Pious, humble, humane, witty, compassionate, courageous, honest, urbane, open-minded, modest, gregarious, articulate, and friendly; these are some of the qualities of Chief Anthony Nwokejiezinnaya Ukachukwu, Ugochinyere of Omuma.

He was a scion of the notable Ukachukwu Royal family of Omuma. He was born on 1 April 1934. His parents were Chief Henry Ukachukwu and Madam Mary Ukachukwu. His father was among the few persons who the English administrators found worthy to engage their services in court administration.  With that exposure and privilege, Chief Henry Ukachukwu ensured that Chief Anthony Ukachukwu and his younger siblings including Hon. Justice AOH Ukachukwu were given excellent upbringing.

Ugochinyere had his early education at Holy Trinity School, Omuma and Bishop Shanahan College, Orlu. On completion of college education, he was admitted into the Shell Davey Training School, where Shell British Petroleum trained its employees. He obtained the City and Guilds and later, a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.

He subsequently joined the Nigeria Police Force as a Vehicle Inspection Officer (VIO) which position gave him the famous and fond sobriquet “VIO”.

One of the early challenges Chief Ukachukwu had in life was when he wanted to marry his wife, Ezinne Grace Eberechukwu Ukachukwu. Madam Grace Ukachukwu belongs to the unique class of people whose names define who they are and what they are. Madam Grace exudes grace, graciousness, and gracefulness.

She was born at Etiti Omuma and had her primary education at St. Thomas Anglican School, Omuma and St. Emmanuel’s Anglican School Mgbidi. On completion, she was admitted to Holy Rosary Teacher’s Training College, Okporo, Orlu. It was a Catholic Institution managed by Reverend Sisters. Her training in that institution, endeared her to the Catholic Church. It was in that College that she developed one of her outstanding qualities of broad-mindedness.

While nursing her 8th child Chioma, Madam Grace Ukachukwu got admitted into Bishop Lasbrey Teachers’ Training College, Irete, now in Owerri West L.G.A, Imo State. She was there from 1974-1975 for further education. Significantly, while she was in school, some of her children were in secondary school.

Her grandfather, Okoro Anyanwu, brought the Anglican Church to Omuma, and she hailed from a strong Anglican family. Chief Ukachukwu was from a strong Catholic family, and his grandfather brought the Catholic Church to Omuma.

Both families vehemently opposed the effort of Chief Ukachukwu and Madam Grace getting married. They based the opposition on doctrinal conflict. The conflict was adequately captured in the brochure which was published when the couple celebrated their silver jubilee wedding anniversary on 3 October 1987 as follows:

The marriage witnessed very stiff opposition at the outset. Though the jubilarians came from traditional Christian homes in Omuma, the rivalry latent in the Anglican/Roman Catholic denominations appeared to find ready material for an open combat in the proposed marriage. The Okoro family founded and constituted the pillars of the Anglican communion, while the Ukachukwu family brought the Catholic Church to Omuma. At the time of the proposed marriage, the father of Grace, late Chief Godfrey Okoro was a prominent member of the Synod and the mother Mrs Caroline Okoro, member of the mother’s Guild. The family could not therefore reconcile itself to any idea of giving out its first daughter to a Catholic!

From the stand of the Ukachukwu family, Anthony was entitled to an understanding wife, particularly in view of his role as the first son and head of family, his father Chief Henry Ukachukwu having died some years back in 1957. They could not understand why he should persist in a marriage to a non-Catholic, moreso when it appeared, he was not on the path to success.

While the politics of the marriage raged, the jubilarians fully determined on living together as husband and wife shut out both families. The marriage discussions went ahead in secret while reliable friends and influential people were brought in to bring the parents to give their blessing. The blessing came but not before assurances even of a mixed marriage.

The marriage celebration was equally not smooth sailing. The condition for the blessing was mixed marriage. While Anthony was prepared to pay any prize to get his bride, Grace continued the battle single handedly. To her, it was either a marriage of one couple, one Church and one celebrant or none. She delivered the message in no unmistakable language and her father very much known in the town and environs as large-heartedman, finally gave in. It must be stated here that this pioneer marriage did the greatest magic in promoting understanding between the adherents of both Churches in Omuma. Today there is hardly any function of the Catholic or Anglican that is not heavily patronized by the members of the Community from both Churches.

The jubilarians had been a permanent source of happiness to members of both families.

In bringing up their children, the couple adopted the carrot and stick approach. This is a combination of sanction and reward to induce desired behavior in a child without compromising unconditional love.

They trained their children to serve God, the Church and humanity with utmost dedication. The children have been doing so in diverse ways. Their son, Jude is currently, the Chairman, Catholic men Organization, Catholic Church of Transfiguration, Victoria Garden City (VGC)Lekki. In memory of the 20th anniversary of the death of his father, Jude and his siblings built an auditorium for his home Parish, Holy Trinity Catholic Parish, Omuma.

As a police Vehicle Inspection Officer, Chief Ukachukwu refused to compromise honesty and professionalism. His reputation traversed the former Eastern Region. His rapid promotion in the police was a reward for his exemplary dedication to duties. By 1964 he was already an Assistant Superintendent of Police. His enviable career in the Nigeria Police was later truncated.

The Nigerian-Biafran civil war ended in January 1970. The Federal Government was not in a hurry to re-absorb Biafrans who were federal public/civil servants before the war. On 5 August 1970, General Yakubu Gowon signed a Decree that led to the dismissal or compulsory retirement of public officers of former Eastern Region, particularly Igbos, who fled to Biafra during the war without the payment of their benefits. The Decree callously prohibited the victim from seeking a legal remedy.

Contrary to General Yakubu Gowon’s trumpeted policy of “no victor, no vanquished”, all police officers in Onitsha who took part or were suspected to have taken part in the civil war were dismissed from service under the above Decree. One may ask, why Onitsha? The Nigerian army under Col Murtala Mohammed, later Head of State, sustained the heaviest human and material loses in the Onitsha axis/sector. Therefore, any person who was suspected to have contributed to the Biafran war effort in Onitsha, in whatever manner, directly or indirectly, was punished. It was a kind of collective punishment or punishment by association. Chief Ukachukwu was among the victims of that obnoxious policy.

At the time Ugochinyere prematurely lost his job, the first and second children were in elementary school. Ugochinyere accepted his fate without malice. He took the challenge of that injustice with equanimity and abiding faith in God.

The injustice persisted till 36 years later when President Olusegun Obasanjo reversed General Yakubu Gowon’s obnoxious and oppressive policy against the war affected police officers. He granted them Presidential Amnesty. By a letter No PSC/387/Vol 5/178, dated 2 March 2006, the Police Service Commission informed each of the affected officers that approval had been granted for each of them to retire from the Nigeria Police Force with effect from 29 May 2000, with full benefits. Although Chief Ukachukwu died on 19 November 2000 before the amnesty was granted, however, the effect of the amnesty pre-dated his death. Hence, he was a beneficiary of the amnesty.

Ugochinyere started business in 1970. He started very early to invest in the stock market particularly in blue chip companies. He reaped huge benefits from the investment. When the stock market crashed in Nigeria in 2008, 8 years after his death, it affected the value of his shareholding in many companies. He also successfully invested in real estates and filling station business.

He and the wife dedicated themselves to God and hard work. God infinitely rewarded them. In 1970, their first two children were in Santana Primary School, Awo Omamma a private school reputed to be the best primary school not only in the then East Central State but Eastern States at the time. The third child later attended the school too.

Ugochinyere’s generosity was uncommon and astounding. As long as the resources were available, whoever sought his financial aid got it. It did not matter to him that few abused that generosity.

Chief Ukachukwu was highly active in the religious sphere. He was Chairman of Amiri Parish Council (Omuma was under the Parish at that time). He was the Vice Chairman and later, Chairman, Orlu Diocesan Laity Council. He was also elected the National Deputy Chairman of the Catholic Laity Council of Nigeria. He was the Chairman, St. Anthony’s Society. St Anthony was his Patron Saint. Upon the creation of Omuma Parish on 8 April 1983, he became the first Chairman of the Parish Council.

He was a Knight of St. John International. He is survived by his dear wife Ezinne Grace Ebere Ukachukwu, Lady Auxiliary Knights of St. John International. The marriage is blessed with 12 children. One of them, Olivia, who was an undergraduate of Federal University of Technology, Owerri, died on 3 September 1989. The surviving children are as follows:

  • Chinyere Udenze- B.Sc, Dip. West African Insurance Institute (WAII); ACII (London).
  • Lady Frances Iweha-Onukwu BA, MA.
  • Angela Agwunobi, B.Sc, PQSW, BIA.
  • Njide Alakweonye, B.Sc, M.Sc, MBA.
  • Dr. Tonia Uzoukwu, B.Tech. M.Sc, MBA, Ph.D (Management) (IMSU), Ph.D (Food Technology) FUTO.
  • Jude Ukachukwu, M.Sc International Affairs & Diplomacy, MBA (Management), Alumnus London Business School and Harvard.
  • Chioma Onwuharonye, B.Sc, M.Sc, Doctoral student.
  • Sr Rose Udoka Ukachukwu, HHCJ, B.ED, M.ED.
  • Adamaka Ukachukwu, B.Sc, MBA (Business School Netherlands).
  • Marachi Uba, BA.
  • Uchechi Nwachukwu, B.Sc.

Daughter in law 

Gozie Ukachukwu, B.Ed, MBA

 Sons in Law

  • Chief Benji Agwunobi, BA, MA, Cert PFS, SMP, CeMAP (Principal Equity Independent Finance).
  • Ogbueshi Ngozi Iweha-Onukwu, FCA, HND, MBA.  
  • Tony Ifeanyi Udenze, B.Sc, M.Sc.
  • Dr. Livy Uzoukwu, OON, SAN, LLD, FCArb.
  • Emeka Onwuharonye, B.Sc, MBA.
  • Barrister Chikezie Uba, LLB, BL.
  • Noble Nwachukwu, B.Sc.

Grand Children are as follows:

  • Obinna Agwunobi.
  • Chikezie Agwunobi.
  • Kanayo Agwunobi, BA
  • Ugonma Agwunobi, undergrad.
  • Medua  Alozieuwa (Nee Iweha), B.Pharm.
  •  Somtoo Iweha, B.Sc Economics.
  • Kaosi Iweha, undergrad Mass Comm.
  • Nodebe Udenze B.Sc, Electrical/Electronic Engineering.
  • Barrister Adanna Udenze, LLB, BL.
  • Chialuka Udenze, undergrad, Biomedical Engineering (finalist).
  • Kelechi Uzoukwu, B.Sc, M.Sc Economics.
  • Nkechi Uzoukwu, B.Sc, M.Sc, Medical Student.
  • Chiamaka Uzoukwu, LLB, Student Nigerian Law School.
  • Ugochinyere Uzoukwu, undergrad Business Info Tech.
  • Ogonna Uzoukwu, Foundation Student, Law.
  • Livy Ifeanyi Uzoukwu, Jr., Foundation Student, Business Info Tech.
  • Dr. Crystal Onwuharonye, D.Pharm.
  • Ashley Onwuharonye, B.Sc, Doctor of Dental Surgery (Student).
  • Nomso Ukachukwu. 
  • Tobechukwu Ukachukwu. 
  • Ugonna Ukachukwu. 
  • Chidubem Joy Alakweonye.
  • Kaodichinma Uba.
  • Kamsiyochukwu Uba.
  • Kachimdi Uba.
  • Kene Ukachukwu 
  • Adaora Nwachukwu.
  • Ebubechukwu Nwachukwu.
  • Ihechukwu Nwachukwu.

Grand Son in-law

  • Cyril Alozieuwa B Sc.

Great Grand Daughter

  • Tochi Alozieuwa


  • Hon. Justice AOH Ukachukwu (Rtd)


  • Mrs. Charity Ejiogu
  • Mrs. Adamma Mbaekube


  • Chief Augustine Ukachukwu
  • Chief Basil Ukachukwu

Half sisters

  • Mrs. Betsy Nnamuka
  • Mrs. Ukachi Onyeme

Posted by Crystal Onwu on November 20, 2020
Unfortunately, I never had the pleasure of meeting you but it doesn’t necessarily feel that way. My aunties and Uncle Jude remember so much about you and the way you made an impact on their lives with such clear memory and excitement. They make up for the fact that I haven’t met you with their countless stories, and I’m forever grateful. Rest in peace grandpa.
Posted by Emmanuel Zakka on November 20, 2020
I never knew you, Sir, but I had the singular and distinguished privilege of meeting and making friends with your son-in-law, Noble, a perfect gentleman but full of righteous anger against evil. By his testimony, I wish I had the grace of meeting you. All the same, on this day of your memorial, I wish to say thank you to you for the gift that you were to our world and time. I pray that your soul continue to rest in perfect peace and quiet. Your memory will continue to live with us, and for those of us who did not know you personally, that legacy is in your descendants and their companions whom we have come to know.

Enjoy the beauty of the beatific vision.

Rest in Peace Sir.
Posted by Frank Onwuharonye on November 19, 2020
Your life was a blessing,your memory a treasure,you are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure.
Rest on with the Lord sir.
Posted by Francis Ndimkoha on November 19, 2020
It was Henry Wordsworth Longfellow that said, and I've come to believe it as true, that “Lives of great men all remind us. We can make our lives sublime, And, departing, leave behind us. Footprints on the sands of time."

I join Noble Mike Nwachukwu to celebrate the beautiful memory of his late Father in-law, whom he didn't run fast enough to meet at home, before the sad but definite departure.

What we owe to good men is to stand in the niche they have created, fill the vacuum and exceed the limits of their goodness.

God bless the dead.

-Francis Udoka Ndimkoha writes from Akuma, Oru-East LGA, Imo State.
Posted by Kanayo Agwunobi on November 19, 2020
To my grandfather,

I've seen photos of me as a baby in your arms. And while I didn't have the pleasure of you watching me grow, you've been ever-present in my life nonetheless.

Never have I seen someone spoken of so highly and so widely-loved across various communities - a true testament to your character.

Your kindness and humility are deeply-ingrained within this family and it warms my heart to see the virtues you have instilled. As I continue to discover the beauty and complexities of life, I'm proud to know that you are watching.

Continue resting in peace.

Love from your grandson,

Posted by Cheedy Ejiogu on November 18, 2020
''Time, like an ever-rolling stream, bears all its sons away... ''
You will be forever missed, Dad!

You were one maternal uncle that united all of us in life. Growing up, I found pleasure in spending holiday periods in Omuma because you provided an enabling atmosphere for all of us.

My mother, your sister told me a lot of stories on how you were there for all of them while growing up. She loved you deeply and was willing to do anything within her means for ''Di Okpara'' as she called you. You impacted positively on everyone that came in contact with you. You lived a fulfilled life!

Hey Dad, lest I forget, my daughter "Ugochinyere" is a constant reminder of your overwhelming and domineering influence while you lived!
Rest in peace, Ugochinyere!

Our prayers and thoughts are with the entire Ukachukwu Royal Family!

Chidi Ejiogu
Posted by Ugochinyere Ezekwe on November 18, 2020
Daddy, you were an Uncle in a million. My Uncle that was humble but firm, a leader and father to all. Deservedly called Daddy by his nephews and nieces, your relationship with my father was priceless.
I looked forward to festive periods in Omuma then because coming to 'Ulo Ohuru' was one of my high point. Daddy and Mummy 'Ulo Ohuru' made it so warm and welcoming visiting home.
I vividly remember how you laughed when I told you that customary to igbo tradition, you owe me for taking my name Ugochinyere for your chieftancy title. I hold on to these memories and more.
Daddy, I know that you are smiling down on us from heaven and we are doing you proud.
Posted by Ugonma Agwunobi on November 18, 2020
Rest in peace grandad. Although I never had the pleasure of meeting you, I can see the phenomenal impact you had and still have on those around you. You are in all of our hearts, God bless you
Posted by Laura Nwodo on November 18, 2020
Can't believe it's been 20years already. The best uncle in the whole world. Adieu Daddy. Till we meet to path no more. Continue to rest with the angels.
Posted by Nodebe Ifeanyi-Udenze on November 17, 2020
Rest on Grandpa. I was a little boy last time we saw but I am grateful for the memories. You raised a united family instilled with love, discipline and integrity. Forever proud to be your grandson.

Posted by Izunwanne Kagha on November 17, 2020
Jude was like a brother to me while in High school. I was always happy any day VIO showed up. It felt like my Parents visited as well. He was a very caring man. I felt at home with his family. Till date, I consider them as my family.
May his soul continue to rest in peace.
Posted by Celine Okoro on November 17, 2020
Rest on dearest Uncle of Uncles. A man who is known for his principles and belief in Christ.
He was intentional and deliberate in his service to God and humanity. He held tenaciously to his values of honesty, integrity, forthrightness, Peace, sincere love, and happy family values till his demise. He was unwavering in his beliefs. He was an uncle par excellence.
We revered him for his fearless perfectionist values. Most importantly he earned all of our love, trust, and respect even 20 years after.
Uncle, we still love you but God loves you most. We have as a family held on to all that you thought us. Rest on till we meet to part no more. Adieu Big Uncle Nde VIO.
Posted by Tony Udenze on November 16, 2020
                   Dad, a decent and reputable man!

It was a beautiful day in July 1992. I left Lagos to attend the traditional wedding of Nkiru and Emma who by this time had become acquittances on account of an ongoing relationship with my to be wife, then a friend.

Being my first time in the area, I was advised on how to navigate my way to the town. Upon getting to Orlu junction, I made over to Mgbidi roadside to hike a ride to Omuma. Whilst on the journey, I engaged the driver in a conversation aimed at obtaining information about my future wife’s family. At the mention of VIO, he was quite pleased and spoke of him in very high regard. It was so obvious that he knew the family so well as everything he said thereafter fell into place. That endorsement of Dad & the family gave me further confidence in my exploratory visit.

Thereafter, l checked into Oru Guest House and the following day being the traditional wedding, l went to the house early to introduce myself to my wife to be parents. Not being sure of what to encounter having heard numerous stories of dad's deft strictness, l only prayed for the best.

I must say that what I got was a direct opposite of what anxiety disposed me to expect. Dad completely disarmed me and my anxiety melted into instant confidence. After introducing myself, I took 3 questions from him which centered around my faith, academic background & occupation.

Upon learning that l am a catholic and coincidentally bearing the same name with him, he gave me his signature smile, that very broad smile which left me in no doubt as to how our meeting was progressing. In asking those questions, l figured that what mattered to him most was not my current state of accomplishment but state of preparedness to face the future with his daughter. As a wise man, he sought to identify potential and by extension my ability to give her joy.

As the discussions progressed, to my surprise, he requested that I bring my bag from the Guest house to stay at the family house. It was even more surprising that when Emma and his people were walking into the family compound and tradition demanded that the family members needed to go and receive them, Dad said to me, “Tony, you have to join us as a member of the family to welcome our guests”. That offer broke me down completely. Here l was, a stranger, few moments earlier now completely accepted for who l was.

Overtime, as my marital intentions to Ada crystallized, we became much closer and l could see so much wisdom in the manner he lived his life.

Dad was a man full of intuition and conviction. He was a man that always saw the future and more importantly, had the conviction to follow his strict beliefs no matter what anyone thought.

He modelled his life after Christ both in prayer and virtues. He was that Bible that most of us read and that teacher that neither lectured nor gave handouts.

That is why it would be uncharitable not to accord him a place in history because his footprints on the sands of time continues to bear good fruits.

Tony Ifeanyichukwu Udenze- Son in-law
Posted by Tony Udenze on November 16, 2020

To those who love with heart and soul, there is no such thing as separation.
Just as your obituary poster of 4th December 2000 stated” Good Men Must Die but death cannot kill their names”, we your children further affirm to this quotation by dedicating the auditorium in your great memory.
Dad, you showed great love to your children and instilled discipline in us, so much that today, we all endeavor to live your virtues and pray for the grace to transfer same to our children.
Together with mummy, your words and admonition to me growing up was that as first child, I could not afford to show bad example because my siblings will more than likely follow my footsteps. As a result, I was always disciplined whenever there were infraction by my younger ones in so far, I was present and could not prevent them from doing so.
We were always reminded not to allow anyone or thing to come in between us and enjoined to always forgive one another no matter how hurting the issue may be.
Dad, you created time for your family and above all, always made sure we placed God first in all that we do. Your dedication to God and God’s work both in the local Parish and Orlu Diocese was legendary.
Today, we give God all the glory. Looking back, I still wonder how you came about the wisdom to send I and my siblings to boarding schools early in life in primary and secondary schools. Beyond that, you created time to visit each one of us in school on visiting days without fail. During school holidays, you created time most evenings to play with us under the fruit tree. Your love for your children was equal but unique to each person.
As we got married and became parents, you passed on the same great love to our spouses and children. Daddy, we are incredibly grateful.
Subtly, you taught us the importance of investing in stock market and bought various stocks for each of us. On our wedding days, you handed over these shares to us. Your big stock book register which you checked every morning after brushing your teeth and drinking a big cup of water still rings a loud bell in my head.
You also taught us the importance of living happily with the extended family. You sought and reached out to every member of the family. You carried all along and always assisted as much as you could. The culture of making sure that everyone had something to eat and drink at Christmas was awesome.
As we dedicate this auditorium in your name 20 years after your demise, we all in one strong voice say that notwithstanding you are no longer with us in flesh, our love for you is growing stronger every day. Dad, we make you a vow that it will never ever die. Your family is more united and stronger today with mum, your dotting wife, holding our hands together, looking out and caring for each other. That was the family you desired. Your dream has come through, sadly in your absence.
As Terry Pratchett once said” No one is actually dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away” Your ripple has assumed an admirable life of its own. We are well dad. It is well with mum, your children, your family that you loved so much and community that mattered so much to you. Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord.
Your First child- Anne Chinyere Udenze
Posted by Chioma Onwu on November 15, 2020

I have never seen or heard of someone whose professional title dominated his given name even after his death. Many people referred to him as “VIO” instead of his given name, Chief Sir Anthony Nwokejiezinnaya Ukachukwu. To me he was daddy.

Daddy was a good man, a kind man, a man of honor, integrity, respect, wisdom, and discipline. He was my second dad and I respected and feared him at the same time. As a young man growing up, trying to find my bearings and directions in the world, I was stubborn, defiant, and did not take “No” for an answer. My grandmother would report my acts regardless of how trivial to” VIO” knowing that his presence was all I needed to get my act together. I dreaded a call from him to defend all the allegations leveled against me by my grandmother.

Despite all that, he trusted me with one of his precious daughters. Though the trust did not go without a thorough investigation of who I was and how I made my living by some unknown sources. This of course was before he could approve of my marriage proposal to his dearest daughter, Chioma.

Daddy was my brother’s Godfather, my dad’s best friend, his brother knight, and his buddy. They called each other “Nwadede”. They ate together, cried together, and laughed together. Their friendship was one that no Omuma person could overlook. It was genuine, sincere, honest, and trustworthy. People envied their friendship and many attempted to come between them but failed for the fact it was friendship backed by God's blessings and grace.

Money and expensive materials meant nothing to daddy rather integrity, honesty, and respect were paramount in his life. He was a devoted catholic, a God-fearing man who was loved by all including his bishops and priests.

Daddy was a man of integrity, widely known and respected for his character more than anything else. He was gentle, humble with a smile that could lit up every room.

Daddy, your death has left us with a void that no one could fill but we’re comforted by the wonderful memories we shared.
Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord until we meet to part no more.

Emeka Onwuharonye (Son-in-law)
Posted by Ifeyinwa Ekpe on November 15, 2020
Daddy " Ulo Ohuru"

It's been 20 years but it seems like yesterday. Yes it still hurts. I have accepted that I will not see you when I visit Omuma, that I will not introduce you, my dear uncle, to my husband and my children will not know you.I talk about you to my husband like you are here, as though he is yet to meet you.

My fondest memories of Christmas in Omuma have you at the center. We would always make a pitstop at ' ulo ohuru' to announce our arrival to the village. You would step out to the veranda, beaming with smiles, so excited to have us. The smiles, the calmness, ever bustling kitchen signaled home.

Your relationship with your brother was admirable. My mum you called 'oyibo kwesiri' and my sister and I were both 'Ada'. Daddy as we all reminisce on memories, one thing stands true- we miss you. You were a unifying force in the family, a daddy to all and a very loving uncle.

Over the years our mourning has waned a bit but our celebration of your life continues. Remain in the bosom of our Lord until we meet to part no more.

Your niece,
Ifeyinwa Ekpe ( Nee Ukachukwu)
Posted by Samuel Okoro on November 15, 2020
Though I never mate you, but I've heard a lot of good things about you, PA Anthony Ukachukwu. It's our prayer that your soul will continue to rest on in the bossom of the Lord.
Posted by Ngozika Nwaneri on November 14, 2020
Ode to a quintessential one
Mostly known by the sobriquet, "VIO"
yet in truth was simply Chief Anthony Nwokeji Ukachukwu.
A beloved Polaris, a north star to our People in a Land, now Oru East.
A role model who celebrated excellence, dispensed endless wisdom and
was a generous heart that benefitted many beyond Ukachukwu Family.
I was honored to meet "VIO" amidst the strong bond between the
Ukachukwu Family and Nwaneri Family of Amiri, Oru East LGA, albeit on two memorable occasions decades ago, to celebrate my success.
Fortunately, the wonderful Family nurtured with Ezinne Grace has continued to perpetuate a Christian Life, "faith of a mustard seed" and other attributes.
Ugochinyere, Your Memory is Forever a Treasure in our Hearts.
Posted by Gideon Zachariah on November 14, 2020
Good attitudes attracts. Sir, your legacy live on that we can't stop talking about it. Your deciplined character has influenced your children and all associated to them. 
My Brother Nobel saw this in your daughter and came sought her hand in marriage, for she to help groom his children in the way she was. 
Sir keep resting in peace till we meet to part no more.
From friends of Noble.
Posted by Chigoziem Ukachukwu on November 13, 2020

My dear Father in-law, You may have passed on, but your legacy still lives.
When I became a member of your family, right after you went to be with the Lord, I was made to understand how much you desired my presence. All the sacrifices you were ready to make just to meet with me. You waited so long for my arrival, just that you didn't wait long enough, and I wish you did. You left just about the time I was stepping in. I would have been the greatest Christmas gift from your only son that year, just if you had waited a few more months.
One of your most desired gifts of having Jude secure a bride was fulfilled just at the time you left. If I met you during your life time, it would also have been very fulfilling for me. I believe we would have been best friends and you would have been such a loving father to me.
There is one thing I know for sure, considering the life you lived, which Jude never ceases to talk about, is that you are no where else except in the bossom of father Abraham in heaven, just like Lazarus. This being the case, means you are constantly looking down from heaven and beholding us all, including the grand children you so much desired.
We all love you Daddy. Please continue to interceed for us, that our lives here on earth will be acceptable to God almighty, so we can all re-unite in heaven where death will be no more.

Rest on VIO you are truly missed.

Goziem, Your daughter in-law.
Posted by Udo Anthony on November 13, 2020
*Daddy,Your Spirit and Legacy Lives!*

These 20 years seem like 20 days. I remember you everyday and feel your spirit directing all I do. Your picture inside my Breviary has remained for years and will still be . I missed you on my profession day which you longed for and worst still on my final profession and thanksgiving day but was consoled you are in a better place. We have all picked the pieces and moved on with life. My mum and siblings are doing well thanks to your blessings and constant intercessions. You now have 28 grandchildren and one great grand child whose happiness would have been immesurable if they saw you, but God has the final say in our wishes of life. Our wonderful in-laws, friends and well wishers testify you were a virtuous man . I thank God for your gift to us.
Keep resting with the Lord .

Sr Udo, HHCJ( Your daughter)
Posted by Muna Ukachukwu on November 12, 2020
Daddy, you legacy lives on. You were and will always be an inspiration to myself, and the entire family.your charisma, calmness, straightforward nature is something we all have lived to emulate.
You were a true definition of a father,an uncle ,and a Dad.
I vividly remember going on trips with you and you made it a point of duty saying the rosary while we embarked on our trips .I will always say a prayer for you. I really can't pay you back for all you did but I will always see you as a role model.
Daddy am sure you are smiling down from heaven
Keep resting in the Lord.

Posted by Chike Ukachukwu on November 12, 2020

My Uncle, you were loved by all and many identified with the name most dear to them- Di Okpara , VIO, Ugochinyere , Sir Anthony Nwokejiezinnaya Ukachukwu. These names /titles you executed with dignity and authority but none would be compared to the love you had for all which explains the name Nwokejiezinnaya

You had an infectious smile that lights up the room and you were never afraid to express your affection.You treated everybody like equals and was always willing to engage us in a discussion, thinking back, I now know that whatever I said in those arguments made no sense but your smiles remained.

Di Okpara was your identity with your siblings. Your leadership was examplary with the single goal to keep the family together. Unfortunately, we were not given the opportunity to say thank you for your love. I remember the day you taught me that it was ok for a man to cry, when I saw the tears roll down your eyes, the day your younger brother (Ugwumba) was wheeled out of the theater after his surgery. But the smile you wore the day he was sworn in to the bench only speaks to the LOVE which we testify to till date.

Nwokejiezinnaya, was the name given to you by your parents and you played your role excellently and lived up to every character.
Its been 20years but still feels like yesterday-

Do rest in peace and you will ever remain in our hearts
Posted by Tobe Ukachukwu on November 12, 2020
You were a Daddy to all. No one could call you anything less. I remember that afternoon i came into the house and met my mum rolling on the floor screaming "who will fight for me now?" My Dad (Justice Ukachukwu) was devastated and we were so scared of how he will cope with your death as we all knew how close you were.

You stood for fairness, love and justice. You loved the family and you were dedicated to the peace and unity of the Ukachukwus. No one expected you to go so soon however your memory lives on.

We will never forget you. Rest on Daddy ulo ohuru, Rest on Sir!

Tobenna Ukachukwu- Nephew
Posted by Cyril Alozieuwa on November 12, 2020
Even though I never met you, I have heard so much about you and from what I have heard I can tell that you were a great role model to your kids.
Raising such a model family, I draw my inspiration from you in raising mine too.
Continue to rest in the bossom of the Lord.
Posted by Medua Alozieuwa on November 12, 2020
I loved you then...I love you even more now...Rest on grandpa.
Posted by Nnenna Nwaiwu on November 12, 2020
Sir Anthony Ukachukwu popularly known as VIO was a good friend of my dad ( chief Johnson Onwuharonye). Growing up, my dad barely finish a story of his early life without mentioning VIO. Sir VIO was a good man, always with a smile. I met him on few occasions when I visited home and each time he sees me he tries to say one or two words in hausa language to me.He was a father .Rest on Sir for we know you are in a better place.
Nnenna Onwuharonye Nwaiwu.
Posted by Chioma Onwu on November 12, 2020

On January 5th,1995, I bid you and mom farewell as I left to join my husband in the USA. The occasion enormously tasked my emotions as I did not realize that would be my final goodbye to you dad.
By 1998, I had by the grace of God given you two beautiful and adorable grandchildren. I hoped to visit home so the children would meet all of you, their grandparents.
On November 20th, 2000, I received the shocking and traumatic news of your death. The ill-health that lasted less than a day. Nothing prepared me for this sudden death dad! No, not you, I wasn’t ready, but I now believe that our God almighty was ready to take you home. I was in school, hadn’t even obtained the degree that I promised you, and hadn’t attempted to repay you for all your tremendous hard work. My distress and grief were unstoppable. To imagine that I would not see you again and my children would never meet you was so brutal for me to handle. 
Dad, you were the most gentle, generous, kind, loving, disciplined, peaceful, caring, understanding, and most accommodating person I’ve ever known. You personified love and simplicity. Like Bishop Ochiagha fondly referred you as, “The gentleman from Omuma”. That’s who you were.
Notwithstanding the everlasting pain and sorrow of your death, I feel comforted by the memories we shared. They are a blessing to me and my family.
Recalling some of my solo visits home from boarding school, you would position yourself on the first-floor balcony of our residence, radiating pride, joy, happiness and beaming with smiles while hailing me “here comes Chioma, my daughter, nwa oma (good child) walking majestically, with her head held up high”. That was one way you expressed unquantifiable love to your young children. The way you respected, admired, pampered, and cherished mom, you showed us, all 12 of your children how a woman ought to be treated.

You did your best amidst great sacrifice to ensure that all twelve of your children received quality education with a minimum of first degree in the best schools regardless of gender. You gave us limitless opportunities to distinguish ourselves.
I would always look forward to your visits to my boarding school with many provisions and food on our visiting days. Your generosity was matchless. Whenever you were dropping or picking any of us from school, you insisted that other children from our community of Omuma in the same school should join us until your car was full. You were a dad not only to your children but to the entire community, your siblings, nieces, nephews, cousins, and friends’ kids including my husband. You were called daddy by all.
My husband is so fond of you and because of his admiration for the kind of man you were, he named our first daughter, Ugochinyere, after your chieftaincy title.
Your parenting skills and style were among the greatest legacies you bequeathed to us. They influenced the upbringing of your two grandchildren. The result was phenomenal. 
Dad, I love you. I still miss you. I admire you and I thank you. You were indeed the best dad.
Please, remain the Angel you have been over these past 20 years, watching over all of us, and may you continue to rest in heavenly peace.

Love you dad, Your daughter,

Posted by NobleMike Nwachukwu on November 11, 2020

One score years ago I was only a senior secondary school student with no idea whatsoever that a man whose family I’d belong eternally with was bravely taking his last breath on the 19th of November. If I was to choose, I’d definitely love to see my father in-law alive, and more so one like you!

I may have not met you physically but I have met you in all whom you left behind. I have had the joy of listening to all the wonderful stories about your time here on earth. I have no doubt that they’re all true—they are the truth, they’re not the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

You were a man of valour and honour, of courage and compassion, of integrity and humility, of peace and purpose, and a man of God and godliness. You were a man of generational, multi-dimensional positive impact.

I know all this because it’s lavishly frescoed on all your children, and mystically also emblazoned on all your children in-law.

You raised your family primly, guarded your Christianity jealously and protected your Royal heritage bravely—all to the end. We have continued to walk on the path you trailed and in the light you lit.

A man like you is certainly in heaven. Continue to pray for us!

Your son in-law
Noble Michael Nwachukwu
Posted by Livy Uzoukwu OON SAN on November 11, 2020


The first time I heard about Chief Anthony Ukachukwu was in September 1986. He was among those who came to commiserate with my dad on the death of my dear mum, who died on 27 September 1986. From his endorsement in the condolence register, his visit was on 30 September 1986. Though I was not at home, I later got to know about his visit. He and my dad were police officers in Onitsha up until 1970.

My first meeting with him was about July 1992. I went on a mission to informally see my future father in law. I had earlier met with my future mother in law. When I introduced myself, he asked if I had any relationship with Linus Uzoukwu. I answered in the affirmative and added that he was my dad. He asked me to send his personal regards to him.

He was so relaxed, friendly, welcoming, humorous, affectionate, affable, and cosmopolitan that I could not imagine that I was meeting him for the first time. I spent quality time with him. That was the beginning of an excellent and rewarding relationship with him.

In due time, proximity offered me the opportunity of close interaction and relationship with him. This informed my understanding his personality very well.

I found out he was a firm, refined, polished, cultured, stylish, knowledgeable and a positively sophisticated person. His overall humanity, which was enchanting and disarming, included simplicity, humility, generosity, and honesty. He was also a jolly good fellow.

I looked forward to his visits or my visits to him. There was something typical and extraordinary about him. In parking his car in the garage in his house or when he was visiting any person, he must park the vehicle to face the exit! Why? Just in case it became necessary to drive off in an emergency! He was such a careful and thoughtful person.

He belonged to the special class of those who would tell the people what they needed to hear and not what they wanted to hear. The result was that after telling them what they needed to hear, they would want to hear more.
He was kind but a blunt person. He would never downplay an issue or misrepresent a fact just to avoid hurting anybody. As far as he was concerned, there cannot be any alternative to truth. He was devoutly religious.

He set out to make a name and leave an enduring legacy. He not only attained that goal, but he equally achieved fame.

He had a way of genuinely making everyone who encountered him to look special no matter the person’s station in life. This so much endeared him to the people.

May his soul continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord.

Dr Livy Uzoukwu, OON, SAN
Son in Law
Posted by Chiamaka Uzoukwu on November 10, 2020

19th November, 2000 would ever remain one of the darkest days of my life. That was the day our loving Daddy, Sir A.N. Ukachukwu, Ugochinyere 1 of Omuma, Eze elect, departed to eternal glory.

It was like a dream, I initially did not believe it because you were not ill. You left me when I needed you most, but I thank God for our amazing super Mummy, Ezinne Lady Grace Eberechukwu Ukachukwu and my beloved siblings who took over us immediately without letting any of us to be drop outs. May the Almighty God reward you all abundantly. I believe heaven needed a Hero, God picked you, Daddy like no other one.

In all the years I lived with my parents, I cannot recall a single moment where he raised his voice on my mother. He was so caring, sweet and a man who leads by example. He was also gentle, cheerful, elegant, humble, a disciplinarian, and a man who loved God unconditionally .

Daddy, you did everything you could to ensure that I became successful and I am eternally grateful to for that. Where do I start from, is it taking us back to school once the schools resumed? Of course, we are always the first to report to school. He would leave us with Miss Chidi who was in charge of our dormitory but now a Rev. Sr. He was always present at every visiting day.

My Daddy was so organized, that all receipts and results for school, lessons and shares were properly kept in our files. I hope I will be half the parent you were to me to my children and husband. Daddy, I know you are with God. Thank you Daddy for your unsurpassed legacy. Thank you, thank you very much. I will never forget you.

It was hard for me to write this tribute. It is not that I do not know what to say, but any deep thought about you brings me to tears. I can’t look at a picture of you without crying. I am glad I had the privilege to be one of your daughters.

Daddy, you were a great man. My husband and your grand children, Kaodichimma, Kamsiyochukwu and Kachimdi Uba will surely miss you. You were a great blessing to us all. Night Night, Rest well till we meet to part no more.

Marachi Barbara Kemdi Uba
Posted by Uchechi Ukachukwu on November 9, 2020
      Tribute To My Daddy

Daddy, memories of you live forever in our hearts,you were an amazing father to all your children and people who came around you, you were a disciplinarian, a devoted and dedicated Catholic. Your life still reflects amongst us your children,the values and morals you instilled in us are now being transferred to our children. I'm proud to call you my daddy,my mentor,my role model. Mummy is still the best mother anyone can wish to have. Keep resting till we meet again. Love you endlessly dad.

Your daughter,
Posted by Jude Ukachukwu on November 9, 2020

Time, they say flies and I cant but agree any less.
It has been twenty long years without you.
Let me first thank God for the singular art of creating you in your form and the exceptional privilege of being your son.
I recall growing up in your care. The sacrifices you made in ensuring that the 12 of us had minimum of university education. Then I took it for granted that we had right to education. Little did I know that that effort made you drive your old 504 Peugeot car-ECL 4949 for years without change. Even when I made jokes out of the car ,you smiled. Forgive me Dad
I also recall the high and low moments my behaviors made you feel. The times you roared and shouted Jude, and the other times you whispered Obiora, now I am a father and understand the difference. How about the demands for school fees? You gave what you had at the time and gave the rest when you could. Sold your shares and house and yet kept smiling and made us smile. I remembered your prayer always which I also pray for my children-never to disappoint them. All for me.
How about the disappointment? You asked me to get married but I didn’t understand. I took it for granted that you would always be there until that phone call that said you had stroke and was admitted and the funny movements around me on the 20th of November 2000.I flew from Lagos to Port harcourt crying but yet didn’t have the courage to find it if it was true. On getting to Omuma, it was clear, the worst had happened. My own Daddy was already in the morgue without saying goodbye.
You only wanted me to marry and continue from where you stopped. Again, I didn’t understand. Instead i sought a good job and good life taking your presence for granted.
You left when I had just done 2 weeks into my first career employment. I had no opportunity to either buy you the small stout you liked nor thank you for all your efforts. I hope you still smile at me for I honestly, didn’t understand.
20 years have gone. The bible in Ecclesiastes teaches us that there “is appointed time for every event under heaven-A time to give birth and a time to die; A time to plant and a time to uproot the planted. A time to kill, a time to heal. A time to tear down, and a time to build up. A time to weep and a time laugh”. We have cried for years and are strong now.
The family is still very united and will always be. Mummy is good.
I am married to a very supportive wife now . Her name is Chigoziem. We have three wonderful children, Chukwunomso named after you as Anthony, Tobechukwu as Michael and Ugonna as Joan. I have told them so many thigs about you and they are grateful for all your sacrifices.
While you lived, you were our shepherd. In heaven you remain our angel.
Daddy, I wish………………………
Thank you and goodbye

Posted by Amaka Ukachukwu on November 7, 2020
It was just the other day, I was thinking about my beloved Dad and then our family started making preparations for his memorial that I realized that it has been 20 years since the great VIO passed on. How time truly does fly.

The on-going family discussions that ensured and the various draft tributes towards the memorial made me realize that there were huge and rich history and stories of my Dad, Mum and the families (Ukachukwus' and Okoros' family) that I didn’t know. Well this was due to me not living with my parents from a young age (was the only child who didn’t grow under my parents), as I lived and grew under the guardian of my Sisters Frances and Chinyere. Reflecting on this, I wished he had lived for much longer even to present day, so that I could spend time with him in the sense of making up for the missing / lost interaction and further bonding. I also wish that he was alive to see the adorable grandson (Kenechukwu Ukachukwu) I bore him and my future husband/son in-law. I just wish…...

Dad was well known within our community and state, as he was well respected for being a man of fair-play and justice. He was regarded as a kind-hearted, generous, humble and deeply religious in the Catholic Christian faith. This is also how we (children) regarded him.

From my lens as his child, I adored my Dad for so many reasons amongst which are that he was a family-oriented man, who loved his family both immediate and external and treated and loved all his children equally. Dad was a stickler for discipline, very meticulous/organized and had a great attention to detail and it was this trait I adored the most till today…

I could go on and on but time and space will not permit.

I am forever grateful to God for being a part of your family and would continue to pray God rest your Soul.
Love you forever.
Your daughter...Adamaka


Posted by Njideka Alakweonye on November 5, 2020

Daddy 20years is gone yet it still seems like yesterday.  Your spirit lives on. Your memories and thoughts have remained with us. You have constantly appeared to me in my dreams, only to wake up and realized it was indeed a dream.

Though you are no more physically with us, but your countless legacies speak for you at every given time - Generosity to mankind, perfection in all endeavors,  dedication to the things of God, core disciplinarian , Daddy for all,  Peace maker etc. Your cherished values have remained a reference point.

We have been trying in our little way to keep faith to the principles, values and beliefs you thought us and know you smile from haven each time you watch us live up to expectations.
I can never thank God enough for having a Father like you. In my next world, I will most willingly want to remain your daughter.

My prayer is that you will continue to watch over us as God's Angel  which you are .

Rest on Daddy.
Posted by Anthonia Uzoukwu on November 5, 2020

Daddy, it is 20 years since your transition. I still sorely miss you. You were such a wonderful and exemplary person. I will continue to treasure the time and moments I shared with you. For my baptism, you named me Anthonia which is the feminine version of your name, Anthony. I cherish that honour and privilege.

You were a good listener, lively, gentle, and versatile person. Your charismatic and charming personality made you a man of the people. You had an incredible capacity for hard work. Daddy, I can still remember how you nurtured us and raised a wonderful family. You were so unique, very fond of your children that you treated us equally. You celebrated every birth in the family not minding the gender.

Daddy, you were a man of principle and great courage. You valued quality education and ensured we all got one. You taught us to serve God with all our strength. You conducted our family morning and night prayers, encouraged some of us to join St. Anthony’s guild.

You taught us to be humble, kind, generous, humane, respectful, and respectable. Thank you for instilling those virtues in us. We are doing our best to pass same on to the next generation.

Given your fondness for making peace, the epithet Prince of Peace summarizes your character.
You were a splendid gift to humanity .

Continue to rest in peace, daddy.
Love from your daughter ,
Posted by Angela Agwunobi on November 5, 2020
Dearest Dad
There is no better time to express my love and gratitude to you than now, 20yrs since your passing. You lived an exemplary life, filled with many happy memories. You were kind, loving, God fearing, a devoted husband and father who put the comfort and happiness of your family and others before yours. You were highly principled and instilled long lasting values in your children. You worked hard to provide for your family and always present in anything that mattered to your family. Dad, although you are gone, your legacy will remain with us and for many generations to come. May the almighty in his infinite mercy continue to look after you as you rest in his bosom until we meet to part no more.
Adieu Daddy!
Love from your daughter, Angela

Posted by Frances Iweha-Onukwu on November 5, 2020
Daddy, you were simply the best. You were so unique that my memories of you remain evergreen. You gave so much love and kindness. Your generosity made it seem like it was a normal way of life. You were highly principled, yet very loving. Your love for God was undiluted. You were and still are my hero. Continue to rest in perfect peace. I will always love you Daddy.

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Posted by Crystal Onwu on November 20, 2020
Unfortunately, I never had the pleasure of meeting you but it doesn’t necessarily feel that way. My aunties and Uncle Jude remember so much about you and the way you made an impact on their lives with such clear memory and excitement. They make up for the fact that I haven’t met you with their countless stories, and I’m forever grateful. Rest in peace grandpa.
Posted by Emmanuel Zakka on November 20, 2020
I never knew you, Sir, but I had the singular and distinguished privilege of meeting and making friends with your son-in-law, Noble, a perfect gentleman but full of righteous anger against evil. By his testimony, I wish I had the grace of meeting you. All the same, on this day of your memorial, I wish to say thank you to you for the gift that you were to our world and time. I pray that your soul continue to rest in perfect peace and quiet. Your memory will continue to live with us, and for those of us who did not know you personally, that legacy is in your descendants and their companions whom we have come to know.

Enjoy the beauty of the beatific vision.

Rest in Peace Sir.
Posted by Frank Onwuharonye on November 19, 2020
Your life was a blessing,your memory a treasure,you are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure.
Rest on with the Lord sir.
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Shared by Udo Anthony on November 9, 2020
*Daddy,Your Spirit and Legacy Lives!* 

These 20 years seem  like 20 days. I remember you everyday and feel your spirit directing all I do. Your picture inside my Breviary has remained for years and will still be . I missed you on my profession day which  you longed  for and worst still on my final profession  and thanksgiving day but was consoled you are in a better place. We have all picked the pieces and moved on with life. My mum and siblings are doing well thanks to your blessings and  constant intercessions. You now have 28  grandchildren and one great grand child whose happiness would have been immesurable if they saw you, but God has the final say in our wishes of life. Our wonderful in-laws, friends and well wishers testify you were a virtuous  man . I thank God for your gift to us.
Keep resting with the Lord . 

Sr Udo, HHCJ( Your daughter)