--You can't beat me, My son always said this, his biggest demon did beat him, I am living my life to change this, I love you Ant, I have always been your biggest fan and I will never let you leave me--
  • 20 years old
  • Born on October 5, 1995 in New Haven, Connecticut, United States.
  • Passed away on May 24, 2016 in West Haven, Connecticut, United States.

In loving memory of my precious son Anthony Joseph Meizies, he came into my life on October 5, 1995, 8 pounds and six ounces,I was there when he left this world on May 24, 2016.

Love, Mom and Amaya and Baylee

Posted by Joy Meyerholz on 24th May 2018
Two years Ant, long and lonely yet feel like you just left us, I love you, always thinking of you, I wonder what you would say about all my tattoos that are all for you lol, I can imagine you smiling big but shaking your head. Mom is always thinking of you, you go wherever I am babe, xoxoxoxoxoxo Ma dukes
Posted by Joy Meyerholz on 18th May 2018
six more days and it will be two years since I have seen your face, heard your voice, AJ mom loves you so much, we miss you, me and Amaya and Bayee, she is getting old baby and very sad without her dad. Thinking of you always, I always hope that you are at peace, that you are ok and resting, I would rather have you here though AJ, xoxoxoxoxo
Posted by Anthony Meizies on 2nd April 2018
you are my angel . I miss you so so much......I cant hold you or talk to you . hug you or kiss you....but I promise you this son , I will always smile up at you and I will never ever stop dping what I can to help others in memory of you daddys lil boy.... I love you son love always your father your friend
Posted by Joyce Meyerholz on 1st November 2017
I miss my baby, I am not alive anymore, i feel like a shell, I hope you are ok now aj, I think of you all the time, you are never alone mommy loves you
Posted by Jamie Gargano on 5th October 2017
Today was the day you were brought into this world and yet you really didn't have the chance to live. I'm hoping that your pain has faded and your emptiness has turned into wholeness. That is something that none of us could have known what it was like for you,but know that we wish we did. Your so missed. Love you baby boy.
Posted by Joyce Meyerholz on 5th October 2017
I love you Anthony, Happy 22 birthday, not a thing is happy, seems so ridiculous to say, miss you so much, love mom
Posted by Joann DeFoschr on 5th October 2017
Fly high AJ I miss you and think of you all the time. Hope you are rocking the heavens and wish that you were here with us as you should be Always in my heart and always in my thoughts fly high beautiful sweet angel
Posted by Joyce Meyerholz on 24th May 2017
I love you baby, such a shitty day, always in my heart and on my mind, love Mom
Posted by Sylvia Yanez on 19th March 2017
Things haven't been going too well for me lately and I find it so ironic and comforting that the past couple nights I have been dreaming of you. Everything in the dream is so blurry and fuzzy, except your face and your voice. You keep telling me in my dream... 'stop trying to save everyone'. I always hated when you told me that when we were kids, especially when you said it to me a couple days before you passed because I only wanted to save you, help you, make you feel loved and strong. You’ve have been gone almost 10 months now and it still is not real to me. Every time I come into town now, I just want to text you like I always did and ask you where you are. Sometimes you would answer right away, sometimes not at all and I still cannot fathom that this time and every time after it’ll be not at all.I love you Anthony, and saying I miss you just does not even do justice. But I’ll see you in my dreams, my favorite place to be now because at least I can talk to you once more.
Posted by Joy Meyerholz on 18th March 2017
Mom misses you, I miss everything, your hugs and bad moods and messy room,I love you so much Aj
Posted by Louis Somosky on 18th January 2017
I think of you all the time bro ! Wishing you were here I constantly go to call you and remember I can't . Hope your looking down on us and watching over ! Til I see you again brotha
Posted by Joyce Meyerholz on 19th October 2016
Hi Ant, this week has been so hard, five months on Monday since you have gone, not a minute that I dont think of you, love you
Posted by Joyce Meyerholz on 11th October 2016
Ant I miss you so much today, I woke up ok and as the day went by, back to reality, i love you
Posted by Jamie Gargano on 9th October 2016
I was thinking about you today. So many things are going on this month and knowing that your not here. It still does not feel real. I wish we had answers . Only God knows. Miss you.
Posted by Jamie Gargano on 5th October 2016
Happy 21st Birthday! You must be celebrating with Phil! Probably playing pranks on others up there. Keep watching over all of your us until we meet again. Love you!
Posted by Jordin Anthony on 5th October 2016
I remember watching these videos on repeat after school and begging our moms to take us to Ikea because all we thought of was taking naps in all the beds and chairs. Miss the days when we were younger. Love you and miss you Aj. Happy Birthday! https://youtu.be/SRcnnId15BA https://youtu.be/zVJ5gsLeCSM
Posted by Denise Alysyn on 5th October 2016
Joy this page is beautiful,as is AJ. I think of you often AJ and pray today you are celebrating your twenty first birthday as an angel up above. You truly are forever missed. I will always and forever keep the memory of your beautiful soul close to my heart. Love you,my cousin, Anthony Joseph, in your short time on earth you touched many. Rest In Peace you precious angel.
Posted by Joann DeFoschr on 5th October 2016
Joy... this is so amazing. I can imagine how painful this was to make. Happy 21st Biryhday AJ... Rock the heavens. I will never forget how serious he was when he told me if I was 10 years older you would be mine. Lol. Try at least 20. You are so missed and so loved... JoAnn ❤️
Posted by Michaela Jean on 5th October 2016
Happy Birthday Kid. No matter where we were in life I could always count on talking to you on our birthdays.. October 5th has never felt so heavy until now. You're loved, you're adored, and you're missed more than you'll ever know boxy boy xo
Posted by John Lutters on 5th October 2016
Happy birthday aj i have so many memories with you.i love you man, i remember after our first baseball game my grandmother took us to a new hogdog place on Campbell then we went to your house on 3rd ave and played wiffleball all night then i stayed over and then we hung out everyday from there on out. I remember when we whete playing 2k at your house and uncle phil came out and gave us dum dum lollipops but he put numbing stuff on it lmao good times i have to many memories
Posted by Michele Mary on 5th October 2016
Happy Birthday in Heaven Little Cousin!!!!!
Posted by Ibrahim Kadi on 4th October 2016
Tonight's his 21st I remember when we were 16 talking about having beers together when we turn .. he's in a better place now . If only he can see how many people loved him . And miss him . Happy bday Russian mobster you'll always be my first friend I ever made coming to CT. That's never going to be forgotten . Love you kid . May God forgive all of yours sins . After all, this is why Jesus died for us . R.I.P were all coming visit you sooner or later Once again love you kiddo rock the heavens I'll see u soon
Posted by Jessica Barrett on 4th October 2016
Aj, it all started when your father and my father became best friends who would've knew years later after my father's death you and my brother would meet again and become best friends like our dads. You came back into our life for a reason and the reason was to impact everyone else's lives. You were a great friend to everyone and we will always remember that. You always was there for my brother no matter what. We have so many good memories in our house and lives that will never leave or forget! Especially when you came to our house with Sarah and baylee but most of all your air mattress lol when my mom woke up and had to go to work she had stepped in a puddle of dog pee lol she was ripping but now we go back and just laugh about it. Wish you were here to celebrate your 21st birthday
Posted by Samantha Ayala on 4th October 2016
Aj you have impacted my life in more ways than you will ever know. From watching you on the ultrasound when you were in your mommy's belly and me saying aunty joy why is there jelly on your belly. To watching all of your baseball games and how you would react when you would lose... Such a sore loser lol. Playing Wii in your room for hours only to wake up the next day feeling like we were hit by a bus. We would eat a pound of cheese to the face when mom came home from the deli and you always had me making some concoctions up in the kitchen. You were my cousin but I loved you like my brother. You should be here in my spare room and tonight we should have been out waiting for midnight for you to have your first drink. Instead here I am planning a trip to ct since your funeral and I have to visit you at a grave site. My love for you will never fade and I will always carry our memories close to my heart. Happy 21st birthday to the most amazing human being I know , I love you my guardian angel forever an always ... Save me a spot up there ❤. Until we meet again aj

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