March 1993 - January 2019 The Life of Anthony

I remember the night i went into labor, Vic, Bryan and I were at a carnival in a parking lot somewhere around here, Colton or Rialto. We went home and sometime after midnight went to the hospital. I almost was too late for an epidural but luckily they gave me one. Then my baby boy was born at 12:31pm. He was so beautiful, not like Bryan hahahaha, he looked like a wrinkly old man. 

Anthony and I were always together. I loved that kid. I remember how much he loved his "johnny jumper". He would jump up and down with the biggest smile on his face. He was definately a mamas boy. And he loved his big brother. They got along like any toddlers would. He was just so damn cute, I loved him so much. 

When he started kindergarten he was so excited. He took the bus to school and it picked him  up in front of our house. The bus driver just adored him. At 5 years old he had the biggest heart. On the last day of school he told me to get the bus driver a gift, a plant.. How cute is that?--

He was always a good student and took great pride in all his school projects and assignments. When he reached high school I sent him to North High School with his brother thinking that was the right thing to do for him not realizing til just a couple years ago that he wanted to go to Colton High School with all his friends. I felt really bad about that, I didn't know. But he took care of business and graduated early. We were all very proud of him.

Since the age of 4 he was involved in all sports. Soccer, Baseball, Football and Basketball. I really think he enjoyed playing soccer the most. My favorite was watching him play football. I was so proud of him, scared for him, but really enjoyed watching him out there on the field sticking people, hahaha. 

Watching him grow into the man he became was a joy. He worked hard for the things he had and I was proud of him for that. 

Anthony loved his family, so much, and would help them in any way even if he shouldn't of. But his heart was so big and full of love he couldn't say no to anybody , family or friends. But especially his niece Aubriee, he never said no to her. And took her on many shopping outings just because. He loved her so much. And Presley and Brayden and even though Khallie wont remember him, because he only knew her for 21 days, he loved her too.