Shared by Udo Anthony on November 9, 2020
*Daddy,Your Spirit and Legacy Lives!* 

These 20 years seem  like 20 days. I remember you everyday and feel your spirit directing all I do. Your picture inside my Breviary has remained for years and will still be . I missed you on my profession day which  you longed  for and worst still on my final profession  and thanksgiving day but was consoled you are in a better place. We have all picked the pieces and moved on with life. My mum and siblings are doing well thanks to your blessings and  constant intercessions. You now have 28  grandchildren and one great grand child whose happiness would have been immesurable if they saw you, but God has the final say in our wishes of life. Our wonderful in-laws, friends and well wishers testify you were a virtuous  man . I thank God for your gift to us.
Keep resting with the Lord . 

Sr Udo, HHCJ( Your daughter)

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