Taken home by the Lord on 20 November 2011. She wasn't just my Nonna, she was my best friend.


Prego il Signore vi conceda la pace e l'amore. Sto aspettando il giorno in cui sarò ricongiungersi con mia nonna Antonietta.

  • 89 years old
  • Born on September 8, 1920 in Caserta, Naples, Italy.
  • Passed away on November 20, 2009 in Gateshead, Valley Drive, United Kingdom.

Antonietta mia nonna amata. Ti amerò fino alla fine dei tempi. Il Signore sia con te, ora e sempre.

x giuseppe

Posted by Peppe Pepe on September 9, 2019

It's been 12 years since to returned home. Words cannot express how I miss and love you. You are my inspiration and best of all my Nonna.

God bless you. Your devoted Grandson Joseph. Xxxxxx
Posted by Joe Moffitt on November 20, 2016

7 years today heaven rejoiced at your return and we weeped your departure. I love you, miss you and will always cherish you. Can't wait to hug you again one day.

All my love.  Bungalow
Posted by Joe Moffitt on June 6, 2016
Cara Nonna Antonietta

Miss and love more and more each day. Can't wait to see and cuddle you again. You are my life and I will love you for eternity.

Your Bungalow  Giuseppe xxxx
Posted by Joe Moffitt on September 8, 2015
Love you more than words can say Nonna. Never a minute goes b6 when my heart does not feel you embracing it. Love you eternally. Love you more than words could possibly say.

You Grandson Giuseppe. TANTI AUGURI NONNA.
Posted by Joe Moffitt on September 8, 2014
Tanti Auguri Nonna
Happy Birthday Nana

I hope you have a great day remembering your earthly birthday. Think of you every day Nonna.

Love you forever!!

Posted by Joe Moffitt on June 29, 2014
Dear Non a Antonietta

Miss you now more than ever. Miss you more than words can say.

Giuseppe your grandson. Xx
Posted by Joe Moffitt on November 20, 2013
Cara Nonna Antonietta,

Oggi e Quattro anni del sua anniversario. Anniversario da sua ultima giorno qua in terra. Adesso, io sono piu felici, felici per te cara Nonna.

Civediamo dopo.   Giuseppe xxxx
Posted by Joe Moffitt on November 20, 2013
Tanti Auguri Nonna!

Pepe xx
Posted by Joe Moffitt on October 3, 2013
It's Thursday 3 October 2013 Nonna. Miss you more and more each day. Can't wait to feel your warm embrace again and feel your beautiful presence.  Love you always.xxxx

Your devoted Grandson......, Giuseppe xx
Posted by Joe Moffitt on November 20, 2012
To my beautiful Nonna Antonietta. Miss love and adore you always. 3 years today since you returned home, hope you've settled in well and Nonno George is happy once more. Your Mama and Papa including Donato and all the rest of the mafia clang will be overjoyed you are there. The Lord be with you Nonna. Yours eternally.  Giuseppe. xxxxxx
Posted by Jordan Hagan on October 1, 2012
Hi Nana, I just want to say there is not a day that goes by that I don't think of you. I have so many good memories of you and they will always remain with me. Every time I think about you or listening to your song I just break down in tears, I miss you millions, I love you with all my heart and more and you will always be in my heart. R.I.P my angel. Lots of love Jordan xxxxxx
Posted by Joe Moffitt on August 18, 2012
It's 9pm on 18 August 2012 and I am thinking of all the good times we had together. The Christmas mornings we shared together, the sweet feel of your embrace when you comforted me. I miss you Nonna and that is why I am crying now. The only time the tears will cease to run down my cheek, is when I feel your love, see your beautiful face and hear your dolcit tones. Goodnight Nonna.
Posted by Joe Moffitt on June 28, 2012
Buongiorno Nonna
Spero che tu stia bene e ancora vegliando su di me. Penso a te ogni secondo di ogni minuto, ogni minuto di ogni ora, ogni ora di ogni giorno, ogni giorno di ogni settimana, ogni settimana di ogni mese, ogni mese di ogni anno e ogni anno della mia vita, fino a quando bacio la tua bel viso ancora una volta.
Signore si prega di prendere cura della mia Nonna.
Il tuo servo umile e obbe
Posted by Joe Moffitt on May 16, 2012
It's 2 mins past 5 on this Wednesday afternoon on 16 May 2012. You returned home more than 2 years ago, although it seems like 2000. I cry, love and miss you every day. Please draw near to me when I cry. I love you forever Nonna, forever.  Giuseppe  xxxx
Posted by Joe Moffitt on March 18, 2012
Boungiorno Nonna  Happy Mothers Day Nonna, hope you liked the carnation flowers we bought for you, we know you loved them.

Give my love to all with you. Forever yours, your Bunglow Giuseppe xxx
Posted by Joe Moffitt on March 8, 2012
Nonna  Give me strength to deal with life.  Love you forever.  Giuseppe xxx
Posted by Joe Moffitt on November 20, 2011
It's two years today that Our Lord took you home. I know how much you missed your Mama Brigida and Papa Giuseppe FrancescoAntonio, FRATELLO Donato and SORELLA Anna, but especially my NONNO George.  I love you forever. Giuseppe your Grandson.  xxxx
Posted by Joe Moffitt on October 2, 2011
Good morning Nonna  Just back from Church. I prayed for you and all those I love. Christ is in my heart Nonna. Miss you, miss you. Giuseppe
Posted by Joe Moffitt on September 13, 2011
Posted by Ryan Hill on September 13, 2011
I grew up hearing the most amazing stories about this incredible person. Such a sad time when God needed her by his his side and took her away. Her memory will live on forever through her beautiful family. One of my biggest regrets was that I never got to meet her however I will meet her in heaven.

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