with Cornelius Guntz Jr. Reminiscing over the years kicking with for me a childhood homie. Way before the internet and I pads. When you would have to go to a friends house and knock on the door. Played football in the streets. Basketball in every corner of the world. Baseball , you name it we did it. Actually was there when he met the love of his life Benita Adams Jones. Deja Vu night club in the city. He went all the way to SF to meet his dream girl from Richmond. We always had a laugh about that night. We lost a patna but gained a sister as well. I’m saddened by the news but rejoicing Anthony Rook Jones knew Jesus. Out of all our years of hanging from Boys to Men. The conversations about Christ was the most rewarding. Going to miss you man. Until we team up together in Heaven on that Hoop court. Hold it down man. God has this. To your family I pray for comfort. So many years. So many memories. Cherishing every one of them. Thank u Cornelius Guntz Jr for the call and the laughs through the pain.

Lawrence Gurganious Jr
This tribute was added by Sabrina Robertson on August 23, 2019
The End You left without warning. You left so fast. Now all we have is memories of our past... Anthony Jones you will be greatly always ME❤️❤️❤️

Tonya Henderson
This tribute was added by Sabrina Robertson on August 23, 2019
The End of the Road

Have you heard of the saying
Here today and gone tomorrow?
Anthony Jones life was just like that
Leaving many hearts in sorrow

On that dreaded evening of the crash
What could have been on his mind?
So full of life one minute
And the next his destiny was defined

No good byes at that moment
No apologies of any sort
He had come to the end of the road
Where there was no human support

It’s unfortunate that it happened this way
But it was written from the day of birth
We know not how when or where
When it’s our time to leave this earth

He had some insecurities
As we all do in life
He was the best father he could be
And he truly loved his wife

He devoted his time to the church
He helped those in need
When he smiled he lit up an entire room
He paid his debts indeed

Although it felt like it came without warning
There were signs all around
Some may have seen them and some may not
But his soul is heaven bound

To his family, be strong
He’s with the angels now
As bad as it may seem God never make mistakes
You will get through it somehow

And God was with him he wasn’t alone
When made his heavenly transition
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
He finally completed his mission

~Lenore G. Dangerfield
  August 2019©
This tribute was added by Sabrina Robertson on August 23, 2019
Weeping may endure for a night, but JOY comes in the morning. Praying for you sis. Be encouraged!

Allegra Caster-Tolfree
This tribute was added by Sabrina Robertson on August 23, 2019
I'm grieved for the loss of your beloved husband. I remember his smile and warm spirit. I'm praying for you and the family. May he rest with our savior.

Yolandra Rhodes
This tribute was added by Sabrina Robertson on August 23, 2019
Man Anthony!!...
This hurts Ant-Dog
No words only tears
I love you Brother. RIP ❤️

I can hear him saying, "be sad but you got to acknowledge I hooked that green boot up with that plaid and Kangol." ❤️ kept everybody laughing

Traci Henderson
This tribute was added by Sabrina Robertson on August 23, 2019
It’s been a hard week with lots of Loss. My heart goes out to Benita Adams Jones and her family, she is one of the kindest, most supportive people I know. Anthony always kept me laughing at church and while we were on vacation a few years ago. I will definitely miss seeing him around and being greeted by him. God we all need you!

Vieneese Stanton
This tribute was added by Sabrina Robertson on August 23, 2019
Still doesn't seem REAL!! I remember going to Lancaster,CA for a tourney with you and you were telling so many jokes,I hadn't laughed that hard in my whole life.Not only were you a great shortshop you were a great person as well.

I appreciate you for teaching me how to be a better ball player showing me how to pivot and come across the bag..You saying you're good Alamo but I'm going to make you better..Love ya Big Bro!!

This year @ Soulful Softball Sunday,August 25,2019 @Nichol Park we will honor the good Brother,The Inaugural Anthony "Rook" Jones Memorial Scholarship Award will be given to Khiari Neal,The recent De Anza High grad is the school's first African American Valedictorian in 60 years,she's s headed to UCLA to continue her higher learning. Shalom

Rodney "Alamo" Brown
This tribute was added by Sabrina Robertson on August 23, 2019
So the angels came down to earth and took my brother home, we shared a lot of good times together. And you will be truly missed, may God be with the Jones family my condolences and prayers go out to you.

John J. Crawford
This tribute was added by Sabrina Robertson on August 23, 2019
Anthony Jones. Everyone has literally been saying nothing but spot on things about you man! You were overall a great dude. Great father (from what I could see outside looking in), great husband, great friend, and a great brother in Christ!! Rest easily my dude! I’m sure Jesus is enjoying your smile and energy up there with the best of them. ✊

Pray for this family please! Imani Jones Benita Adams Jones Jayy Jones I love you all dearly. #TRIforever

Torrell Henderson
This tribute was added by Sabrina Robertson on August 23, 2019
I remember sitting on Imani Jones floor in her room with Tooda Elarms-Harris having regular teenage girl conversations. We didn't even know uncle Anthony was standing there the whole time... I remember us thinking we were going to be in trouble lol but he set right there and talked with us for hours. Giving us advice and making us laugh. Uncle Anthony, you will be truly missed and I'll never forget about finding those platform shoes with the fish at the bottom of them. We talked so much mess about them but you thought they were the coolest shoes ever lol. You may be gone but never forgotten

DeAdrea Moore
This tribute was added by Cyndi Dunn on August 22, 2019
To my God son Christopher, my sister Leslie, Benita and the Jones husband and I send our most sincere condolences. When we lose a loved one here on earth, we gain an angel in heaven that watches over us. May you take comfort in knowing that you have an angel to watch over you now. Hold on to the memories that you have of Anthony...hide deep within your hearts. Christopher, Leslie...we are here for you...just a phone call away.
This tribute was added by Dametria Jones on August 22, 2019
Uncle Anthony I'm going to miss you so much you were my Dad's twin our family gatherings will never feel the same without seeing you around cracking jokes or asking me and my sisters if we got boyfriend's I love you so much Uncle FLY HIGH ❤️ you will never be forgotten.
This tribute was added by Keana Dollar-Dickerson on August 18, 2019
Cousin I am so sad about your loss, I just seen you at my dads house & you were so full of life & being the joker that you were trying to liven everyone up & I enjoyed your spirit. You left us too soon & I know God makes no mistakes but this was hard. I didnt have to see you all the time to know family was first for you. You will truly be missed. Love your little cousin.
This tribute was added by Kiana Hillery on August 17, 2019
Uncle Anthony I love you and I am going to miss you so much our family BBQ will never be the same without your singing, dancing, and the jokes you used to crack on all of us continue to watch over us I love you Uncle May you Rest In Peace. ❤️
This tribute was added by LaShanda Glover on August 17, 2019
Faith Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal❤You Was The Protector & The Shelter Of Your Family & We Love & Miss You So Dearly❤But On Monday 08/12/2019 You Were Taken From Us Like A Thief In The Night, Given Us No Chance To Say Good Bye. And Uncle Anthony As I Write This Tribute For You! All I Can Do Is Cry Cry & Cry. But I Know You Have Your Wings & Shining Bright❤ I Still Feel Your Presence Every Day & Through The Night. But I'm still Trying To Put 2 & 2 Together On Just Why Why Why? But The Fact Of It All, Is That God Needed You More❤ And I Love You Uncle Anthony And Thanks For Leaving Your Footsteps To Your Open Door, So We All Can Follow Through For The Rest Of Our Lives. & Until We Meat Again. Rest In Paradise! Raider Nation Theme & A Big Celebration Just For You Uncle Anthony I Miss & Love You!
This tribute was added by Sydney Payne on August 16, 2019
I was deeply saddened to learn of Anthony's death so, I am writing, both personally and on behalf of SOLID Personnel, to express my sincere condolences to you on the death of Anthony Jones. Your husband was highly respected by internal and field employees throughout the entire company and the clients we placed him with. Anthony fit in with us like a glove fits a hand- it is as if he had been a member of our team since the very beginning. And how do you achieve that fit? Well, it’s a culture thing; you share the same values- professionalism, honesty, integrity, commitment, enthusiasm, and passion. Anthony had all of these qualities in abundance- but above all, he was a really nice guy. We loved working with Anthony, as much as I know he loved working with us. We truly appreciated the dedicated service Anthony contributed and he was truly a valued member of the team. Besides being an excellent worker, he was always good-humored and considerate towards anyone he came in contact with. In the last 4 years of Anthony’s service, he was nothing but exceptional. The effects of his loss are being felt already by those of us who had the honor and pleasure of working with him. The sudden loss of life is a burden that no one should bear alone. SOLID would like to offer support to you and your family during this difficult time, we are ready to provide assistance to you in any way possible, including help associated with such matters as survivor benefits and payroll questions.

Words are inadequate at a time like this; however, please know that you and your family are in our thoughts. On behalf of all personnel of SOLID, we extend our deepest sympathy and most sincere condolences as we collectively mourn Anthony’s loss. Please let us know if we can help you in any way.

May Anthony’s memories give you the comfort and peace that you seek and may the soul of your loved one rest in peace.

“The Measure of a man: Not - "how did he die" But - "how did he live" Not - "what did he gain" But - "what did he give" These are the units to measure the worth of a man, as a man, Regardless of birth. -Unknown

SOLID Personnel

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