Au revoir
  • 82 years old
  • Born on December 2, 1928 in Paris, France.
  • Passed away on July 29, 2011 in Tallahassee, Florida, United States.

Dr. Antoine E. Spacagna, in his 82nd year, passed away peacefully, surrounded by family and friends, at his home in Tallahassee Florida on July 29, 2011. 

Antoine was born to the late Antoine Spacagna and Marthe Spacagna, née Speicher, in Paris, France. In the United States he is survived by his first wife, Betty Jane Spacagna, née Anderson, and daughter,Valerie Spacagna of Rome GA. He is also survived by three grandchildren Megan Willis of Rome, GA; Gilles Willis of Oakwood, GA; and Amber Willis of Sugarhill, GA. He is predeceased by his eldest daughter, Laura Willis. He is survived by his second wife, Danielle McKenzie, and her daughter, Alexandra Spacagna of Bradington, FL. Outside the USA, he is survived by his sister, Colette Decaux Spacagna, Betphaget, France and he is predeceased by his other sister, Antoinette Spacagna. 

Antoine was very active in his Catholic parish church as a Eucharist Minister. 

There was a funeral Mass for Antoine Spacagna on Tuesday August 9, 2011 at 11 a.m. at the St. Thomas More Co-Cathedral in Tallahassee.

There was a memorial service that celebrated Antoine's life and accomplishments on September 10, 2011 at 11 a.m. at the St. Thomas More Co-Cathedral in Tallahassee..

Antoine's ashes were returned to France and interred, together with his family, on Sunday September 11, 2011 at the Cimetière Parisien D'Ivry 

In lieu of flowers, the family is requesting that donations be made to either the American Cancer Society or the Co-Cathedral of St Thomas More Haiti Program. More information on how to contribute can be found on the websites. 

Contributed by his niece, Valerie Pym Decaux: 

"You were never born, so you will never die, it's only your illusions that destroy you. Behind the noises is a silence, blazing like a billion stars to keep away the darkness. For if you have come to know this, you have already died." ~John Kalamaras

Posted by Christiane Tourtet B.A. on July 29, 2019
Mon Tres Cher Antoine

Ton souvenir si cher, est en nous chaque jour. Tu etais un rayon de soleil
sur cette terre. Restes en paix pour l' Eternite, notre cher Antoine.

Nous t'embrassons de tout notre Coeur,

Tes amis de toujours,

Christiane et Rabin

Posted by Karen Hill on March 17, 2019
My husband's uncle, Ray Hill and his late wife Barbara Hill saved many postcards and letters penned by Antoine in the late 80's and early 90's. It was obvious that they shared a very special friendship. It would have been an honor to know him in person as they did. We just wanted to let you know that his presence lives on and is shown in his kind postcards and letters to members or our family. Ray is still living and shares fond memories of Antoine. Blessings to your family. - The Hill Family
Posted by Christiane Tourtet B.A. on December 2, 2018
Mon tres cher Antoine,
Nous pensons a toi specialement aujourd'hui. Tu restes a jamais dans notre coeur.
Tes grands amis de toujours
Christiane et Rabin
Posted by Christiane Tourtet B.A. on July 29, 2018
Mon tres cher Antoine,
Nous pensons beaucoup a toi. Tu nous manques beaucoup.
Sois heureux mon cher Antoine, tu etais un etre humain formidable sur cette terre, vraiment inoubliable. Que ton ame soit en paix pour toujours.
Nous t'embrassons tres fort,
Tres grand amis de toujours,
Christiane et Rabin
Posted by Christiane Tourtet B.A. on December 2, 2017
Mon tres Cher Antoine,

Thinking of you today. We miss you a lot.
Rest in Peace, my dear Antoine.

Tes grands amis de toujours,

Christiane et Rabin
Posted by Christiane Tourtet B.A. on July 29, 2017
Mon Cher Antoine,

Thinking of you to day. We miss you a lot. Rest in Peace my dear Antoine. Ton souvenir est inoubliable..

Tes amis de toujours,

Christiane et Rabin
Posted by Rebecca Levings on December 26, 2016
Antoine, your old friend Torres LeBrun has now joined you in death. Hopefully you and him can now laugh over old times and relish the times he chewed your friend out about rowing the canoe the wrong way. I miss my unique friends. Two wonderful Frenchmen!
Posted by Christiane Tourtet B.A. on December 2, 2016
Thinking of you to day, mon Cher Antoine Joyeux Anniversaire.
We miss you greatly.

Yours friends Christiane and Rabin
Posted by Christiane Tourtet B.A. on July 29, 2016
Mon cher Antoine,

Ton souvenir precieux reste toujours en nous. We miss you very much.
You were so caring, so wonderful, you brought sunshine into our life,
and had such a positive influence on this earth. You were one of a kind.

Rest in Peace my dear Antoine !

Your forever friends,

Christiane and Rabin
Posted by Michael McDonald on July 29, 2016
Miss you, Antoine. Thinking of you today.
Posted by Christiane Tourtet B.A. on December 2, 2015
Mon Cher Antoine,

Joyeux Anniversaire. We miss you very much ! Your presence is still with us. We have wonderful memories of you. Rest in Peace.

Christiane et Rabin
Posted by Judie Mulholland on July 30, 2015
not forgotten. sorely missed. forever at your service. /j
Posted by Christiane Tourtet B.A. on July 29, 2015
Mon Cher Antoine,

Ton souvenir merveillleux reste toujours en nous. Tu nous manques beaucoup mon cher Antoine. Tu etais une personne formidable comme ill y en a peut sur cette terrre. Nous t'aimons beaucoup ! Que ton ame reste sereine et heureuse pres du Seigneur.

Tes grand amis de toujours

Christiane et Rabin
Posted by David Panizian on December 2, 2014
I still remember Dr. Spacagna as a special friend and a very generous and very clever man. His imagination has always been high and his affection always enlarging. He was always full of bright ideas as a career advisor. As a friend, he always listened to my personal wishes and was very fond of my family. He always cared very much even though I doubted of the future that was ahead of me to keep away all the trouble. I really believe that he deserves to rest in peace. Good Bye Sir!
Posted by Christiane Tourtet B.A. on December 2, 2014
Joyeux Anniversaire , mon Cher Antoine ! Ton souvenir reste pour toujour en nous .Tu es toujours notre rayon de soleil .

Tes grands amis Christiane et Rabin
Posted by Rebecca Levings on July 30, 2014
RIP Antoine. You are still missed! Your friends Torres LeBrun and Rebecca Levings....
Posted by Christiane Tourtet B.A. on December 2, 2013
Mon Cher Antoine,

Joyeux 85eme Anniversaire ! Tu nous manques beaucoup. Ton souvenir merveilleux restera toujours en nous.

Nous t'embrassons tres fort,

Ton Amie

Posted by Sidiky Diarassouba on December 2, 2013
Still remember you like yesterday, Antoine. You are one of my dearest memories of Tallahassee. Will never let you down, dear friend and brother.

May your soul rest in peace forever! Amen/Amine!
Posted by Sidiky Diarassouba on December 2, 2013
Mon cher et adoré Antoine! Dans la gâce du seigneur prie pour nous, comme nous prions pour toi et tous ceux et toutes celles qui nous ont dévancé.
Le bonheur c'est toi! La joie c'est toi! Car en vérité on ne peut donner que ce qu'on a.
Je rends grâce à dieu, le tout puissant de m'avoir donné l'occasion de te connaitre.
Repose en paix, cher frère et Ami dans la grâce et le miséricorde de ton seigneur. Amine!
Posted by Rebecca Levings on December 2, 2013
Antoine, still thinking of you fondly at several times of the year. Happy 85th wherever you are, dancing with the gods! We miss you here in the world of the living. Looking forward to meeting you again in the hereafter. :-)
Posted by Michael McDonald on December 2, 2013
Happy 85th Birthday, Old Friend.
Posted by Judie Mulholland on July 29, 2013
Antoine, I want you to know that you continue to be a significant presence in my life. This past week, I have been reliving your last days on earth and I am glad that your suffering has ended but as God is my witness, I really miss you and as long as I am alive, you will never be forgotten. It is an honour and privilege to continue to serve you.
Posted by David Panizian on July 29, 2013
Tu nous a quitté et Tallahassee n'est plus la même.
Tu as marqué de ton sceau ton activité et ta passion pour la francophonie à jamais.
Ton passage à Cactus Street hante ma mémoire.
Tu manques énormément à tous tes amis, à la francophonie et tous ceux qui t'ont cotoyé durant leur séjour en Floride.
Posted by Christiane Tourtet B.A. on July 29, 2013
Mon Cher Antoine,

Tu nous manques beaucoup.Nous nous souviendrons toujours de toi, et de ta bonte, personlalite si chaleureuse, ta simplicite, ton enthousiasme et joie de vivre.Reposes en paix mon cher Antoine.

Grosses Bises de ton amie Christiane
Posted by Christiane Tourtet B.A. on December 2, 2012
Mon cher Antoine,

Joyeux 84 eme anniversaire, mon Cher Antoine, ou que tu sois, au Paradis, comme tu le desirais.Ton souvenir reste en nous , toujours tres precieux.Tu nous manques beaucoup mais les souvenirs restent pour toujours.Grosses bises de ton amie Christiane.
Posted by Judie Mulholland on December 2, 2012
Antoine, you would have been 84 today. Thinking of you always. /j
Posted by Rebecca Levings on July 30, 2012
Still thinking of you Antoine. Torres LeBrun, Mona Lisa Abbot and I often remember you and miss you still. I have been playing the Marseillaise lately, and you come into my mind. Vive le France!
Posted by Colette Clarke on July 30, 2012
I was in Paris again recently, and had many occasions to remember my friend, Antoine, and his love for the French culture and people. Once, in 2009, I wandered the neighborhood around the Canal St. Martin with Antoine and Alexandre. He embraced every moment with joy and good cheer. I can still hear his jovial laughter in my mind today! What a great friend!
Posted by Elaine Cancalon on July 29, 2012
Has it really been a whole year? It feels as if it were yesterday. No, it feels as if he were still here walking at Carabelle with me. I really miss him terribly. It is very hard, actually impossible to return to the places we loved together. In my heart he is still my very best friend. I can't believe in a supernatural, but he still lives on in so many of us.
Posted by Christiane Tourtet B.A. on July 29, 2012
It is hard to believe it has been one year already ! We miss you greatly , my dear Antoine.Your presence is with us and you remain in our heart forever.
Posted by Judie Mulholland on July 29, 2012
Antoine, I miss you. I either wake up thinking of you or you are the last person I say a prayer for before falling asleep. My only regret is that I didn't get to know you better while you were still here. As I work to finalize your affairs, I am discovering that you are the most amazing person I have ever had the privilege of knowing. God bless. /j
Posted by Claire Floyd on February 7, 2012
Antoine taught me French phonetics at Ohio State University in 1969. He was a wonderful teacher. I could never pronounce my "r"s properly so I had to repeat "Le train qui part de la Gare Saint Lazare arrive a la Gare du Nord." A nightmare! My husband and I stayed friends with Antoine for several years but lost track of him. We are so sorry that such a lively, interesting man has died.
Posted by Mona Abbott on September 11, 2011
Does anyone know if Antoine made it back to France before he died? Last time I saw him, he was preparing for a trip there.
Posted by Rebecca Levings on September 9, 2011
Goodbye to an old friend. We will greatly miss you Antoine, and your free and charming spirit. You were always and unreservedly a Frenchman! May you be laughing with joy wherever you now are.
Posted by Marie Currie on August 15, 2011
J'ai pleuré pour l’ami que j’ai perdu comme une enfant qui a besoin d' être consolée.

Je ne pleurai plus parce que j’ai consacré tes souvenirs dans mon cœur. Là, tu vivras pour toujours.
Posted by Hilbert Levitz on August 14, 2011
Rest in peace Antoine.
Posted by Elaine Cancalon on August 13, 2011
He always wanted more:to walk beyond the end of the beach at Carabelle.To find a new restaurant.To walk another turn around Lake Ella,and another.To sit closer to the movie screen. To make still another crêpe.Who will walk with me now? Who now will make me want to want more too?
Posted by Judie Mulholland on August 12, 2011
It was two weeks ago today, at this time of day, you passed away. Your spirit continues to move me and I will do my best to make sure your last wishes are fulfilled. As God is my witness. I will always love you and I will do my part to help perpetuate your memory. /j
Posted by Danielle McKenzie on August 12, 2011
Antoine was a kind, considerate, gentle man. He loved life and dedicated his life to helping others. I've always admired the way Antoine welcomed everyone to his heart and his life. I will miss him greatly.
Posted by George Frangos on August 11, 2011
Antoine and I enjoyed sipping ouzo and reminiscing about Greece. In the Greek tradition, Antoine would be considered ATHANATOI. As long as we carry his memory in our hearts, he will never die. AIONIA H MNHMH ANTOINE. Your friend forever... George, Toronto Ontario, CA.
Posted by Christiane Tourtet B.A. on August 10, 2011
Antoine etait un tres grand ami pour moi pendant plus de 28 ans.C'etait un homme bon,gentil, brilliant, un intellectuel remarquable, plein d'enthousiasme et de joie de vivre, toujours pret a ecouter et a aider autrui.Il etait comme un deuxieme Pere pour moi.Il me manque beaucoup.
Posted by Cribier Laurence on August 9, 2011
C'est un ami très cher que je perds que je connaissais depuis 1990.C'était une joie de le retrouver chaque été et à chaque noel à Paris si dynamisme, si actif, toujours ouvert à tout, jeune. Il est très présent encore et je n'arrive pas à croire qu'il n'est plus là.
Posted by Deborah Clarke on August 8, 2011
As Antoine St. Exupéry famously wrote, 'le disparu, si l'on vénère sa mémoire, est plus puissant que le vivant,' so Antoine Spacagna will stay in our hearts and minds forever. His memory is powerful. He inspired and enriched my life and the lives of so many people.
Posted by Aaron Ferral on August 8, 2011
Antoine’s passing is a great loss to all whose lives he has touched. He was a dedicated professor and had a passion for the arts. He was a great promoter of French culture and language in the US. He was a little piece of Paris in Tallahassee.
Posted by Fabienne Chiocchio on August 8, 2011
Antoine will be missed by so many, i will always remeber a friend who was loyal, sincere, care and ready to listen and to learn about the other person instead of been criticle of others. Anoine was a good friend and a good teacher. we loved you
Posted by David Panizian on August 8, 2011
The Panizian family sends their condolences to the Spacagna family. We will keep an unforgettable memory of our friend Antoine in our hearts.
Posted by Colette Clarke on August 8, 2011
Antoine was a dear friend. He tirelessly came to my Leon High School French classes to inspire and help my students and continued to come this past spring - until mid May.  What a wonderful friend - our thoughts and prayers are with his family.
Posted by Bapthol Joseph on August 8, 2011
Antoine was a very caring friend, a very patient advisor to the Haitian Cultural Club, a champion for Haitian culuture, he was a great professor for his FSU and FAMU students. He will always live through his random acts of kindness left in our hearts. PEACE mon ami!
Posted by Saurel Selkin on August 8, 2011
Antoine was a wonderful man; kindness personified. He loved life and people and it showed. It was impossible to sad in his presence. All these years, the thought of him always made me smile. Rest in peace my friend.
Posted by Hermione Gilet-Rigal on August 8, 2011
"What a great person" Just last year Marie Marthe and I were talking about our fun memories with Antoine in my home in MD. I can still remember our last conversation, always so human always so caring. Thank you so much for being so great! You are greatly missed!

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