His Life

Our Precious Alexis...

We were blessed with a beautiful granddaughter Alexis Antonia.  She is almost 9 years old.  God Bless her.  I know we will see her soon.  2012...
2014 - she will be 11 soon....I pray God will bring back into our lives soon...waiting on God can be a tremendous is all so worth it.  We will embrace her again! We miss her so much...just as much as we miss her father.

This poem says it all!


Life after Death
Thinkin’ about you everyday,
As I sit and pray,
I ask God why it had to be this way,
Him takin’ you away,
Right then and there and on that day,
I want to know how it’s possible for me to stand here,
Look down at you while you sit up there,
And look at the same time,
Right down at me,
And that’s not the way it should be,
You’re suppose to be here with me,
Deepest of friends almost brothers,
Then I say "almost" nope I have two brothers that are like no others,
No matter what I went through,
You were there to back me up and always stayed true,
One and one together only makes two,
But since those two were me and you,
We had a whole crew,
Wrestling in the living room boxin’ in the grass,
Bare foot waste deep in the lake fishin’ for some bass,
Those memories will be in my mind,
Until the end of time,
Since I know you so well,
I can picture how your livin’ so now I must tell,
Next to the Man in the Crown,
Smilin’ down,
Upon all of us while you’re sittin’,
And ripin’,
Just like a G,
Up there lookin’ at me,
Because that’s the only way you’d want it to be,
But just keep your eye on me,
While I watch over your family and new born,
You’ll be my dog ‘til the day,
My life is torn,
You’ll be with me forever and even when it’s rough,
You’ll be the one to keep me strong and help me stand tough,
You leaving was some messed up stuff,
I had to write this because I’ve had enough,
Of keepin’ it inside,
I had to let it out and just speak my mind,
Because you’re my brother and one of a kind,
And with every decision I make,
And day I awake,
I can help but notice,
That with every Breath,
You’re still livin’ life,
After Death.  
In Loving Memory of Antonio E. Selva, R.I.P.   Love, Kenny Gronewald   2003