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My lil cousin

April 24, 2021
The day I met you I looked at you and see myself and as we got older we were a lot a like just wish I had sometime my mother loved you so much the day I met you she was serious about Tony being your father and you was family I look at you and kept look at you and I seen my cousin and I said she's my cousin feisty mean don't take no shit cuz that's in are bloodline at the end of all of this I just want to say you was a very strong woman the fight you put up there's not a lot that will fight the way you fought and I love that you kept it real with your kids let them know what's going on and what's to happen it's the blood line I love you and rest in heaven see you when I get there love you always family 1st

She encouraged me

April 23, 2021
Nay asked me to bring her family to church. This is increasingly rare today. And admirable. She had many struggles in life and she chose to turn to God more and more. When the cancer came back for the 3rd time I asked her if Jesus was her leader. She said yes and proved it by having joy in the midst of her illness. God did not need her. He already had her. I ask those that remain here in this world of pain and sadness to make the choice to have not just faith God exists but saving faith. Rely on Him in this time of missing Nay and honor her by turning to the living God who wants to walk you thru hard times and who can tell you directly He loves you. I pray you hear His comforting words. 

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