Shared by Deepak S on January 13, 2019

Sharing few memories during our high school at Don Bosco. Always remember these and many others when I thinks of you.

During our outing to Chennai (2005, if I am not wrong), we were doing some shopping in streets and saw a book stall. That was time when I heard of this great book: Brief history of Time. To my astonishment, Anton had not heard of it; A very rare occasion. I explained to him proudly that its a good book on physics and a man on wheel chairs wrote it. We both brought the book. A week after this, I read may be 1-2 chapters from the book, but could not understand much. That was time when we were learning Relativity and stuff. Anton started asking questions on topics in the book to the teacher who thought us Physics (Vimala ma'am). She may have cursed me if she knew how he got such doubts. :D

Another occasion of greatness and sincerity of Anton was when, during one of model exams, prior to mains during high school, that out Mathematics question paper was leaked and almost everyone had the question paper with them. Beign sincere and the leader (and the Captain School), I was afraid of leaking the paper to Anton ( My other friend who gave me the paper would go mad at me too). After exams, top scorer was Anton, scoring more than whoever had the question paper before.

Rest in peace Anton, dear friend.

a wonderful young man

Shared by Denitsa Chuhleva on April 28, 2015

I met Anton two years ago at his sister's wedding.We had a lovely conversation about physics and the life in the USA.I am really sad to hear that an accident has taken him away from loved ones.I felt him to be a wonderful and clever young man.The memories of him will always live through us.....

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