​Education History

1956‑1960     University of California, Los Angeles - Bachelor of Science: Chemistry

1961‑1965     University of California, San Francisco - Doctor of Medicine 


University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine, Moffitt Hospital

1965-66        Intern, Internal Medicine, Department of Medicine

1966-68        Resident, Internal Medicine, Department of Medicine

1968-70        Giannini Foundation Research Fellowship, Nephrology, Department                           of Medicine

1970-71        Assistant Research Physician, Department of Medicine

1971-78        Assistant Professor of Medicine in Residence

1971-79        Assistant Director, General Clinical Research Center

1978-84         Associate Professor of Medicine in Residence

1979-84         Associate Director, General Clinical Research Center

1984-98         Co‑Director, General Clinical Research Center

1984-             Professor of Medicine

1998-02         Associate Program Director, General Clinical Research Center

2002-2006    GCRC Associated Faculty for Special Projects; Managing Editor,                                     The GCRC Journal

2006-2008    Member, Clinical and Translational Science Institue:Strategic                                      Opportunities Support Center; Clinical Research Center

2006-             Editor, Health Sciences; Biology. Citizendium. [Volunteer]

2012-2018     Managing Editor, Citizendium [Volunteer]


UCSF Chancellor’s Champions of Diversity Medal

Belding H. Scribner Medal for Lifetime Achievement, American Society of Nephrology, 2003

UCSF Alumnus of the Year Medal, 2003

Co-Recipient, UCSF Academic Senate 5th Distinguished Clinical Research Lecture, 2005

UCSF Medical School Class of 1965 Endowed: Anthony and Patricia Sebastian Scholarship Fund

Co-First-Runner Up, UCSF Gold-Headed Cane Award, 1965


American Chemical Society (invited)

Alpha Omega Medical Honor Society (elected)

American Association for the Advancement of Science

American Society for Clinical Investigation (elected)

American Society of Nephrology

Association of American Physicians (elected)

The Gold-Headed Cane Society (elected)

International Society of Nephrology

Western Association of Physicians (elected)

Western Society for Clinical Research (elected)

American Society for Bone and Mineral Research

American Society of Nutritional Sciences (sponsored)

American Society of Clinical Nutrition

Formal Courses for Medical Students

  • Medicine 140.22I ‑ Endocrine-Metabolism Pathophysiology.Instructor in charge of organizing 4-week course yearly for third and fourth year medical students.Lecturer, two 2‑hour meetings/year, discussion of diet, acid‑base, kidney, bonepathophysiology
  • Medicine 140.22A‑L ‑ Pathophysiology of Disease.Director in charge of all Pathophysiology of Disease courses offered to third and fourth year medical students (1980-present); ten 4‑week sessions per year, 8 medical subspecialty divisions.
  • Medicine 140.22C - Renal Pathophysiology.Lecturer, two 2 hr meetings twice yearly, renal acid-base and electrolyte physiology and pathophysiology
  • Medicine 131 A - Medical Problem Solving, Tutor.2-hour session weekly, Fall Quarter.Small group tutorial in medical problem-solving techniques
  • Physiology Mini-Series - Seminar Leader.2 hr session, Summer Quarter"Nutrition, acid-base, and bone health" 14 first year med students.
  • IDS 131A-C - Foundations of Patient Care, Faculty Faciltator.2-hour session biweekly to tri-weekly, Fall, Winter, Spring Quarters, 1st and 2nd year students.Small group sessions in medical problem-solving techniques and foundations of patient care.

Miscellaneous Teaching Activities (Lectures and Talks)

  • Syndromes of Renal K+ Wasting, Stanford Medical School, 4/9/80
  • Renal Tubular Acidification Defects, House Staff Noon Conference, Medicine, Moffitt Hosp, 10/6/80
  • Renal Acidosis:Role of Potassium and Aldosterone, S.F. General Hospital, Grand Rounds, 2/12/81
  • Bartter's Syndrome and Hypercalciuria, VA Hospital, Medicine, Endocrine‑Metabolism, 3/5/81
  • Hyperkalemic Renal Tubular Acidosis, Medical Staff Conference, Cole Hall, Moffitt Hospital, 7/29/81
  • Bartter's Syndrome, Medical Staff Conference, Cole Hall, Moffitt Hospital, 5/11/83
  • Diet, Acid-Base Balance, and Osteoporosis, Endocrine Grand Rounds, 3/23/88
  • Diet, Acid-Base Balance, and Bone Health, Nutritional Sciences, UC Berkeley, 5/88
  • Diet Inorganic Ions and Hypertension: What's Important?Adv. in Internal Medicine, UCSF, 6/21/88
  • Diet, Acid-Base and Osteoporosis, John Muir Medical Center, 3/18/93
  • Diet, Acid-Base, Potassium, and Bones,Endocrine Grand Rounds, 5/24/94
  • Acid-Base, Potassium and Bone, UCB Department of Nutritional Sciences, Berkeley,11/2/94
  • Diet, Acid-Base, Potassium and Osteoporosis, Sequoia Hospital Clinical Conference, 4/14/95
  • Protein Intake and Calcium Loss, International Conference on the Diets of Asia, SF, 11/29/95
  • Chronic Potassium Bicarbonate Deficiency, Renal Grand Rounds, UCSF, 11/15/95
  • Effects of Diet on Acid-Base Balance, Renal Grand Rounds, UCSF, 1997
  • Acid-Base Effects of Diet on Bone and Other Tissues: An Evolutionary Perspective, 1st World Congress of Nephrology, 10/14/01
  • Evolutionary Perspective on the Acid-Base Effects of Diet, Nephrology Research Seminar, UCSF, February, 2005
  • Potential Health Benefits Of Supplementing The Diet With Alkalinizing Salts Of Potassium, Nephrology Research Seminar, UCSF, May, 2005
  • An Evolutionary Perspective On The Acid-Base Effects Of Diet: The Paleolithic Paradigm, UCSF Academic Senate Distinguished Clinical Research Lecture, October, 2005
  • Potential Contributors To Progression Of Renal Injury And Functional Insufficiency Related To The Chronic Hyperchloremic Acidosis Of Chronic Progressive Renal Disease, Nephrology Research Seminar, November, 2005

Ad Hoc peer reviews for the following journals:

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

American Journal of Kidney Diseases

American Journal of Medicine

American Journal of Physiology

Anthropology Today

Calcified Tissue International

Clinical Science

Journal of the American College of Nutrition

Journal of Bone and Mineral Research

Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism

Journal of Clinical Investigation

Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine

Journal of Nutrition

Kidney International



New England Journal of Medicine


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(See attached PDF file)


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