Wow 17 years almost 18.

Shared by Nicholas Johnson on November 1, 2019
Wow, it's been 17 years almost 18 years sense the last time. Life goes on I guess, but our memories will always be with us. 
Now its 2019, and I myself am a parent. Along way from the school bus, where anthony and I would get in trouble for any and everything. 
All the memories came flooding back, when my 5 year old son chose to turn on jimmy Nutron the movie on net flix. One of the last major memories I had with anthony, for his birthday.
Hands down my hat is off to his mama, for taking on the crazy adventure of taking so many 10 & 11 year old boys to the movies. 
Now that I'm a parent..  I'm sorry. 
Anthony and  his sister will always be missed , I often wonder who they would be today. 

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